JALDOST - Airboat

JALDOST Airboat uses air propulsion and thrust vectoring technology to travel in shallow/flood waters. Jaldost permits easy navigation through shallow swamps and marshes, in canals, rivers and lakes. Because the propulsion system is in the air, there is no risk of entanglement with objects submerged under water and hence not easily identifiable. This feature also makes it ideal for life saving and rescue operations in flood disaster situations. NAL has envisaged to develop versions of airboats for different applications. They are multi-disciplinary products involving air propulsion using automotive engines and advanced hull and hydraulic actuators for carrying out application oriented tasks. Our country has huge need for airboats which are capable of travelling on weed infested shallow water. They will also be useful to border security force in patrolling the borders having shallow water zones. The modular weed clearing system is an add-on feature fitted in the front of JALDOST. Key features include:Flat bottom hull to travel on lower depth water Air propulsion avoids the risk of entanglement with conventional propeller Hydraulic powered cutter for removing rooted and nested weeds Front scoop with tilting movement for weeds collection Diesel powered engine and powerful hydraulic system Versatile Cuts & skims weeds in shallow water Multi-purpose Gathers floating debris and algae

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