(30.2)     Benevolent Fund Scheme


(30.2.1) Sub: Welfare activities in CSIR Labs./Instts. Benevolent Fund Scheme.


The Governing Body of CSIR at its meeting held on 15.12.1986, while considering the above proposal has approved that a Benevolent Fund may be created at each of the National Lab./lnstt. including at CSIR Hqrs. w.e.f. 1. 1.87 for the benefit of the staff. 

Guidelines framed for the operation of this fund are enclosed herewith.  Fund will be operated locally by the Lab./lnstt. and at CSIR Hqrs. and it will be managed by a Managing Committee to be constituted as per terms indicated in the guidelines both at the Laboratory level as well as at CSIR Hqrs. level. 

I am therefore, directed to request you kindly to take immediate steps for creation of this Fund w.e.f. 1. 1. 1987 as approved by the Governing Body under intimation to this office. 

(CSIR Letter No: 20(5)/87-E.II(2), dated:23rd Feb., 87.)


CSIR Benevolent Fund Scheme


1.    Title and date of effect of the Scheme 

i)    The name of the Scheme shall be the "Benevolent Fund Scheme". 

ii)    The Scheme shall be operated individually in the Lab./lnstt. and at the CSIR Hqrs.

iii)    The Scheme shall come into force wef 1.1.87. 

2.    Definitions Unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context: 

A)   "Fund" Means the Benevolent Fund. 

B)    Scheme means CSIR/Lab./lnstt. Benevolent Fund Scheme. 

C)    "Family" means husband/wife, dependent children including step children and legally

       adopted children and parents wholly dependent on the employee. 

3.    Object of the Fund 

The Object of the Scheme is to provide, as a special welfare measure assistance to the members of the Fund or to their families in real distress, misfortunes, like premature retirements due to prolonged sickness only.  Financial relief or assistance may be provided to a member in case he is permanently disabled or to his family if he dies while in service and, in the opinion of the Managing Committee, there is need for such assistance.

4.    Nature of Assistance to Members 

In the case of a member who is in real distress or dies or sustains permanent disability and if the Managing Committee is of the opinion that there is need for relief or assistance, his/her nominee or the members as the case may be, may at the discretion of the Managing Committee, be paid on account upto the Following limits:-

i)  In the case of death Rs. 5,000/-

ii) In the case of distress/permanent disability Rs. 1,000/- Grant from the Fund in the case

    of distress/permanent disability will be sanctioned to a member only once in five years. 

5.    Sources of Income of the Fund The Source of the Fund shall include

(a)     Subscription from the members

(b)     Contribution from the CSIR

(c)     Income from Investments

(d)     Receipts from any endowments, donations or other contribution for augmentation of the Fund like observing a Benevolent Fund Day once a year, arranging cultural and variety Programmes etc. 

6.     Membership of the Fund 

(i)  Membership of the Fund will be on voluntary basis limited to all regular employees of CSIRincluding scientific and technical persons appointed on contract basis. 

(ii) Each member shall be allotted a membership number.  A membership register shall be maintained by the Lab./lnstt./CSIR Hqrs. as the case may be. 

7.     Membership and Nomination 

Every member of the Scheme shall make a nomination in duplicate in the form appended at Annexure 'B' (or such other form as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee) for receiving any financial assistance from the Fund in the event of the death of the member.  The nomination shall be made in favour of the dependent child or children and in their absence in favour of either of the dependent parents.

8.    Termination of Membership 

The membership shall be deemed to have terminated on the date a member ceases to be an employee of the Lab./lnstt./CSIR Hqrs. provided that an employee after retirement will be eligible to get the benefit under the scheme upto a period of 6 months after the date of retirement. 

9.    Employee's Subscription 

    Every member shall subscribe to the Fund at the Following rate:- 

(i)         Group 'D' employees Rs.  1/- (Rupee one only) per Month. 

(ii)        Group 'C' employees Rs.  1/- (Rupee one only) per month. 

(iii)       Group 'A' & 'B' employees Rs.2/- (Rupees two only) per Month. 

Subscription to the Fund shall not be refunded in any circumstances.  Should any member wish to contribute more he can do so. 

10.     Collection subscription 

(1)   The Monthly subscription of the members of the Scheme shall be deducted from their salary bills and shall be remitted to the Fund maintained by the Labs./Instts./CSIR Hqrs. by the 15th of the following month. 

(2)   If a member is on extra ordinary leave, arrears of subscription for the period of such leave shall be deducted from his salary whenever it is paid to him on resumption of duty. 

11.     CSIR/Labs./Instts. Contribution 

Based on the number of persons in position as on Ist April every year, an annual contribution @ Rs. I/- per head shall be paid by the Lab./Instt./CSIR to the Benevolent fund out of P-4/A-4 Contingencies Contribution to Benevolent Fund and a sum of Rs.4/- per head shall be paid by debit to centrally operated head GDA - Welfare Fund - Contribution of Benevolent Fund. 

NOTE:- In the event of the resources in the Benevolent fund in certain Labs., particularly during the initial years of adopting the revised scheme, being insufficient to meet any death-claim(s), DG, CSIR at his discretion may release adhoc grant out of Welfare Fund of CSIR to meet such contingency.

12.     Constitution of the Managing Committee and its Tenure:

A Committee (hereinafter referred to as Managing Committee) shall be constituted by the Director in each Lab./lnstt. and DGSIR at CSIR - Hqrs. for administering Fund.  The constitution of the Committee in Labs.llnstts. would be as follows:- 

1 .Administrative Officer 

2.  Sr. F&AO/F&AO 

3. Two nominees of the Director from the S&T cadre, One of whom will be the Chairman of the Managing Committee. 

4. Three representatives of the staff, one each from the administrative wing and technical wing and group 'D' employees nominated by the Director. 

CSIR Headquarters: 

1. DS (CO)

2. Sr. F&AO (to be nominated by FA) 

3.Two nominees of DGSIR one of whom will be the Chairman of the Managing Committee. 

4.Three representatives from the Staff, one of whom will be from Group 'D' nominated by DGSIR.

The members of the Managing Committee shall hold Office for a period of two years from the date of the nomination/election.No member of the Managing Committee shall be entitled to any remuneration or any kind of honorarium.Sr. F&AO/F&AO will function as Secretary-cum-Treasurer of the Committee. 

13.     Duties & Powers of the Managing Committee 

All the powers for the administration of the Fund shall be vested in the Managing Committee.  Without prejudice to the generality of these Provisions, the duties and powers of the Managing Committee shall be as follows:- 

(a)   Invest the money of the Fund and Control the working of the fund. 

(b)   To consider requests for grant of financial assistance under the scheme and to sanction payment in accordance with the objectives of the Scheme. 

(c)    Consider and approve the annual report, annual accounts and the audit report on the accounts of the Fund. 

(d)     To get audited the accounts of the Fund each year by the auditor to be appointed by the Director/DG, SIR in the case of CSIR Hqrs. 

(e)     Any other function, as deemed necessary in the interest of the operation of the Fund. 

14.     Conduct of business by Managing Committee 

The Managing Committee shall meet as frequently as necessary in the exigencies of the operation of the Fund but at least once in every three months.  The quorum for the meeting of the Managing Committee shall be one-half of the total number of members of the Committee (any fraction being rounded off to one).

No act or proceedings of the Managing Committee shall be invalid by reason merely of the existence of any vacancy among its members or of any defect in its constitution.

15.     Functions & responsibilities of the Secretary-cum-Treasurer. 

(a)    He shall be responsible for all moneys received by the Fund and all payments made therefrom including acknowledgement of all remittances received from the CSIR. 

(b)    He shall maintain proper account of all receipts, payments and investments. 

(c)    He shall prepare an income and expenditure statement and balance sheet as on the last day of the financial year and submit it to the Managing Committee along with the Auditors' Report. 

(d)    He shall be responsible for the routine administration of the Fund in accordance with this scheme and the Instructions of the Managing Committee from time to time. 

(e)    He shall be empowered to sign documents and carry on correspondence on behalf of the Fund. 

(f)     He shall be empowered to open and operate the Bank Account of the Fund along with the Administrative Officer/DS (CO) in case of CSIR Hqrs. 

(g)     He shall be responsible for executing the decisions of the Managing  Committee. 

(h)     He shall prepare an annual report on the working of the Fund. 

(i)     He shall carry out such other functions as may be entrusted to him by the Managing Committee from time to time. 

16.     Interpretation of the Rules the decision of the DGSIR in regard to interpretation of any provision of the Scheme, shall be final.


                                                                  Appendix - A

Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Application Form for membership of the Benevolent Fund


I,_______________________ Son of ___________________________ hereby apply for membership of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Secretariat/(Name of the National Laboratory/Institute) Benevolent Fund.  In token of my doing so, 1 authorise the Cashier, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Secretariat/National Laboratory/Institute to make deduction each month a sum of ____________________  per month as my contribution towards Council of Scientific and Industrial Research/Laboratory/Institute Benevolent Fund.

I hereby declare that I have read the rules of the Fund and that these rules as for the time being in force will be binding on me.


Name in Full

(In Block Letters)                                                                     Signature___________________





Nomination for Benerits under the CSIR Benevolent Fund Scheme


I ____________________________ hereby nominate the person(s) mentioned below, who is/are member(s) of my family, and confer on him/them the right to receive to the extent specified below any amount that may be sanctioned under the CSIR Benevolent Fund Scheme in the event of my death while in service.


Name and addresses of nominee/nominees

Relationship with CSIR employee


Share to be paid to each

Contingencies on the happening of which the nomination shall become invalid

Name, address and relationship of the person if any, to whom the right of the nominee shall pass in the event of his pre-deceasing CSIR employee














N.B. - The employee should draw the line across the blank space below his last entry to prevent insertion of any names after he has signed.


Date this                day of                      19           at


Signature of two witness:






Signature of the Employee




                    (30.2.2) Sub: Welfare activities in CSIR Labs./Instts. Benevolent Fund Scheme.

Reference CSIR Circular of even number dated 23/2187 circulating Benevolent Fund Scheme for CSIR staff.  In partial Modification the last sentence of clause-7 of the Scheme regarding Membership and Nomination may kindly be read as:- 

"Nomination shall be made in favour of any member of the family.  Family in the scheme of Benevolent Fund would carry the same meaning which it carries in the case of GPF." 

(CSIR Letter No: 20(5)/87-E.II (U-2), dated: 18th May, 87.)


                    (30.2.3) Sub: Welfare activities in CSIR Laboratories/Institutes Benevolent Fund Scheme.


 The staff side of the Federation of CSIR Employees & Workers Unions and Associations during discussions held on 2 1 st March, 1988 suggested that there should be representatives of staff on such bodies like Management Committee of the Benevolent Fund.  The matter has been considered in this office.

The Scheme provides that Director of National Laboratories/Institutes will nominate staff from scientific, technical administrative and class D categories as members of the Management Committee of the Benevolent Fund.  Therefore, the representation of all categories of staff is already there.  In case, however, the local unit affiliated to above Federation desires that the members should be elected representative of each category, it has been decided that the matter may be left to the Director who may arrange for such election from amongst the members of the fund in consultation with the local unit of the Federation.  However, the number of members of the Management committee should be as provided in the Scheme.

                    (CSIR Letter No: 20/5/87-E.II, dated: 26th April, 1988.)