COVID VIRUS – A May 2021 Perspective

Thermodynamic free energy they said,
Is the unifying principle of life,
The edifice, the tenet , the principle,
for life’s sustenance, they said.

And yet and yet , it is ironic though,
the same free energy considerations,
dictate & bind the lethal covid virus,
to the unsuspecting human host.

As it ravages the arrogant human race,
country by country and continent too,
unparalleled in misery & grief unheard,
In words or verse, can never be told.

As governments, rulers , doctors,
data scientists & epidemiologists behold.
Perplexing issues; even as they grapple,
new variants wreck the scene again.

As I see the pall of death and misery abound,
The reminders of my grief stricken brethren,
evokes and begs a question , deep inside,
Can science address? OR is it the Lord’s round?

Dr. G N Dayananda