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  • CSIR-IICT has standardized the process for the preparation of alcohol- based hand sanitizing gel on March 6, 2020. 250 L of hand sanitizing gel were prepared in the laboratory for internal and sister lab consumption.
  • The process technology was transferred to a Rajasthan based MSME on 19 th of March on non-exclusive basis.
  • 800 L of hand sanitizing gel prepared within lab with a batch capacity of 100 L per day. The hand sanitizing gel were distributed to Telangana Police and GHMC workers.
  • The process technology is ready for transfer to any government organization, free of cost, provided they have sufficient raw materials.
Alcohol based Sanitizers prepared at CSIR-IICT
Dr Shailaja
Email: headbdrm@iict.res.in
Mob.: 9440925714
Lab made Hand sanitizer solution was distributed to all staff/ students and also to nearby Govt bodies for personal health and hygiene Dr Mahesh Dharne
Email: ms.dharne@ncl.res.in,
Mob.:97302 57991
Hand sanitizer has been prepared for in-house use and CSIR-IICB can assist the industry on large-scale production Dr. ParasuramanJaisankar
Email: jaisankar@iicb.res.in
Mob.: 9051758339
Currently being prepared for local use Dr. V. Karunakaran
Mob.: 9048392174
Off.: 0471-2515240
In house production for internal use Y V Rama Rao
Hand Cleanser - Sanitizer is being made for hospitals, paramilitary forces and Army. Mr Abdul Rahim
Mob.: 9419156296
  • Team CSIR-CECRI prepared the Hand Sanitizer, as per WHO guidelines, which is as follows: Isoproponal 75%, Glycerol 1.45%, Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% plus lemongrass oil for fragrance (this assay is printed in the label also, along with the Directions for use tips and CSIR-CECRI's name).
  • Sanitizer sprayer of 100 ml (container) was given to all staff of CSIR-CECRI (350 Nos.).
  • 75 Nos. of hand sanitizer in spray bottles were given to nearby Banks, Police stations and Taluk office of Karaikudi.
  • 10 Nos. spray bottles were given to local Reporters.
  • As part of PPE CSIR-CECRI handed over the following items to the Municipal Commissioner of Karaikudi Municipal Corporation :
    • 20 litres of sanitizer liquid in big size cans
    • 20 Nos of 100ml spray bottles
    • 10 litres of soap solution for hand wash;
    • 100 litres of disinfectant
  • CSIR – CECRI also committed to provide hand sanitizer, liquid soap for hand wash and hypo-disinfectant periodically to Karaikudi Municipal Corporation, Government Hospital, Karaikudi, Sivaganga Government Medical College, Sakkottai Panchayat Union, Police stations etc in the coming few weeks.
  • As part of PPE CSIR-CECRI handed over the following items to Government Hospital, Karaikudi:
    • 10 litres of Hand Sanitizer in container;
    • 10 Nos. of Hand sanitizer sprayer;
    • 10 litres of soap solution for hand wash;
    • 10 boxes of (commercially available) hand gloves
James joseph
Email: jamescecri@cecri.res.in
Mob.: 8903411735

Dr S Sathiyanaryananppmg@cecri.res.in
Mob.: 94422158026
1000 bottles of Hand sanitizer (Hankool), 1000 bottles of floor disinfectant (Swabee) and 50 litres of floor cleaner (Cleangerm) prepared by the pilot facility of CSIR-CIMAP during the lockdown period and handed over to Lucknow Nagar Nigam and District Magistrate for distribution.
Ms. Sudha Agarwal
Mob.: 09838646531

2. Dr. Ramesh Srivastava
Mob.: 08004743355
  • On 25/3/2020, CSIR-IITR handed over the first batch of 350 Litres of Hand sanitizer to Shri Mukesh Kumar Mesharam, IAS, Divisional Commissioner, and Lucknow. CSIR-IITR has prepared this hand sanitizer for distribution by district administration among the people involved in essential services, ration shops and medical department etc.
  • CSIR-IITR supplied the 150 bottles of Hand-rub Sanitizer to the LPG Bottling Plant, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Lucknow on 27/3/2020 to support the Public Utility Service.
  • Signed an Agreement on 30/3/2020 with M/s ASPL Green Ventures (P) Ltd, a Lucknow based start-up to be incubated at CSIR-IITR BIRAC-BIONEST for sanitizer preparation.
  • CSIR-IITR handed over 230 bottles of Hand-sanitizer to the employees of Central Government Health Scheme, Lucknow on 1/4/2020.
Dr R Parthasarathi
Mob.: 7704994437
ASPL Green Ventures (P) Ltd.

Mr Sanjay Sinha
Mob.: 94151 80936

The initiative to prepare hand sanitizer as an in-house activity was also taken up by the Institute to support the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Out of 700 litres of hand sanitizer prepared at the Institute, 300 litres of hand sanitizer have been supplied to Doon Hospital in two batches.

CSIR-IIP is now exploring ways to scale this up through identification of local industry partners.

Dr Umesh Kumar:
Mob.: 757904844
Email: umesh_kumar@iip.res.in
Scientists from CSIR-CSMCRI have made large quantities of alcohol based hand sanitizer that complies with WHO standards. This has been supplied to Bhavnagar Medical College (BMC).
WHO standard, hand sanitizer prepared by CSIR-CSMCRI
Dr Kamalesh Prasad
Email: kamlesh@csmcri.res.in
Mob.: 09429413062

Dr. Pabitra Chatterjee
Email: pbchatterjee@csmcri.res.in
Mob.: 08980287928
Offered infrastructure support to District Administration and Lucknow Nagar Nigam whenever needed.
  • CSIR-NBRI offered to provide 500 litre of hand sanitizer to CSIR (free of cost) for NRDF.
  • During Mrch, 2020, CSIR-NBRI transferred Herbal alcohol-based hand sanitizer technologies to two entrepreneurs for large-scale production. Commercial production has already started.
  • Disinfectant developed and the formula circulated among the villagers for its use in washing the cloth and masks.
  • Developed throat/mouth gurgling herbal formulation; currently under testing for its toxicity.
  • Three villages near Lucknow viz., Aurawan, Banthra and Kurauni have been selected for COVID 19 related work.
  • Since physical movement is not possible now, information/videos on how to make hand sanitizer at home, floral craft making, and do’s and dont’s about COVID 19 is being passed on to the villagers through Whatsapp currently. The village activities in full scale will be taken up once the lock down is over.
Alcohol-based liquid herbal hand sanitizer under large-scale production by the licensee
Herbal alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer
Email: sharad@nbri.res.in,
Mob.: 941582210

Alcohol-based Herbal Hand sanitizer (Gel)
Dr. B.N Singh, Sr. Scientist (Pharmacology)
Email: bn.singh@nbri.res.in
Mob.: 9453608961
Given the need of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), CSIR-NEERI has given a bunch of PPE to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College & Hospital that includes gloves, hand sanitisers and masks
Dr Nagababu & Dr Sadhana Rayalu
Mob.: 9890367588
Rudraksh chemicals Ltd

MrVikram Parikh
Mob.: 09823051553
CSIR-IHBT, Palampur
Development and supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing natural aromatic oils.
  • The institute developed alcohol-based formulation of hand sanitizer with alcohol content as per WHO guidelines. The formulation contains active tea constituents & natural oils, and is free from parabens, triclosan, phthalates & synthetic fragrance. These were distributed in bulk to the various agencies fighting to prevent/combat the COVID-19 in the state, viz., hospital; offices of Chief Medical Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Asstt. Drug Controller, SDM and others.
  • Entrepreneurs have been empowered across the country for production and supply of the sanitizer.
CSIR-IHBT, Palampur
1. M/s. A B Scientific Solutions, Palampur (H.P.)
Sh. Anup Sood
Mob.: 7735383434

2. M/s Sandeep Kumar & Company, V.P.O. Nadaun, Hamirpur (H.P.)
Sh. Sandeep Bhatiya
Mob.: 9882198421

3. M/s Baijnath Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Paprola, DistKangra (H.P.)
Dr. S.K. Sharma
Mob.: 7018759206

4. M/s VLCARE Health, Bistupur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Sh. Anup Agarwal
Mob.: 9882209119

5. M/s Nature Green Chamba Herbs, Village Sutrar, Tehsil Nurpur, DistKangra (H.P.)
Sh. Upender Gupta
Mob.: 9418027079
CSIR-CLRI prepared 1000 bottles of hand sanitisers for the use in Chennai corporation. These hand sanitizers were handed over to the Assistant commissioner Shri Thirumuraugan, greater Chennai corporation by Dr K J Sreeram, Director, CSIR-CLRI
Dr. S Easwaramoorthy,
Mob.: 09566078880

With high demand of hand sanitizers due to the outbreak and its unavailability in commercial stores throughout the region, CSIR-NEIST along with its Branch Labs, Imphal, Manipur has taken the responsibility on war footing to prepare and distribute hand sanitizers to various sections of the society.

  • Prepared 400 liters of Hans sanitizer
  • Prepared hand wash, liquid disinfectant, sanitized paper towel and anti-septic soap in large quantities,
  • Branch Lab Imphal prepared 50 litres of Hand sanitizer.
  • Prepared 40 posters and 1500 leaflets on “COVID19” both in English and Assamese language for making people aware about the Corona Virus and precautionary measures to be taken.
Distribution: CSIR-NEIST staff and family members, local communities, various nearby establishments like SBI RRL Branch, KendriyaVidyalaya, Post Office, Jorhat Airport, District Administration including Police Stations, Airforce Station, Jorhat and Railway Station and different essential service related establishment in Jorhat. In Manipur: NABARD bank, hospitals, Manipur University, district municipality, etc.
  • A team of Scientists visited Airforce Station, Jorhat prepared 130 litres of Hand Sanitizer and 160 litres of Disinfectant in the Airforce Campus on 25.03.2020 and briefed about the various pre-cautions to be taken.
Dr Jatin Kalita
Mob.: 6000166346

Hand sanitizer in bulk for all Divisions and Sections of CSIR CGCRI and CSIR guest house, 59 Lake Road, Kolkata was prepared at Water Technology Division under the guidance of Dr. SwachchhaMajumdar, Senior Principal Scientist and Head, Water Technoligy Division, CSIR-CGCRI which is still catering the need of essential and emergent staffs attending CSIR CGCRI.

As there was shortage of commercial hand sanitizer at that point of time, this was a significant support to the staffs of CSIR CGCRI, Kolkata.

Sri Swachchha Majumdar
Principal Scientist
Email: swachchha@cgcri.res.in
Mob.: 09432672182

Sanitizers have been recommended as one of the most effective way to keep the pandemic spread of Corona virus under control in the households and communities, apart from helping in maintaining general hygiene. CSIR has reached out to its laboratories to develop tech based sanitizers in form of sprays, hand-rub, and detergent powders and soaps.

To this effect IMMT scientists have already started working on various types of sanitizers and sanitizing systems. There is considerable progress in the making of liquid hand-rub, hand sanitizing set-ups and cold set soaps.

The products are currently under evaluation and scale-up trials after which the techniques will be transferred to MSMEs and SHGs for quick production and community exposure.


CSIR-IMMT has designed and developed a compact hand sanitizing and washing system to ensure hands free sanitization of both hands without touching the water source and the liquid dispenser.

The system is mechanically operated by foot for dispensing liquid soap for hand sanitization and water flow for washing. It can be utilised either as a standalone compact unit with water source or can be attached to any existing wash basin. The operation doesn’t require electricity


IMMT scientists are working on a liquid hand-rub which is an alcohol based hand sanitizer with plant extracts exhibiting aromatic and anti-infective activity. The preparation follows established SOPs and is being validated by Bhubaneswar RMRC for its use as a disinfectant against Corona virus. Bulk production of the sanitizer will start after validation process. IMMT aims to supply the sanitizer to State Police Department and AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

Sh. S.K. Mishra, BDO
Dr.Sanjib Das, Sr. Scientist
Email: sanjibdas@immt.res.in
Phone: +91-6742379156
Mob.: +91-8018256830

Dr.(Ms) Dipti Prakasini Das,
Email: diptidas@immt.res.in
Contact: +91-6742379216
Mob.: 9437270934

M/s Jigsan Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.
MrRanjan Swain
Email: Ranjan.swain@jigsan.com
Mob.: 9040002030