Intellectual Property Management Division (IPMD)



The Division continued efforts for enhancing the value and volume of IP. As a result CSIR continued to maintain its dominant position in IP arena by filing 495 foreign and 406 Indian patent applications during the year.

International Seminar on ‘International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights’ CSIR in collaboration with the Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Practice (IIPRP), Gurgaon organized a three day international seminar on ‘International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights’ at New Delhi. About 60 representatives from private and public sector Industries, the Government., R&D Institutes, Law firms, and IP Professionals attended the Seminar.

A team of internationally renowned experts Patent County Court, UK, European Patent Office and Patent Attorneys of leading IPR firms from USA, UK and Japan were invited. To expose the participants to the world’s current practices on IPR and to enable them to plan their strategies in the new IPR regime, the joint effort brought together a team of internationally renowned experts.

The seminar focused on a) ethical issues in Patent Law and International Patent prosecution; b) recent development in Chemical, Biotech Practices and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in USA, Japan and Europe; c) trends of international growth of Pharmaceutical industry and its commercialization in a new patent regime, with particular reference to the developments in USA and India; d) general examination procedure at USPTO, JPO and EPO, covering various critical aspects with practical example; e) patenting of engineering inventions, software and business method, and their scope of protection in USA and Japan; f) doctrine of equivalent after Festo and its current implications; g) copyright in digital world; h) protection of trademark and present business ethics on infringement and litigation.


For the first time in the country, CSIR organized a PCT Users’ Meet in New Delhi on March 24, 2004 bringing together users, stake holders and administrators of PCT on a single platform. The participants included representatives from Ministry of Science and Technology, R&D Institutions, IP Law firms, Industry, Patent Office and representatives of International Bureau, PCT division of WIPO, Geneva. During the meeting, it was discussed and debated as to how users of PCT from developing countries can make the best use of PCT system in a cost effective manner.