What's New

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1 CSIR-ISTAD invites nominations for the award of Raman Research Fellowships for the year 2017-2018. (Last date - September 29, 2017)
2 Quotations have been invited through 'limited tendering' for dedicated vehicle on full time basis.
3 Switching over to e-procurement from Manual Tendering
4 “Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award”.
5 Tender Document for Emplanelment of Exhibition Agencies for Exhibition Related Work(Last Date: 10-07-2017)
6 “CSIR invites application for CAIRD award 2015 and 2016 - Extended last date of submission 16th June 2017”.
7 Corrigendum For CSIR Mega Exhibition & Capsule Exhibition-Tender No. 25-2(478)/4/2016-USD
8 Proceedings of the Pre-Bid Meeting for CSIR Mega Expositions and Capsule Exhibitions
9 Rajbhasha-Annual Programme 2017-18
10 Tender for Catering and Housekeeping Services -2016 for CSIR Science Centre and Maharani Bagh Guest House of CSIR
11 Tender for Old unserviceable Printers HP Laserjet,UPS,Color Video Projector,CVT,Photocopier,FAX,Calulator,etc
12 Tender Notice for Engagment of Contractor for Skilled,Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Workers reg.
13 Tender For Hiring of Taxt Services
14 Tender Notice for Catering and Housekeeping Services in HRDC reg.
15 Tender for Technical support services for video conferencing equipment/AV devices at various locations of CSIR Hqrs