(12.4.6) As per existing orders, payment of pensionary benefits to a CSIR employee on absorption in another Autonomous Body/Central Govt., Department is governed by DPAR OM No. 28/10/84-Pension Unit dated 29.8.1984 read with-Ministry of Finance OM No, 25/1/E-V/83 dated 8.9.1983 under which payment of pensionary benefits could be made either from the earliest date from which the employee could have retired voluntarily under the rules applicable to him (e.g. on attaining the age of 50/55 years or on completion of 30 years of qualifying service had he remained in service, as the case may be) or from the date of absorption in the new organisation whichever is later.

 On the other hand Govt., of India DPPW OM No. 4(12)/85-P&PW dated 31.3.1987 inter-alia provides payment of pensionary benefits to the Central Govt., employees immediately on their joining Autonomous Bodies on absorption, which is contrary to the condition laid down in Govt., of India orders dated 29.8.1984/8.9.1983. Thus CSIR has been receiving requests from some of the Labs./lnstts. for allowing them to discharge the pensionary liabilities to their employees on their absorption in Autonomous Body on selection basis immediately as per Govt. of India orders dated 31.3.1987.

 The proposal for immediate payment of pensionary benefits to the CSIR employees on their appointment through normal procedure of recruitment in another autonomous body in accordance with GOI orders dated 31 st March, 1987 was placed before the Governing Body at its meeting held on 8.1.1992 for consideration.  In pursuance of the approval accorded by GB, the CSIR employees on their appointment in other autonomous bodies shall be eligible for receiving payment of pensionary benefits at the time of immediate absorption or getting the benefit of pension on the basis of combined service rendered in CSIR and the other organisation, as admissible under Govt. of India DPPW OM dated 31st March, 1987.  On the analogy of GOI orders dated 31st March, 1987, the CSIR employees joining the autonomous bodies shall have an option to receive pro-rata retirement benefits or continue to have the benefit of combined service under CSIR and in autonomous body subject to the conditions laid down in DPAR OM dated 29.8.1984. Such option should be exercised within six months from the date of such absorption.  As regards past cases where pensionary benefits have not been discharged by CSIR so far, the option may be exercised within a period of 6 months from 1.4.1992.

 With the adoption of GOI orders dated 31.3.1987, the CSIR employees joining autonomous bodies shall now be relieved on immediate absorption basis and retention of lien shall no more be permissible.  The DGSIR may, however, permit retention of lien/right of a CSIR employees, in exceptional circumstances, in consultation with FA, subject to reporting of such cases to the G.B. for information.

 (CSIR letter No.(14(25)/89-E.II, the dated, 31st March, 1992)