Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), aims at promoting professional human resource management in CSIR by evolving a holistic human resource development plan for CSIR.


The mandate of the Centre is to :

     Offer structured and customised training programmes on S & T management and associated functions such as :

- Orientation training programmes 

- Induction training programmes

- Skill upgradation training programmes

     Inculcate the spirit of Team CSIR amongst CSIR staff

     Develop modern training methodology / aids / tools

     Network with professional HRD organisations

     Promote research / studies in the area of HRM

     Act as idea generators, thinkers and facilitators in HR

     Identify areas needing reforms in personnel policies of CSIR

     Create focused HRD groups in each Laboratory / Institute of CSIR

Major Programmes

The Centre organizes regular, structured and customized training and skills up-gradation programmes in the broad areas of management of R&D, intellectual property, material procurement & storage, business development and supporting functional besides personal skills up-gradation programmes such as leadership, team building, communication, presentation, etc. The Centre has designed the programme modules and the contents thereof based on the training needs assessed internally and out sourced the faculty/experts for the same.

The HRDC is conducting Training Programmes for the scientific, technical, administrative, purchase and financial personnel under the following broad categories:

· Induction / Orientation training programmes for freshly recruited scientists and newly recruited / promoted officers in administration, finance, purchase cadres of CSIR.

· Management skills development training programmes for leadership, team working, change management for senior staff.

The modules for these programmes are designed, evolved & formulated in house keeping in view the organizational and individual's career & personal growth needs.

These training programmes are regular part of Centre's activities. It, however, also designs organizes & conducts programmes  which add value to the organization as well as familiarization programmes on new policy initiatives introduced in the organization. The recently organized are for:

(a) Interactive programmes on Annual Review of Performance (ARP).

(b) ISO Accreditation.

(a) Interactive Programmes on Annual Review of Performance (ARP)

From the year 2003, CSIR has introduced a new format for Annual Review of Performance (ARP) for its Gp IV scientists. The ARP is a part of CSIR's larger effort for its human resource development. HRDC took upon the responsibility of familiarizing the scientists with the new format to facilitate its implementation. Centre organised one day Interactive Familiarisation Programmes involving interaction and mock filling up of proforma in the laboratories and the headquarters.

(b) ISO Accreditation

HRDC has organised ISO 9001:2000 QMS Awareness programmes for obtaining ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for laboratories & CSIR Headquarters as a part of overall effort to move towards quality working thereby bringing in increasing efficiency & transparency in working. The training has helped in few of the laboratories which have taken steps and acquired ISO accreditation.

Recognizing the emerging trend of use of IT for training as a cost-effective tool, the Centre is creating e-training facilities. It is procuring e-training modules especially for development of personal skills.  These modules will be installed on the intranet of the laboratories to enable the staff to access the facilities at their place of working and at time of their choice.

Training Need Analysis:

The Centre has launched a pilot Training Need Analysis (TNA) as a part of its activity to professionally work out training needs of CSIR staff of different categories and at different levels. The pilot TNA compromises identification of

organizational process concerns/ needs applicable across institution s and

training needs of individual employee in the areas of

• managerial / supervisory competencies

• attitudinal /personnel effectiveness

• behavioral skills

• functional skills

Human Resource Group In CSIR Labs

The human capital being the most critical and valuable asset of CSIR, focused human resource development groups have been setup in laboratories. The main task of these groups designed as Human Resource Groups (HRGs) is to organize and nucleate human resource management activities in the laboratory. The HRGs have the following functions:

The HRGroups have already been established in the following laboratories:

Building organizational excellence

In this era of fast changes and competition CSIR is focusing on achieving greater effectiveness in its functioning through implementation of structured initiatives at its laboratories. In order to achieve the above objectives a Pilot has been initiated on one of the laboratories to build organisational excellence. The Pilot depending upon its outcome will be extended to other laboratories.

The broad objectives of this structured initiative are:

•  Create a culture focused on excellence in all activities - research and administrative support functions,

•  Increase efficiency (i.e. reduce cycle time) for various activities (both research and support) in the laboratories.

•  Increase effectiveness (i.e. increase output) of investments made

These objectives will be achieved through following set of sub-objectives :

•  Establishing medium and short term goals in the context of the situation and opportunities

•  Developing an action plan to meet the goals 

•  Establishing a management process to oversee the implementation of action plans 

•  Developing involvement of people at various levels through a process of change management

Providing people with appropriate knowledge and skills to participate effectively in the improvement initiative and contribute to excellence on a continuing basis.

Contact Person:

Dr. Manu Saxena, In-charge,Human Resource Development Centre,Central Government Enclave, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad- 201 002(UP) INDIA.

Phone: 091-95120-2789882 :: Fax: 091-95120-2788939