(3.4)        Probationary Period

(3.4.1) Probationary Period - Implementation of the recommendations of the Committee of Inquiry (C.S.I.R.)

    The president, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research on the recommendation of the Committee of Inquiry, CSIR under item No. 23 of its first Report, has been pleased to decide that :-

"the reasons for extending the period for probation should always be communicated in writing; if no decision extending the probation communicated in writing to the persons concerned within three months of expiry of the stipulated period of probation, they should be deemed to have completed the probation, satisfactorily.  In order to have a careful watch over such cases, the work of the probation should be periodically reviewed during the probationary period, and shortcomings, if any, should be communicated in writing to them."

    The aforesaid decision may kindly be strictly followed in all cases.  Any deviation or departure from the above decision is likely to create administrative and legal complications later and hence it should be avoided.

(CSIR letter No. 16(172)/70-E.I, dated 20th October, 1970)

(3.4.2) Sub: Probationary period of Scientists-every scientist appointed directly or promoted to a higher post will be kept "on probation "for two years.

    Hitherto all the scientists appointed directly or promoted to a higher post were kept "on probation" for one year.  The matter has been further considered in the CSIR in the light of the recommendations of the Sarkar Committee.

In accordance with the directive of the President, CSIR, great care has to be taken in the matter of scientific staffing of the CSIR Laboratories and that there should be a formally structured methodology based on modern management practices for recruitment and confirmation of scientists.

    In compliance with this directive of the President, CSIR, steps have been taken to evolve a new proforma and streamline the procedures communicated to you through this office circular letter No. 16(196)72-E.II, dated 14/3/1972.

It is, therefore, necessary that the work of every scientist during the probationary period is carefully reviewed to assess the research and management competence of a scientist in relation to his contribution to the work.  To achieve this purpose it has been decided that all the scientists appointed on 6 years contract or promoted from one post to a higher post should hereafter be kept initially "on probation" .for two years in future.  Accordingly, the appointment letter or promotion order as the case may be, in regard to further appointment or promotion of Scientific staff should contain a stipulation that they would be on probation for a period of two years.

During this period, the work of each scientist should be constantly reviewed by the competent authority and the deficiencies, if any, and areas in which improvement is needed should be communicated to the Scientist concerned during the probationary period itself vide CSIR circular letter 16(172)/70- E I, dated 20-10-70 to enable- him to remedy the deficiencies and to improve his work.  In all such cases of probation if the work of a scientist, after periodical review is found to be satisfactory, steps should be taken, four months in advance to obtain the approval of the Executive Committee in accordance with the instructions contained in our Circular letter No. 16(196)/72-E.II, dated 14-3-72.

These guidelines as also the- instructions contained in CSIR's Circular letter No.7(36)18/65-E.II, dated 24-7-71 may kindly be followed in all cases.

(CSIR Letter NO 16(196)/72-E.II. dated 9th May, 1972.)

                  (3.4.3) It has been noticed that proposals for obtaining approval of the competent authority for the satisfactory completion of probationary period in respect of Scientists and their continuation in service thereafter, are being forwarded to CSIR very late and in some cases much after the date on which probationary period expired.  In one of similar proposal received from a National Institute the Director General, SIR while granting approval to the proposal has taken a serious view of the delay and has observed as under:-

 "I cannot understand the reasons for putting up on 22.2.80 cases for confirmation and satisfactory completion of probation when the later expired on 9.11.78 e.g. a year and a quarter later.  The whole system needs overhaul if it is not to be regarded as a farce."

I shall, therefore, be grateful if you could kindly ensure that such delays don't occur in your Laboratory/Institute and proposals are initiated well in advance so that the approval of the competent authority could be obtained before the due date.

    (CSIR D.O. No.3(6)/76-E.II, dated 20h March, 1980.)

(3.4.4)    Extension of Probationary Period - Limit for.

    The following extract from the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Memo No. 20/37/60-Pub.I, dated the 7th October, 1960 for your information.

A case has recently come to notice where the probationary period of a Council employee has been extended for about 5 years in different spells in a National Laboratory.  To avoid such situations in future, the Vice-President, CSIR, has now been pleased to decide that the probationary period may be extended for the maximum period of one year in two spells of 6 months each in cases where it is considered necessary to do so, and the person concerned moved wherever possible from the Section or from the Officer under whom he/she worked so as to be assessed independently.  It is considered that this should be ample time to watch the work of an employee for taking a decision on his retention in service or otherwise.

    The above instructions may kindly be brought to the notice of all officers and staff in your Laboratory/Institute.

(CSIR letter No.5(27)/77-E.II, dated 24th July, 1980)

(3.4.5)      Completion of probationary period of the Stores and Purchase Officers borne on Stores & Purchase Cadre.

        The Director General, Scientific & Industrial Research who is the competent authority for approving of  cases of completion, extension or curtailment of probationary period in respect of Stores & Purchase Officers has been pleased to decide that the Heads of National Laboratories/Institutes be authorised to approve on his behalf cases of completion of probationary period in respect of Stores & Purchase Officers, where the work and conduct of the concerned incumbent is satisfactory.  In such cases an intimation to this effect should be sent to this office for record.

Cases involving extension/curtailment of probationary period of the above category of Officers shall, however, continue to be referred to CSIR Headquarters.

(CSIR letter No. 16(139)/81 -E.I., dated 31st July, 1981)

(3.4.6)   Completion of probationary period/renewal of contract/confirmation of Scientists/Technologists in the CSIR.

Reference this office letter of even number, dated 18th March, 1977 and 22nd August, 1977 on the above subject.  The question of simplifying the procedure relating to probationary period/renewal of contract/confirmation/absorption against permanent posts in respect of Scientist 'C' and above in CSIR and its National Laboratories/Institutes has been under consideration for some time past.  The Governing Body of the CSIR at its meeting held on 30th April, 1982 has decided that henceforth the Directors/Heads of the National Laboratories/Institutes will be competent to approve (a) satisfactory completion of probationary period (b) renewal of contract and (c) confirmation of Scientists/Technologists upto Scientist E-11 level after a review of the Confidential Report and Self-Assessment Report to be obtained from the concerned Scientists/Technologists.

In the case of Scientist 'F' the recommendations of the Director/Head of the Lab./lnstt. together with self-assessment report will be sent to CSIR as heretofore for consideration and approval of DG-CSIR.

(CSIR letter No. 16(196)72-E.II, dated 18th May, 1982)

(3.4.7)   Completion of probationary period/renewal of contract/confirmation of Scientists/Technologists in the CSIR.

Reference CSIR letter of even number, dated 18th May, 1982.  The Directors/Heads of National Laboratories/Institutes being the appointing authority up to the rank of Scientist E-11 (excluding Common Cadre posts) will be competent to curtail/extend the probationary period of their employees as per rules.  However, the cases of extension/curtailment of the common cadre staff and completion of probationary period etc. in the case of Scientist-F will continue to be referred to CSIR as hithertofore.

(CSIR letter No. 16(196)/72-E.II, dated 30th October, 1982)

(3.4.8) Sub: Placement of staff on probation in various services.

In suppression of the existing orders on the above subject, the Director General, Scientific & Industrial Research, has been pleased to approve that the following procedure shall be adopted for placement of staff on probation in various services.  These orders shall be applicable to all Groups of staff belonging to Scientific, Technical and Administrative categories.

A.    In the following cases, staff members will not be kept on Probation:

  1. Deputation/foreign service.

  2. Appointments made on contract basis including tenure of a Director.

  3. Permanent Absorption.

  4. Promotion on seniority-cum-fitness basis.

  5. Assessment under various schemes applicable to scientific and technical staff

  6. Fellows/Senior Fellows and Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Fellows which are project-oriented appointments.

B.    Provision of probation shall be applicable to the following cases:-

  1. Selection from within the departmental candidates.

  2. Selection of a departmental candidate by competition from open market to be kept at par with outsiders and kept on probation.

  3. Direct recruits from open market.

  4. Joining of persons in CSIR on lien basis (except on contract).

              These orders will come into force with immediate effect and this may specifically be brought to the notic of the Controller of Administration/Administrative Officer of your Lab./ lnstt. for his information, guidance and necessary action.

(CSIR Letter No 7(54)/B/88-E.II, dated 26th April, 1989.)

(3.4.9) Sub : Placement of Scientists appointed on contract in Group-IV-Benefits of confirmation/lien/pension.
  1. Reference this office circular of even number, dated 26.4.89 informing that Scientists appointed on contract including tenure of a Director will not be kept on 'probation.  This has resulted in denial of confirmation at entry points and consequent exercise of option for pensionary scheme in CSIR.

  2. This matter also came up for discussions during the Conference of Controllers of Administration of CSIR Labs./Instts. held in August 1990 at Hyderabad.  It was felt that clarification be issued to all Labs./lnstts. that in future all Scientists appointed in Group-IV on contract (except Directors of Labs./Instts.) should be kept on probation as usual, so that they could opt for pensionary benefits on completion of probationary period.

  3. Final decision in the matter has now been incorporated in Merit and Normal Assessment Scheme (MANAS) duly approved by GB vide para 7.7 circulated vide JS (A)'s D.O. letter No. 17/(65/P)/42/90-PPS, dated 12.9.90.

  4. In view of the above, It is clarified that Scientists in Group-IV appointed on contract (except Directors of labs./Instts.) will hereafter be kept on probation for a period of two years, as usual.

    (CSIR Letter No 17(54/B)/88-E.II, dated 15th October, 90.)

(3.4.10) Sub: Placement of Staff on probation in various services.

In partial modification of this office order No.7(54)/B/88-E.11. dated 26.4.89, on the above subject I am directed to state that the DGSIR has been pleased to approve that the staff members promoted on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness from Group D to C; Group C to B; and Group B to A i.e. whenever there is a category change, may be kept on "trial period" for a period of one year.  On the expiry of this "trial period", rigorous screening may be conducted and a specific order passed to the effect that the officers concerned have since completed the trial period satisfactorily

Other conditions laid down for completion of "trial period" will be the same as prescribed for completion of probationary period.

(CSIR Letter No 8(129)7/83-E.I, dated 24th Jan. 1991)