16. Licence Fee and Allotment
16.1 Grant of rent free accommodation
16.1.1 Sub: Grant of rent-free accommodation to Watch and Ward Assistants.
16.1.2 Sub: Grant of rent-free accommodation to Security Officer.
16.1.3 Sub : Grant of rent free accommodation to Nursing Sister.
16.2 Retention of accommodation beyond permissible period.
16.2.1 Sub: Retention of residential accommodation allotted to CSIR employees beyond the permissible period.
16.2.2 Sub: Retention of residential accommodation allotted to CSIR employees beyond permissible Amendment of CSIR Allotment Rules.
16.2.3 Sub: Retention of Staff quarters by the Council employees accepting foreign assignments abroad.
16.2.4 Sub: Amendments proposed in the existing rules for the allotment of residential accommodation to staff employed in the Laboratories./Institutes under the CSIR other than General Pool Accommodation.
16.2.5 Sub : Overstayal in Council accommodation by Council servants- departmental action against.
16.2.6 Sub : Unauthorised occupation of Staff Quarter - Institution of disciplinary Proceedings under Rule 9 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.
16.3 License Fee
16.3.1 Sub: Fixation of flat rate of license fee for residential accommodation under Central Govt. all over the country - recommendation of the Fourth Pay Commission.
16.3.2 Sub: Recovery of License Fee for Leased Accommodation.
16.3.3 Sub: Recovery of License fee for leased accommodation.
16.3.4 Sub : Charging of License fee from the allottees of Scientist- Apartments.
16.3.5 Sub : Recovery of Water & Electricity charges from the Occupants of Scientist- Apartments at Maharani Bagh.
16.3.6 Sub : Charging of license Yee from the allottees of Scientist Apartments.
16.3.7 Sub : Allotment of Scientists Apartments- Norms therefore.
16.3.8 Charging of License Fee for Five Roomed Sci. Aptts, at Maharani Bagh, New Delhi.
16.3.9 Sub :Revision of tarrif for Guest Houses in CSIR and its National Laboratories/ Institutes.
16.3.10 Sub: Allotment Rules -Cancellation of Allotment of Quarters and Charging of Penal License Fee reg.
16.3.11 Sub: Charging License Fee from the Allottees of Scientists Apartments,, Hostels/ Hotels Suits.
16.3.12 Reference this office circular of even number dated 3]st October, 1995. The description at S.No.2of the circular may be read as under:-
16.3.13 Sub: Charging of License Fee from the Allottees of Scientist Apartments, Hostels/Hostels Suite.
16.4 Other Miscellaneous Orders
16.4.1 Sub : Fixation of rent of accommodation occupied by Banks.
16.4.2 Sub: Hiring of accommodation for Scientists coming from abroad*
16.4.3 Sub : Allotment of staff quarters-undertaking to be obtained from the Licenses.
16.4.4 Sub : Reservation of Accommodation for Transferable Staff.
16.4.5 Sub: Hiring of Houses - Fixation of Parameters.
16.4.6 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
16.4.7 Reference NPL D.O. Letter No. 16/51/89-Gen dated 16th Aug. 1989 regarding bank guarantee in lieu of with holding the amount of DCRG & Leave Encashment for the purpose of retention of the house on retirement of an officer for the period of 4/8 months.
16.4.8 Sub: Payment of HRA for stay in Hostel/ Guest Houses/ Transit Accommodation.
16.4.9 On the recommendation of the Guest House steering Committee, the Joint Secretary (Admn.) has been pleased to approve the following guidelines with regard to allotment of accommodation in CSIR Vigyan Kendra and Maharani bagh Guest Houses :