Vigyan Pragati: Legacy of 70 Years…

According to Article 51 A[h] of the Indian Constitution, it is every citizen’s fundamental duty to develop scientific temper. Science magazines play a vital role in communicating S&T to the common man and thereby developing scientific temper.

There are several English language popular science magazines in India. However, there are a very few in Hindi. Vigyan Pragati is one of the Hindi popular science magazines.

In the beginning, the Publication and Information Directorate (PID) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) brought out a newsletter to report the research and development activities and achievements of CSIR labs. Later, a need was felt to transform the newsletter into a full-fledged Hindi language monthly science magazine, and thus Vigyan Pragati came into being in 1952.

Over the years, Vigyan Pragati has changed forms several times. Initially, it was published in single colour and later with just a few pages in two colours and four colours. Gradually, it transformed into a full four coloured magazine. New columns were added, and number of pages was also increased.

Vigyan Pragati carries science stories and feature articles on the contemporary national-international scientific issues, events, missions, and initiatives along with regular columns such as science fiction, crossword, science poetry, scientoon, book review, science quiz, etc. The magazine aims at communicating S&T to the masses in simple language. With pictures and illustrations, the magazine contents aim at igniting curiosity about science among the young and strive to develop an interest in them to pursue science. Those engaged in preparation for various competitive examinations, use this magazine as an authentic source of information on science and technology.

Vigyan Pragati is widely read and is one of India's best popular science magazines. It is popular among children, teachers, researchers, and the public across India as well as the world.

The leadership position of the magazine today is owing to the hard work of its many past Editors. The magazine is also indebted to its many writers. Many of the well-known science writers of today, began by penning their early articles for Vigyan Pragati.

Vigyan Pragati carries a legacy of seven decades. In its journey thus far, it has had thousands of readers and hundreds of writers. I am sure this journey will continue for many more decades to come.

Dr Manish Mohan Gore
Scientist, CSIR-NIScPR and
Editor, Vigyan Pragati