Vision and Mission

CSIR’s renewed mission is inspired by the remarks made by President of CSIR Society to CSIR to build. "The new CSIR that will fulfill the aspirations of modern India…”

so CSIR’s mission is simply – to build a new CSIR for a new India.

CSIR’s Vision

“Pursue science which strives for global impact, technology that enables innovation – driven industry and nurture trans-disciplinary leadership thereby catalyzing inclusive economic development for the people of India”

The people and nation-centre thrust to science, technology and societal pursuits remains the cornerstone of CSIR’s mission. In view of rising dreams and aspirations of the nation, its expectation from CSIR and the other public funded institutions is ever increasing. Not only are the pace of scientific and technological growth and the aspirations of higher living standards evident today but also many age old myths of economy and growth have been broken; e.g., the shift from manufacturing to services; capital resources; population as a burden to human resource as an asset; national needs to international opportunities and so on. The changed scenario has inspired CSIR towards:

  • Science and Engineering leadership;
  • Innovative technology solutions;
  • Open innovation and crown sourcing;
  • Nurturing talent in transdisciplinary areas;
  • Science based entrepreneurship; and
  • Socio-economic transformation through S&T intervention.

“CSIR is 65 years old and was built by Dr. Bhatnagar to meet the challenges of that time. I would like to build the new CSIR that will fulfill the aspirations of modern India.”

Hon’ble Prime Minister and President CSIR to DG,CSIR on 14th November 2007

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