Recruitment and Assessment Board

  1. "Scientist" upto Senior Principal Scientists.
    • Lab advertises the posts as per the vacancies and roster.
    • Screening of the applications is carried out by the Laboratory and the proceedings of the Internal Screening Committee forwarded to CSIR-RAB.
    • CSIR-RAB constitute the selection committee based on the screening & other information provided by the lab.
    • Laboratory conducts the interviews for selection of scientists.
    • Chairman, RAB endorses the proceedings of the selection committee meetings and sends them back to the Lab.
    • The concerned Lab takes further necessary action.
    • CSIR Hq advertises for the posts after ascertaining the vacancies
    • Applications are received at CSIR - RAB.
    • Screening of applications is done by CSIR - RAB as per the rules.
    • CSIR - RAB constitutes the selection committee and conducts the interviews.
    • The proceedings of the selection committee are approved by VP-CSIR.
    • The concerned lab takes further necessary action.
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