Acharyya, Subhrangsu Kanta  (DOB: 27 November 1940),  Sp: Tectonics & Geodynamics; Stratigraphy; Himalayan geology; Ophiolites; Gondwana geology.  Geological Survey of India, 27 Chowringhee Road, Calcutta - 700 016, 15 Dr Sarat Banerjee Road, Calcutta - 700 029.


Citation    Dr Acharyya has the distinction of developing an integrated model of evolution of the Himalaya and Indo-Burmese mobile belt, particularly a concept of thin-skin overthrusting of premetamorphosed rocks over Mesozoic-Tertiary arc-trench sediments of the Indian plate. His work has provided impetus to concept-oriented exploration for hydrocarbon and other mineral resources in the Himalaya.



Bose, Mihir Kumar  (DOB: 1 September 1933),  Sp: Igneous petrology; Mineralogy; Geochemistry.  B D 393, Sector  I, Salt Lake City, Calcutta - 700 064. Tel (033) 3349002, 3212462 (R)


Citation    Dr Bose has done significant work in the area of chemical petrology, particularly of alkaline rocks and anorthosites in different geological environments in India. He has conducted innovative studies on rock forming minerals derived from different chemical millieus under various pressure-temperature conditions. He employed geochemical criteria for understanding magmatic differentiation and for discriminating between different ultramafic rocks of Singhbhum. His contributions to petrologic nomenclature and classification are well recognised.



Gaur, Vinod Kumar  (DOB: 11 July 1936),  Sp: Geophysics; Seismology; Oceanography. Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Sarjapur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 034.  Tel (080) 5274662 (CMMACS) 5530672-6 (IIA) (O), 3437410 (R), Fax 5260392 (CMMACS), 5534019, 5534019 (IIA), Email : gaur @;  vgaur @


Citation    Prof. Gaur has made significant contributions in the fields of geodesy, seismology and electromagnetics. His research work relating to measurement of the rate of movement along a major Himalayan fault and studies on micro- earthquakes have enabled a better understanding of the tectonics of the Himalayas.



Ghosh, Subir Kumar  (DOB: 1 March 1932),  Sp: Geology.  Department of Geological Sciences, Jadavpur University, Calcutta - 700 032.  Tel (033) 4734044 (O), 4665309 (R), Fax  4731484


Citation    Dr Ghosh has made significant contributions in theoretical and experimental structural geology. Through ingeniously designed experiments, he established the geometrical relationships of the axial surfaces of folds with the principal planes of deformation and elucidated different types of fold interferences. He carefully analysed the variation of strains in superposed folds and explained the mechanism of rotation of early lineations by later folding. Dr Ghosh has developed a theory on the fundamental aspects of conglomerate deformation utilizing the principles of deformation of non-homogeneous materials. His analysis of the mechanism of  distortion of planar structure around rigid bodies is of significance in structural geology.



Gopalan, Kunchithapadam  (DOB: 12 August 1938),  Sp: Geochronology; Isotope geology. National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007.  Tel (040) 7171957 (O), 7170446 (R), Fax 7171564, Email : postmast @


Citation    Dr Gopalan has done pioneering work leading to establishment of the chronologies of several critical rock suites of the Indian subcontinent through indigenous development of high precision mass spectrometer facilities, and meticulous design of experiments. Establishment of the ages of solid bodies in the solar system, of basaltic volcanism in the sea of Tranquility on the moon, and of granite activity in three distinct phases in the Precambrians of Rajasthan, and elucidation of the stratigraphic relations of the Precambrians of Madhya Pradesh are some of the significant contributions made by him.


Goswami, Bhupendra Nath  (DOB: 1 August 1950),  Sp: Atmospheric sciences.  Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012.  Tel (080) 3340450 (O), 3416690 (R), Fax 2447865, 3341683, Email : goswamy @


Citation     Dr  Goswami has made original contributions to our understanding of the Monsoon Dynamics by providing the first quantitative measure at predictability of the tropical climate, involving the coupled ocean-atmosphere system.



Goswami, Jitendra Nath  (DOB: 18 November 1950),  Sp: Evolution of planetary bodies; Isotope geochronology; Lunar surface; Cosmic rays.  Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009. Tel (079) 6462129 (O), 6742060 (R), Fax 6560502, Email : goswami @


Citation    Dr Goswami has made pioneering contributions in earth and planetary sciences, especially the formation of early solar system solids and high precision dating of single zircon crystals by an ion microprobe.



Gupta, Alok Krishna  (DOB: 4 December 1942),  Sp: Experimental  mineralogy  and  petrology  Department  of  Earth and Planetary   Sciences,   University   of   Allahabad,   Allahabad - 211 002. Tel (0532) 641840 (O), 540549  (R),  Email : alok.gupta;  ncemp @ nde .


Citation   Prof. Gupta has made significant contributions in the field of petrology, especially in respect of understanding of the genesis of alkaline rocks. He has done pioneering work in the field of experimental petrology in India.



Gupta, Harsh Kumar  (DOB: 28 June 1942),  Sp: Geophysics; Antarctic sciences.  National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7171124 (O), 7171618 (R), Fax 7171564, Email : harsh @


Citation   Dr Gupta has done significant work in Seismology, notably Reservoir-induced Seismicity. He has done pioneering work on crustal structure of the Himalayan region using surface wave dispersion, giving a crustal thickness of 70 km.


Kaila, Krishna Lal  (DOB: 7 September 1932),  Sp: Deep seismic sounding;  Earthquake  seismology;  Seismic  exploration  for  oil.  2-16-106 Prashantinagar, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 039.


Citation   Dr Kaila has done pioneering work in India on deep seismic soundings (DSS) technique. He was involved in the technical organization and management of this ambitious project. The DSS profiles in India with which he was concerned were laid in a variety of geological environments such as Cuddapahs and Dharwars in South India, the Deccan Traps in Maharashtra, the sedimentary  basins  in  Gujarat  and  the  Himalayas  in  the  North. Dr Kaila interpreted the DSS data in terms of geological setting of the areas concerned and brought to light surface manifestations of the deep-seated structures.



Krishnaswami, Sethunathasarma  (DOB: 21 May 1945),  Sp: Low temperature geochemistry; Nuclear methods in earth surface processes.  Earth Science & Solar System Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009.  Tel (079) 6462129 Extn 4045 (O), 6562640 (R), Fax 6560502, Email : swami @


Citation    Dr Krishnaswami has the credit of establishing the accretion rate and growth history of ocean-floor ferromanganese nodules through the application of radionuclides. Using this method, he has successfully determined the recent history of sedimentation in lakes and coastal environments.



Mallick, Kumarendra (DOB: 21 December 1941),  Sp: Electrical and electromagnetic methods; Remote sensing; Seismics. National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7170141 (O), Fax 7171564, Email : postmast @


Citation  Dr Mallick has done vital work by developing interpretational aids for analysing geoelectromagnetic data, particularly in the time domain.



Mohanty, Uma Charan  (DOB: 29 June 1948),  Sp: Numerical weather prediction; Tropical meteorology, Monsoon dynamics & climate modelling.  Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 110 016.  Tel  (011) 6861977 Extn 6023 (O), 6515706 (R),Fax 6862037, Email : mohanty @

Citation    Dr Mohanty has contributed to understanding of the onset and maintenance of summer monsoon over India and development of appropriate numerical weather prediction models for simulation of the monsoon.



Moharir, Pramod Sadasheo  (DOB: 21 April 1943),  Sp: Signal processing; Statistics; Transform techniques; Pattern recognition; Time series analysis; Pedagogy.  National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007.

Citation    Prof. Moharir has done important work related to problems of geophysical signal processing, modelling of earthquake sequences and design of numerical algorithms for modelling some earth systems.



Naha, Kshitindramohan (DOB: 2 January 1932),  Sp: Structural and metamorphic geology; Precambrian geology.  Expired.

Citation    Dr Naha has made significant contributions in the fields of structural geology of Precambrian geology. By combining the tectonic methods developed in the eastern and western Alps, he has traced an integrated geological history of Precambrian rocks around Ghatsila in Singhbhum, Bihar.  Dr Naha's work in some of the oldest rocks in the Precambrian of Rajasthan has led to a revision of the structure and stratigraphy of the Aravalli-Raialo-Delhi rocks and the Banded Gneissic Complex. He has worked out the methods of elucidating the large-scale structure of migmatites. The geometry and kinematics of folds in general and superposed folds in particular have been worked out and the principles applied for elucidating the structure of the Precambrian terrain of Rajasthan and the Jutogh-Chail sequence in the Simla Himalayas.



Naqvi, Syed Mahmood  (DOB: 28 August 1941),  Sp: Geochemistry; Precambrian geology. National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7170141, 7150548 (O), 7170305 (R), Fax 7171564, Email : postmast @

Citation    Dr Naqvi has made important contributions to Precambrian Geology of South India through sustained field and laboratory studies. He demonstrated the importance of basic and ultrabasic rocks in the formation of the primitive crust in South India. He has drawn attention to the presence of lunar-type anorthosite in the terrain  His geological-geochemical research work will help in obtaining a better understanding of the evolution of the South Indian Arachaean Craton.



Naqvi, Syed Wajih Ahmad  (DOB: 10 August 1954),  Sp: Marine nitrogen cycle and biogeochemistry of oxygen-deficient environments; Paleoceanography. National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula - 403 004  Goa.  Tel (0832) 226253, 226256, Fax 223340, 229102

Citation   Dr  Naqvi has made sustained and significant contributions to biogeochemical cycling in the Arabian Sea.  



Negi, Janardan Ganpatrao  (DOB: 1 August 1936),  Sp: Theoretical geophysics; Philosophy of science. National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7170272 (O), 7172427 (R), Fax 7171564

Citation    Dr Negi has made significant contributions in theoretical geophysics, particularly in geoelectromagnetics and geomagnetism. His work has led to the development of important conceptual frameworks for delineating the earth's internal features from the distribution of its gravity, heat flow and electromagnetic fields at the surface.



Pandey, Prem Chand  (DOB: 10 August 1945),  Sp: Satellite-Meteorology; Oceanography & Polar science.  Antarctic Study Centre, D.O.D, Headland Sada, Vasco-da-Gama, - 403 804, Goa. Tel (0834) 512313, 512316 (R),  Fax 512322.

Citation    Dr Pandey has made significant contributions to the development of the technique of microwave remote sensing from satellites for obtaining atmosphere and ocean surface parameters. His concept of combining microwaves with infrared derive cloud parameters has been widely acclaimed.



Rai, Shyam Sundar  (DOB: 16 March 1954),  Sp: Geophysics Seismology.  National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7170141 Extn 2323 (O), 7170746 (R), Fax 7171564, Email : postmast @

Citation    Dr Rai has made significant contributions to studies of the deep seismic structure of Indian continental lithosphere and its geotectonic evolution.


Ramesh, Rengaswamy  (DOB: 2 June 1956),  Sp: Isotope Geochemistry. 265, Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009. Tel (079) 462129 Extn 4265, Fax 6560502, Email : ramesh @

Citation   Dr Ramesh has made outstanding contributions to reconstruction of paleo-climatic and paleo-oceanographic conditions on different time scales based on stable isotopic systematics in carefully selected natural archives.



Sahu, Basanta Kumar  (DOB: 19 February 1937),  Sp: Mathematical modelling in Earth Science.  Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai - 400 076. Tel (022) 5767266 (O), 5780469 (R), Fax 5783480, Email : bksahu @  

Citation    Prof.  Sahu has done pioneering work in mathematical geology in India and his contributions have both basic and applied values. His attempts to introduce mathematical and quantitative approaches in a descriptive science like geology represent useful breakthroughs and are marked by excellence and originality. He has developed statistical and mathematical models in geology (sediments and ore deposits) and devised computer-aided techniques for their geological interpretations using multivariate and time series procedures.



Sengupta, Sudipta  (DOB: 20 August 1946),  Sp: Structural geology; Precambrian geology.  Department of Geological Sciences, Jadavpur University, Calcutta - 700 032, Flat No. 27, Fifth Floor, 12/1, Swinhoe Street, Calcutta - 700 019. Tel (033) 4734044 (O), 4405471 (R),  Fax 4731484, Email : sudipta @

Citation   Dr Sengupta has made contributions in interpreting deformation of boudinaged layers as well as pebbles in conglomerates by application of theoretical and experimental modelling and field testing.



Shetye, Satish Ramnath  (DOB: 25 October 1950),  Sp: Physical Oceanography; Geophysical fluid dynamics. Physical Oceanography Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula - 403 004, Goa.  Tel (0832) 221322,  226253 Extn 4310 (O), 226460 (R), Fax 223340,  229102, Email : shetye @

Citation    Dr Shetye has characterized for the first time the monsoon-driven currents along the Indian coast and proposed mechanisms for their existence. He has also developed a mixed-layer model for annual variations in the sea surface temperature in the Arabian Sea.



Siddiquie, Hassan Nasiem  (DOB: 20 July 1934),  Sp: Marine geology.   Expired.


Citation    Dr Siddiquie has contributed to the marine geology of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea and prepared a sediment distribution map of the seas around India. His studies have shed new light on the origin of the Laccadive Ridge and its relationship with the Western continental margin of India. His success in locating nad proving large resources of calcareous sediments in offshore areas of Laccadive islands and in the delineation of the submarine oil pipeline route is of considerable importance in the context of proper utilization of the offshore resources.



Singh, Rishi Narain  (DOB: 17 July 1943), Sp: Geophysical modelling. CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS), Bangalore - 560 037.  Tel (080) 5274667 (O), 5277435 (R), Fax 5260392, Email : rnsingh @


Citation    Dr Singh has made significant contributions towards quantification of geological processes, notably in modelling of the thermomechanical structure of the Indian lithosphere and of fluid transport in the crust.



Somayajulu, Bhamidipati Lakshmidhara Kanakadri  (DOB: 5 March 1937),  Sp: Geochemistry; Geochoronology; Oceanography; Magnetic stratigraphy. Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009.  Tel (079) 6462129  (O), 6747807 (R), Fax 6560502, Email : soma @


Citation    Dr Somayajulu has made significant contributions towards the basic understanding of a number of ancient and contemporary marine processes. A number of nuclear methods developed by him for the determination of the growth rates of manganese nodules, large scale advection-diffusion mixing of ocean waters, accumulation rates of sediments, and for the study of geochemistry of reactive elements in sea water, have provided new means for studying complex physico-chemical reactions within the oceans and in the water-sediment interface.  His beryllium-10 studies on manganese nodules led to a definitive conclusion about their slow rates of growth.



Sri Niwas  (DOB: 4 July 1946),  Sp: Inversion of geophysical data.  Department of Earth Sciences, University of Roorkee, Roorkee- 247 667. Tel (01332)  72349 Extn 5570 (O) 65579, 75739 (R), Fax 73560, Email : snes @


Citation    Dr Sri Niwas has made contributions in the field of forward and inverse solutions of geophysical problems, particularly for electrical exploration of groundwater in alluvial terrains.



Tandon, Sampat Kumar   (DOB: 13 August 1945), Sp: Sedimentology; Geomorphology and quaternary geology.  Department of Geology, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007. Tel  (011) 7256342 (O) 2924538 (R), Fax  7257336, 6886427,  Email : rajeevk @


Citation    Dr Tandon has done pioneering work on magneto-stratigraphy of the Siwalik rocks, and on sedimentary tectonics, including paleodrainage systems of the late orogenic sedimentary basins.



Valdiya, Khadg Singh (DOB: 20 March 1937), Sp: Neotectonics, Sedimentology & Environmental Geology. Jawaharlal Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur P.O. Bangalore - 560 064. Tel (080) 8462750 - 57 (O), 3412026 (R), Fax 8462766, Email : nehrucen @; admin @


Citation    Prof. Valdiya has made notable contributions to Himalayan Geology through a sustained and comprehensive study of the Kumaun Himalaya. He has done pioneering work on algal stromatolites in the Lesser Himalaya leading to the fixation of the age of an important rock formation. He has also carried out systematic investigation of the economically rich magnesite deposits and lithological and palaeocurrent study of its flysch sediments. He has done significant work on tectonic synthesis and evolutionary history of this part of the Himalayas.