Dr. Girish Sahni

Contributions in the area of protein cardiovascular drugs especially ‘clot busters’ and their mode of action in the human body. Lead teams responsible for producing technology for India’s first indigenous clot bluster
drug, natural streptokinase (under brand name ‘STPase’ marketed by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad), and recombinant streptokinase (produced by Shasun Drugs, Chennai) marketed as several brand names eg.‘Klotbuster’ (Alembic) and ‘LupiFlo’ (Lupin). Developed a novel life-saver thrombolytic drug (Clot-specific streptokinase) India’s first bio therapeutic molecule which is not a Biosimilar that has been patented world wide, and licensed to a US Pharma company in 2006. Commercial launch expected 2016. Recently, developed Fourth-generation ‘Anti-thrombotic’ clot
busters that have been out-licensed in multi-million dollar deals.