Product: Design and construction of low cost latrines in the areas where sewerage system is not available.
Application: Low cost sanitation in the areas where sewerage system or septic tank is not feasible due to shortage of water or financial limitations.
Feature: It is a simple, economical and efficient system for disposal of night soil without pollution. The system consists of two leaching pits, WC seat (slope 30o) and water trap. The leaching pits are connected with the PRAI type seat through an inspection chamber using clay/cement concrete/plastic pipes or brick channels. The leaching pits are used alternatively with a gap of 4-5 yr.
Commercialisation: Extensively used in India and other developing countries.
Economy --------
Investment: Rs. 3,500
Equipment: --------
Raw materials: PARI type WC seat and water-seal traps made of china clay, FRP mosaic or cement concrete, bricks, cement, sand, stone aggregate and reinforcing steel.
Institute: Central Building Research Institute.
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