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Product : Process to manufacture instant pickles, which can be reconstituted with simple addition of water and oil.
Application : Food adjunct.
Feature : Packaging of traditional pickles involves a high cost due to presence of liquids like brine, oil or vinegar. A new concept has been worked out to make instant dry pickles packed in polythene bags along with spices. Fully matured fresh raw mangoes/limes are washed and cut into uniform size, salt-cured and dried. Ground spices are added along with cured dry fruit pieces and packed in polythene bags. For reconstitution the mix is soaked overnight in specified quantity of water to get the pickle ready for use. Oil can be added to taste.
Commercialisation : In commercial production
Economy : 0.25 tpd.
Investment : Rs. 15 lakh
Equipment : Electric dryer, spice grinder, weighing machine, heat sealing machine, frying pan, containers, knives.
Raw materials : Raw mango, fresh lime, salt, spices, oil, polythene bags, cardboard packing boxes.
Institute : Central Food Technological Research Institute

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