It all started with a wet market theory
Bat passed it onto us is the running story
Leaking out from a nearby laboratory
However remains a matter of query

Immediate aftermath was local
Authorities seemed less than vocal
Hastening its spread in sum total
As the outbreak becomes global

Country after country
Pain and loss in plenty
A threat on humanity
Huge is the calamity

But wait a while and see the ray of light
Marvel at human might
And our resolve to fight
With the endgame in sight

Your corona spike
On which you take so much pride
So efficiently we neutralize
Using jabs which cut that to size

Also in our arsenal are others
And mind you, more will be arriving in numbers
To wipe you out with daggers
Your remains will go down the gutters

It is just a matter of time
We will punish you for your crime
You will soon be packed off to hell full of grime
Without receiving any per diem

-Abhay Sharma, CSIR-IGIB