(23.8) Payment of Pension through branches of the State Bank of India.

 (23.8.1) The arrangement has since been finalised with the State Bank of India, to make payment of pensions to CSIR pensioners through its branches located all over the country, from the month of October, 1977 (pension for September, 1977 payable on 1st October, 1977).  The salient features of this Scheme are briefly as under:-
  1. The existing CSIR pensioners desirous of drawing their pensions from the branches of the Bank will apply to the Accounts Officer of the Laboratory/Institute/CSIR Headquarters from whom they are drawing their pensions in the prescribed form.

  2. The pensioners opting to draw pension through Bank shall specify the name of the Branch and open a Saving or Current Account in that branch in his own name and furnish necessary particulars in the application form.

  3. No Bill will be required to be submitted by the pensioner for drawing pension at the &paying branch.  The pension will be paid by the paying branch, after deduction of Income Tax, if any, payable, by credit to the sole savings or current account of the pensioner with the paying branch.  Pensioners will not be paid in cash or through a "Joint" or "Either or Saving" account.  The paying branch will credit the pension account with the net amount of pension payable for a month on the first working day of the following month, if in exceptional cases, the pension payment could not be credited on the first working day, it shall be credited as soon, Thereafter as possibile, and in any case not later then 7th of the month following the month for which Pension is due.

  4. The following certificates are required to be furnished by the pensioners opting to avail of this facility to the branches of the State Bank of India.

 Certificates to he Furnished by the Pensioners

  1. Life Certificate :-The pensioner would be required to furnish a Life Certificate once a year in the month of November in the prescribed form.  An Officer of State Bank of India dealing with such pension payments is authorised to give life certificates for this purpose.

  2. Non-Employment Certificate :- The pensioner is also required to furnish once in every six months (In May and November) a certificate of non-employment under the Central or a state Government or under a Government undertaking or Corporation or under an Autonomous Body or a Local Fund.

     Retired Class-I Officers are also required to furnish a declaration about acceptance/non-acceptance of commercial employment within two years from the date of their retirement and also about acceptance/non-acceptance of any employment under any Government outside India.
     The non-employment certificate, including such declaration wherever applicable, is to be furnished in the prescribed form.

  3. In cases where the commercial employment or any employment under a Government outside India has been accepted (within two years from the date of retirement) without obtaining CSIR's approval, the paying branch will seek orders from the concerned Accounts Officer before making further pension payments.

  4. In cases in which non-employment certificate is not furnished because of re-employment, the pensioner will be required to indicate the particulars of his re-employment.

     In case of re-employment under the Central or a state Government. or under a Government Undertaking or Corporation, or an autonomous body or a local Fund, the payment should be limited to the basic pension and relief sanctioned from time to time is not to be paid in such cases.

  5. Non-marriage/Re-marriage Certificate:

     In the case of Family Pensions, a certificate of non- marriage/re-marriage is also required to be furnished by the recipient, once in every six months(in May and November), in the prescribed form.

 (v)      Every pensioner will be required to give an undertaking to the State Bank of India authorising it to recover/adjust any amount of over-payment etc.

2.       In case you feel interested in availing of this facility of drawing your pension through the branches of the State Bank of India instead of drawing it through this office, it is requested that the enclosed Option Form (IN DUPLICATE) may please be filled in and furnished to this office along with the Pension Payment Order (Pensiofier's half) for further action.

 (CSIR letter CSIR/Pen-Case/, dated, Sept, 1977)