Planning and Performance Division (PPD)


The functions of the Planning & Performance Division (PPD) inter alia include:

  • Evolving CSIR policies relating to organizational, strategic and perspective planning;
  • Managing and supporting activities of national and international R&D alliances;
  • Policy formulation for technology development and R&D management;
  • Development / promotion of organizational business linkages;
  • Performing activities related to planning and performance;
  • Formulating, implementing and monitoring the plan programmes of CSIR;
  • Reviewing the performance of various plan schemes and developmental activities including transnational efforts of CSIR;
  • Financial resource management including overseeing resource estimation, development and utilization;
  • Interaction with CSIR laboratories and units;
  • Interaction with central and state S& T Departments/ Ministries, Parliament matters/Committees and other Govt. Departments like Planning Commission and Ministry of Finance etc.


About the division:

Planning & Performance Division provides seamless operation and co-ordinates interplay of various S&T components of the CSIR system. Its major focus encompasses the strategic planning for CSIR to promote, guide and harmonize science management in terms of Government grant (plan budget mainly), promotion of R&D in PPP mode, business development, and managing various prestigious awards such as CSIR Technology Awards; CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Awards; and CSIR Award for S&T Innovations for Rural Development,. Promotion of R&D in PPP mode is facilitated through a far-sighted programme titled ‘New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI)’.

It also assists the activities of laboratories, interactions with Government agencies such as Planning Commission and other Ministries, conceptualizing Five Year Plans and Annual Plans, dealing with the issues related to ‘Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology and Environment and Forests’, preparing ‘Outcome Budget’, bringing out Annual Reports of CSIR, managing Plan projects etc. It also provides all the necessary inputs to Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Parliament Affairs, President’s speech on the joint session of the Parliament etc.

Any other relevant information:

Nodal for R&D Planning and Business Development mechanisms and processes.