Structural Engineering Research Centre(SERC), Chennai Mous

Structural Engineering Research Centre(SERC), Chennai

  • Latest List of MoUs signed by SERC
  • SERC to jointly make products with Cranes Soft FINE ART’ (FINite element Engineering analysis using Adaptive Refinement Techniques), --the computer program developed at Structural Engineering Rese arch Centre (SERC), Chennai, has been developed to international levels through network project CMM-20. Since a partner from the industry would be ideal for future marketing and maintenance, SERC has entered into an MoU with Engineering Mechanics Research (India) Ltd. (EMRC)--the wholly-owned subsidiary of M/s. Cranes Software International. The two partners will initially jointly develop a graphical pre-post processor for SERC's FINEART, a finite element code for linear static, dynamic and non-linear transient dynamics. For this purpose, NISA DISPLAY III, a graphical pre-post processor, will be integrated with FINEART to produce a powerful and easy-to-use comprehensive finite element software package.In addition to SERC-Chennai, the company will work with C-MMACS-Bangalore, RRL-Bhopal, RRL-Thiruvananthapuram and NML-Jamshedpur to develop various specialized modules of FINEART.