(18.1.7) Entitlement of Liveries and payment of washing allowance to Class IV employees under Table-I, Group I of the New Recruitment and Assessment Scheme for Technical Staff belonging to "A" group of grades.

 References have been received from some of the Labs./Instts. enquiring whether certain categories of staff who have come over to the scales of Rs. 260-350 and Rs.380-560 after their assessment under the new assessment scheme are entitled for the liveries as they continue to perform the same type of work which they were doing when they were Group 'D' employees.

The matter has been carefully considered in consultation with the Financial Adviser, CSIR and it has been decided that these categories of Group 'D' employees promoted under the new Assessment Scheme in the scale of Rs.260-350 and Rs. 380-560 will not be entitled for the issuance of liveries.

This circular is in continuation of this office circular of even number dated 13.12.1983.

(CSIR letter No.31(66)/81-G, dated, 14th March, 1984)