Allotment of CSIR Accommodation

(16.1)     Grant of rent free accommodation

(16. 1. 1) Sub: Grant of rent-free accommodation to Watch and Ward Assistants.

References are received in the CSIR from the Heads of National Laboratories/Institutes for obtaining approval of the competent authority to the grant of rent-free accommodation to the Watch and Ward Assistants.  In this connection, I am to draw your attention to this office letter Nos.41(1)/63-WP dated 2.1.64 and 41(1)163-VYT dated 16.4.64 (not printed) wherein the decision of the Finance Sub-Committee to the grant . of rent-free accommodation to Caretakers within the campus of the Laboratories/Institutes and change of the designation to Watch and Ward Assistants has been conveyed.  In view of the above, such references may not be made to this office for these posts only.

It has also been decided in consultation with FA to CSIR that whenever the post of Watch and Ward Assistant is advertised, the condition of rent-free accommodation may be properly incorporated in future advertisements.

(No.41(3)/64-Engg.II, 12th March, 1970)

(16.1.2) Sub: Grant of rent-free accommodation to Security Officer.

CSIR had received proposals from various Labs./lnstts. for grant of rent free accommodation to the Security Officer.  This proposal has been carefully examined in consultation with Associate Finance.  It has been held that the purpose for which rent-free accommodation is sought to be given to the Security Officer is already being served, as the concession of rent-free accommodation has been extended to the Watch & Ward Asstt.  It has further to be conceded that the scale of pay sanctioned for the post of Security Officer has been decided with due consideration to the responsibilities and duties to be performed by the incumbent of the post and hence the condition for grant of rent-free accommodation as stipulated in the Min. of Works, Housing & Supply O.M. No. 12/11/60-Acc./I, dated 2-8-60 is not fulfilled in this case.

After due consideration of the various aspects involved it has been decided as under

i)            Security Officer at National Labs./lnstts. will not be eligible for rent free accommodation.  He may, however, be given residential accommodation of the entitled type or a type below in the Lab.  Campus on priority basis but on payment of usual license fee.

ii)          The existing Watch & Ward Asstts. will continue to avail of the concession of rent-free accommodation till such time they hold this post.  In case the incumbent of the post is promoted as Security Officer or is transferred to any other post, he will cease to be eligible for the concession of rent-free accommodation.

iii)         In future each National Lab./Instt. will have either a Security Officer or Watch & Ward Asstt.  Where the post of Security Officer is already available, the vacant post of Watch & Ward Asstt., if any, should not be filled unless prior clearance from the CSIR is obtained after giving due justification to have both the posts.

iv)        If the post of Watch & Ward Asstt. would fall vacant in future, it should not be filled up unless clearance as in (iii) above 'is obtained.

v)         In cases covered by (iii) & (iv) above, future appointees to the post of Watch & Ward Asstt. will not be eligible for rent free accommodation where a Security Officer is already in position.

(No.41(3)/75-tngg, dated 11-9-75)

(16.1.3) Sub : Grant of rent free accommodation to Nursing Sister.

The question of extending the concession of rent free accommodation to Nursing Sister employed in  Labs./lnstts., was under active consideration of the Council for some time past.  It has now been decided in consultation with the Member (Finance) to grant rent free accommodation to the Nursing Sister employed in the Clinical Centre of Lab./lnstt. with immediate effect.

The incumbent will be required to pay for actual consumption of water and electricity.  No HRA will be admissible to them from the date of allotment of rent free accommodation.

(No.41/3/64-WP-V, dated 7th July, 1980)

(16.2)     Retention of accommodation beyond permissible period.

(16.2.1) Sub: Retention of residential accommodation allotted to CSIR employees beyond the permissible period.

  1. The question regarding retention of residential accommodation by the staff of CSIR and its National Labs./lnstts. beyond the limits prescribed under Rule 11(2) of the CSIR Rules for Allotment of Residential Accommodation had been under consideration for sometime past.  Although the provisions exist in the Rule vide para 21 of the said Rules stipulating powers of the Directors/ Heads of the Labs./lnstts. to allow retention of residential accommodation for a period not exceeding six months beyond the period prescribed under Rule 11(2), it is understood no uniform guidelines/ procedure is being followed by the Labs./lnstts. in Granting such permissions.  Further the question regarding, granting such permissions, in case of persons who have been allotted general pool accommodation by the Director of Estates, New Delhi and other bodies at such other places had also been under consideration.
  2. Director-General, Scientific & Industrial Research after consideration of the whole matter, has been pleased to decide that the following criteria should normally be applied by the CSIR and its National Labs./lnstts. in granting permission for retention of residential accommodation belonging to CSIR general pool/non-pool accommodation, as well as the General Pool accommodation of Directorate of Estates, New Delhi and such other organisations where arrangements exist for allotment of accommodation to the Council by these organisations on rent under F.R.45-B/market rent.
  3. Normally, the Council employee will be entitled to retention of residential accommodation as per 1'inits prescribed under Rule 11 (2) of the CSIR Rules for allotment of residential accommodation.  However, where the retention of the said accommodation by the concerned employees is considered to be Justified taking into account the merit of the case such as (i) due to education of children, (ii) illness in the family and (iii) or any other reasons which is considered to be beyond the control of the concerned Council Servants and for which he may be obliged to keep his family at the old station, the following criteria may be followed for grant of permission for retention of residential accommodation for a minimum period of six months beyond the permissible limits :-

    In Case of General Pool Accommodation Relating to Directorate of Estates or Other Bodies

    1.  CSIR may bear market rent/rent under F.R.45-B, as the case may be, for the initial period of two months as per rules/existing arrangement and the employees may be required to pay license fee as per rules,
    2.  On the merit of each case, CSIR/Directors/Heads of the Labs./Instts. may agree to payment of double of the market rent/rent under F.R.45-B. as the case may be to the Directorate of Estate.  The recovery in such cases may be made at the double of the standard rent for additional period of six months provided the concerned Council servant provides satisfactory evidence to the CSIR/Heads of National Labs./Instts. about the continuation of the education of children at the old station or illness in the family or any other reasons beyond his/her control for which the employee may be obliged to keep the family at the old station.
    3.   Beyond the additional period of six months the concerned council servants would be liable to pay full charges which may be levied by the Director of Estates for the unauthorised retention of the Government accommodation.

Similar procedure should be followed in grant of permission for retention of the CSIR accommodation by the Council employees in the similar circumstances.  Doubtful cases may be referred to CSIR for taking necessary decision in the matter.

(No.6(3)/80-G, dated 25-4-1981)

(16.2.2) Sub: Retention of residential accommodation allotted to CSIR employees beyond permissible Amendment of CSIR Allotment Rules.

Reference this office letter No.6(3)80-G dt.25-4-81 providing therein retention of residential accommodation, allotted to CSIR employees beyond the permissible period, on twice the licence fee where it was considered to be justified taking into account the merits of the case such as (i) due to education of children, (ii) illness in the family or (iii) any other reason beyond the control of the Council servant, for a minimum period of six months.  This was also provided in the Allotment Rules by way of Addition to Rule 11 (2) xi, circulated vide this office letter No.28(8)/83-Engg.III, dated 22nd/24th March. 1984.

  1.  It has been decided by the Government of India that retention of quarter may be allowed for a period not exceeding six months beyond the permissible period as above on payment of twice the standard licence fee under FR 45-A or twice the pooled standard licence fee under FR 45-A, whichever is higher, but not exceeding 30% of the emoluments as defined under FR 45-C last drawn by the officer, vide its O.M. No. 12035(1)82 Pol.II. dated 25-1- 1983.
  2.  In view of the above, the DGSIR has been pleased to approve that the following provision with regard to retention of residential accommodation beyond the permissible period may be incorporated in the CSIR Allotment Rules as Sub-Rule 2(A) under Rule 11:-

    'The Head of the Lab./lnstt. may allow the retention of the residence for a period not exceeding six months beyond the period permitted under Sub Rule (2) where he is satisfied that the retention of the residence is justified for any of the following reasons :-"

    1.  due to education of children.
    2.  illness in the family;
    3.  or any other reason which is considered to be beyond the control of the concerned Council servant and for which he may be obliged to keep his family at the old station
  3. On payment of twice the standard licence fee under FR 45-A or twice the pooled standard licence fee under FR 45-A, whichever is higher but not exceeding 30% of the emoluments as defined under FR 45-C last drawn by the officer. In the case of an officer who was not paying licence fee under FR 45- A, he may be allowed to retain a residence for the aforesaid period on payment of twice the standard licence fee under FR 45-A or twice the pooled standard Licence fee under FR 45-A or twice the Licence fee that he was paying whichever is the highest."

    Consequently the following addition to Rule 11(2)/xi shall stand deleted.-

    "Provided that an Officer, in special case may be allowed by the Head of Lab/Instt. to retain a residence on payment of twice the standard licence fee under FR 45-A for a period not exceeding six months beyond the period permitted under Rule 11 (2).  "

  4.  The provision with regard to restricting the recovery of double the standard licence fee to 30% of the emoluments will come into effect from 25-1-1983.
  5.  The DG has further been pleased to approve that Sub Rule 11. 3 shall read as follows
  6. "Where a residence is retained by an officer under Sub-Rule(2) or 2(A), the allotment shall be deemed to be cancelled on the expiry of the periods mentioned therein

  7.   It is requested that the above amendments may please be incorporated in the CSIR allotment Rules & circulated to the members of the staff of your Lab./Instt.

(No.26(31)/74-Engg, dated 10- 1- 1986)

(16.2.3) Sub: Retention of Staff quarters by the Council employees accepting foreign assignments abroad.

A question has arisen regarding the rate at which licence fee should be recovered from the Council employees for retaining the staff quarters beyond the permissible period when they take up foreign assignments, where their salary is paid by foreign employers.  It was found that the laboratories were not following a uniform practice in this regard.  There have been instances when staff quarters have been retained by employees on long assignments abroad aggravating the housing situation.  After careful consideration it has now been decided that in cases where the employees proceed on assignments abroad, (as distinct from fellowship, etc.) cannot retain the quarters beyond four months on payment of normal licence fee.  In the event of their retaining the staff quarter beyond four months penal licence fee, as per rules may be charged.  The foreign assignments are, however, distinct from cases where CSIR employees go on training and fellowship, etc. abroad.

(No.28(1)/81 -Engg, dated. 19th January, 1982)

(16.2.4) Sub: Amendments proposed in the existing rules for the allotment of residential accommodation to staff employed in the Laboratories.1Institutes under the CSIR other than General Pool Accommodation.

The Committee constituted for the purpose of drawing guidelines for guidance of the laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR in regard to the allotment of quarters as well as continued occupation of the allotted quarters beyond the permissible period has recommended the following amendments in the above Rules of Allotment.

Rules No.          Existing                                         Proposed

Rule No.11

Deputation outside     Penal rent is not specified beyond           Ale following penal rent P.M. is proposed beyond

India                           permissible period of 6 months.                  permissible period :

             Type of             A class cities                   Others   quarter

                    VII                     Rs.4000/-                   Rs.3500/-

                    VI                      Rs.3500/-                   Rs.3000/-

                     V                       Rs.3000/-                   Rs.2500/-

                     IV                      Rs.2500/-                   Rs.2000/-

                     III                      Rs.2000/-                   Rs. 15001-

                      II                       Rs. 15001-                 Rs. 1 000/-

                       I                        Rs.1000/-                  Rs. 750/-

Rule No. 14     

 In case an Officer surrenders the quarter on or before the Surrender of an  Not provided expiry of permissible period of 6 months top priority for allotment and period one class below will be given to him on joining the duty of Notice    and in case he does not surrender the quarter within the  prescribed period he will be debarred for two years for  allotment from the date he joins duty, Facility of storage for house hold goods will be provided on payment  subject to availability of space.

Rule No. 21

Overstayal in Residentinal rent is not specified.   Same penal rent is proposed as against S.No. 1 above.

Rule No. 23

Interpretation of Rules. If a question arises as to the  If a question arises as to the Interpretation of the rules, the interpretation of the rules, the    decision of the Committee comprising of Heads of Local  decision of the Committee    Labs./lnstts. controlling the CSIR GPA shall he final. An appeal  comprising of Heads of Local  may, however, lie to DGSIR on Interpretation grounds only.

                                             Lab./lnstt. controlling the CSIR

                                             GPA shall be final.

Rule No.24

Relaxation of Rules. The Committee comprising of Heads  he Committee comprising of the Heads of participating  of participating Lab./lnstt./ units  Lab./lnstt./Units controlling the CSIR GPA may-for reasons to controlling the CSIR GPA may for   be recorded in writing to recommend relaxing all or any of the reasons to be recorded in writing to  provisions of these rules in the case of any officer or residence relax all or any of the provisions of           or residences or class of officers or type of residence including these rules in the case of any officer  cases where waiving of penal license is involved to DG-CSIR or residence or residences or class of         who alone will have the power to relax. DG-CSIR only will have        officer or type of residence except in    the power to relax any or all rules subject to the  case where waiving of penal licence recommendation sought from the Laboratory Committee is involved.

The DGSIR has desired that before the final adoption, these amendments maybe circulated to all the National laboratories/ Institutes to elicit their comments in this regard.  In case no comments are received by the 3rd October, 83 it will be presumed that the Director concerned agrees with the proposed amendments.

(No.28(1)/83-Engg.III, dated 20-9-83)

(16.2.5) Sub : Overstayal in Council accommodation by Council servants- departmental action against.

It has come to notice that in some cases Council employees after cancellation of allotment of their residence or otherwise ceasing to be entitled to retain the same, continue to stay in Council accommodation with impunity.  A very serious view has been taken of this.  With a view to accelerating-the process of vacating the Council accommodation, it has been decided by DGSIR that when a Council servant falls to comply with the orders of vacation of Council accommodation, after cancellation of licence, it may be treated as an act unbecoming of a Council servant involving violation of Rule 3 (1)(iii) of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 as made applicable to Council employees and disciplinary proceedings may be immediately instituted against him under CCS (CCA) Rules.  This would be in addition to any other proceedings that may be taken for getting the premises vacated.

The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all employees for guidance and compliance.

(No.28(1)86-Engg, dated April 18, 1986)

(16.2.6)            Sub : Unauthorised occupation of Staff Quarter - Institution of disciplinary Proceedings under Rule 9 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.

Instances have come to the notice of the CSIR where some Council Pensioners have continued to occupy unauthorisedly the Council accommodation after retirement without impunity.  Such an act on the part of a pensioner constitutes gross misconduct.  It has, therefore, been decided that where a Council pensioner continues to occupy unauthorisedly Council accommodation, proceedings may be instituted against him, under Rule 9 of the CCS (Pension) Rules as adopted by the CSIR, after following-the prescribed procedure.  This course of action would be in addition to any other action such as eviction proceedings in Civil Court, that may be taken against the pensioner.  This may be widely circulated in Laboratory/ Institute for information of all the employees.

No.28(1)85-Engg, dated 28th August,86)

(16.3)     Licence Fee

(16.3.1)    Sub: Fixation of flat rate of licence fee for residential accommodation under Central Govt. all over the country - recommendation of the Fourth Pay Commission.

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of OM No. 12035(1)/85-Pol.II (Vol.III) dated 1st June, 1987 (not printed) on the subject cited above.  It is requested that the flat rate of licence fee may be got assessed through your Engineering Unit in consultation with the Finance & Accounts Officer according to the formula approved by the Govt. as indicated in Annexure I & II, and keep it ready so that the necessary recoveries, according to the revised flat rate, are made from the salaries for the  month of June, 1987 as soon as the formal orders are received amending the FRs. (Please see last para of the enclosure).  In case of any doubt, the Chief Engineer, CSIR, may kindly be consulted in the matter.

(No.28(1)85-Engg, dated 15-6-87)

(16.3.2) Sub: Recovery of License Fee for Leased Accommodation.

 I am directed to refer to OM No. 12035(1)185-Pol.II (Vol. III) dated 1st June,  1987 from the Ministry of Urban Development (Directorate of Estates), Govt. of India, regarding fixation of flat rate of licence fee for residential accommodation under Central Government and to state that a question has arisen as to how to fix the licence fee for the leased accommodation.

The matter has been referred to the Directorate of Estates and Ministry of Finance for requisite clarification. It has, however, been decided that pending receipt of such clarification the recovery on account of licence fee for the leased accommodation may be made from Council employees C& 10% of the emoluments based on the pre-revised scales of pay.

(No.26(80)/85-Engg, dated :30-9-1998)

(16.3.3) Sub: Recovery of License fee for leased accommodation.

Reference this office letter of even number dated 30- 9-88 wherein decision was communicated that pending receipt of clarification from the Directorate of Estates, New Delhi, the recovery of licence fee for the leased accommodation may be made from the Council employees C& 1 0% of the emoluments based on the pre-revised scales of pay.

The Directorate of Estates, Ministry of Urban Development, New Delhi have now clarified that the flat rate of licence fee is not applicable in respect of leased/ hired accommodation; and that when an officer is provided ' with a leased/requisitioned accommodation, the licence fee is to be recovered in accordance with the instructions contained in F.R.45.A-III and F.R.45.A (IV).

You are therefore, requested kindly to charge the licence fee in respect of leased accommodation, accordingly.

(No.26(80)/85-Engg, dated 23/2/90)

(16.3.4)Sub : Charging of License fee from the allottees of Scientist- Apartments.

We have been receiving queries from some of the Labs./lnstts. regarding the rates of Licence Fee recoverable from the allottees of Scientist-Apartments.  It is clarified that the license fee recoverable from the allottees is as under:-

1.       Single roomed Scientist-Apartment covering area from            Rs.651-P.M.

          21.05 to 30.00 Sq.Mtr.

2.       Single roomed Scientist-Apartment covering area 30.5 to         Rs.90/-P.M.


3.       Double roomed Scientist Apartment covering area 47.05 to        Rs. 1251-P.M.


(No.28(137)/95-Engg, dated 28-11-1989)

(16.3.5)     Sub : Recovery of Water & Electricity charges from the Occupants of Scientist- Apartments at Maharani Bagh.

The question regarding recovery of Water & Electricity charges from the allottees of Scientist-Apartments at Maharani Bagh, New Delhi has been under consideration of the C.S.I.R. It has now been decided that the recovery of water charges may be made at a flat rate of Rs. 10/- (Rs.Ten only) from the allottees of one-roomed, two-roomed Scientist- Apartments and electricity charges on the basis of actual consumption.  The recovery is to be effected from the date of occupation of Scientist- Apartment.  In this connection, the following guidelines may kindly be adhered to:-

1.       Every allotment letter indicating the rate of water charges may be endorsed to Maintenance Engineering Maharani Bagh and Engineering Services Division in future, and before relieving the Scientist/ occupant, clearance certificate from Maintenance Engineer, Maharani Bagh may be insisted to ensure that fittings are in proper condition, and meter readings are noted/ sent to the Lab.

2.       Maintenance Engineer, Maharani Bagh would ensure that meter reading is taken and the tarrif calculated at prevalent rates in the vicinity and the recovery for power consumption sent to the Lab., to enable them to do the needful.  He may do it every month.

3.       General Section, CSIR may also ensure the recovery of water charges and the electricity charges based on Meter reading from the occupant of essential staff quarters and No demand certificate may only be signed after such clearance before the occupant is relieved.

(No.28(137)/85-Engg./Pt.II, dated 13-8-90)

(16.3.6)   Sub : Charging of license Yee from the allottees of Scientist Apartments.

Kind attention is drawn to Govt. of India, Directorate of Estates, New Delhi O.M.No.18011/13/69/Pol.III  dt. 28-6-91 endorsed to all Labs./lnstts. vide letter No.28(1)/85- Engg. dt. 10- 10-91 wherein orders for revision of flat rates of license fee for Residential accommodation under central Govt. all over the country are to be recovered.  On the same analogy it has been decided that the revised license fee from the allottees of Scientist Apartments may also be recovered w.e.f. 1-7-90 as under:

1 .   Single roomed Sc.Aptts. covering area from            Rs.85/- P.M.

      21.5 to 30

2.    Single roomed Sc.Aptts. covering area 30.5             Rs. 120/-P.M.

       to 39.05

3 .    Double roomed Sc.Aptts. covering area 47.05          Rs. 165/-P.M

        to 60.00

(No. 28/137/85-Engg.  Pt.II, dated 25-11-1991).

(16.3.7) Sub : Allotment of Scientists Apartments- Norms therefore.

I am directed to refer to various communications resting with this office letter No.6(21)11/90-Genl. dated 21-1-1991 on the subject cited above and to inform you that in supersession of all previous orders on the subject, the DG,CSIR has been pleased to approve the revised norms for eligibility as well as priority date for allotment of scientist apartments as follows :-

A.      Eligibility for scientist apartments

The scientist apartments may be allotted in order of preference as follows


(a) Scientists in Group IV

(b)        Scientists appointed under the Quick Hire Scheme.

(c)        Emeritus Scientists/Research Associates/ Research Fellows/ Pool officers.

(d)        Technical Officers (A & above)

(e)        Officers of the level of Section Officers and above from non-technical cadre.

II. The Labs. may also keep a few scientist apartments earmarked for accommodating short term visiting scientists either from universities or industries or otherwise under any mobility scheme in consultation with their MCs.

B.      Priority date for allotment

(i)     The priority date for one roomed & two roomed scientists apartments would remain the same as notified vide CSIR letter No.6(21)II/90-Genl. dated 21 st Jan.91 as follows

"The priority date for allotment of scientist apartments may be earliest date on which the scientists are appointed to Group IV positions.  Every year the priority list may be drawn on this basis.  The double room or single room apartments may be allotted to the scientists as per their positions in the priority list - those who may be senior in the priority list may be given double room apartments and the remaining may be given single room apartments depending upon availability".  Similarly the station seniority will be the criteria for considering applications for categories (b), (c), (d) & (e) in Para A-I.

(ii)      Regular scientists and those appointed under Quick Hire Scheme and drawing Rs.37001- and above will be eligible for three-roomed scientist apartments.  Their priority date will be the earliest date from which they started drawing Rs.3700/-. In case 3-roomed scientist apartments remain vacant, these may be allotted in accordance with the order of preference as in A-1 & priority date as in B (i).

C. General

1) Scientists who are allotted scientist apartments may apply for regular accommodation according to  their eligibility and priority date under the CSIR Allotment Rules.

2)  Scientist apartments may be constructed in the following broad ratio, depending upon locaI requirements:-

One roomed                Two roomed               Three roomed

          20                       60                             20

It is requested that the above norms may kindly be brought to the notice of all the concerned officers in your Lab./Instt.

(No. 28(137)85-Engg, dated 24th March, 1992)

(16.3.8)Sub : Charging of Licence Fee for Five Roomed Sci.  Aptts, at Maharani Bagh, New Delhi.

DGSIR in consultation with F.A. has been pleased to approve the charging of licence fee for five roomed units of Maharani Bagh, Sci.  Apartments @ 425/-P.M. (Rs.  Four hundred twenty five only) per month.

The recovery of Elect. and Water charges will be extra as per rules.

 (No.28/141/93-Engg, dated 1/9/93)

(16.3.9) Sub :Revision of tariff for Guest Houses in CSIR and its National Laboratories/ Institutes.

The question of revision of tariff for Guest Houses in CSIR and its National Labs./lnstts. has been under consideration of Committee constituted by DG,CSIR for some time. Based on the recommendations of this Committee, DG, CSIR has been pleased to decide as under :-

(1)     The existing rates for CSIR officials using Guest House facility either on duty or on leave would continue.

(2)     The rates for other non-CSIR officials using Guest House facility on their visits to various CSIR Labs./ Instts. in connection with specific CSIR business, would also remain unchanged.

(3)     The Directors of concerned Labs./ Instts. and their Management Committees would, however, be at liberty to revise the tariff for all other categories of Guests requiring CSIR Guest House facility.

(No. 15(8)/90-Gen. dated 31-12-1993)

(16.3.10)  Sub: Allotment Rules -Cancellation of Allotment of Quarters and Charging of Penal License Fee reg.

Of late it has come to our notice that the staff quarters allotted to the staff members are being cancelled by the Instt./Lab. based on the report of the fact finding/surprise check committee without issue of show cause notice to such allottees who have contravened the Allotment Rules.  It has been decided that in future no staff quarter should be cancelled without giving show cause notice to the such defaulting staff members.  Decision to cancel the allotment of staff quarter and/or charging penal license fee should be taken after disposal of the representation, if any, submitted by the defaulting staff members by passing speaking order in the matter by the Competent Authority.

The above instructions may please be noted for strict compliance.

(No. 126/84-Engg. (P.II), dated 6th July, 1994)

(16.3.11 )Sub: Charging Licence Fee from the Allottees of Scientists Apartments,, Hostels/ Hotels Suits.

Reference CSIR Circulars No.28/137/85-Engg. PT.II dated 25.11.91 and No.28/127/83-Engg. dated 24.11.93 intimating recovery of licence fee on the basis of covered (covering) area.  The matter whether licence fee should be charged based on the "Living Area" in accordance with the formula given in Annexure - 11 attached with Government of India O.M. No.12035(1)/85-Pol.II (Vol.III) dated 1st June, 1987 circulated to the Laboratories/ Institutes vide CSIR circular No.28(1)185-Engg. dated 15.6.87 or on the basis of covered (covering) area as mentioned in the above two circulars has been under consideration and it has now been decided that the licence fee should be charged based on the living area.  Accordingly, the licence fee in respect of the Scientists Apartments/ Hostels should be charged as follows:-

1.           Single Room Scientist Apartments/ Hotels with living area                :Rs.85/- p.m.

               from 21.5 sqmts. to 30 sqmts.

2.           Single/ Double Room Scientist Apartments with living area               :Rs. 1201-p.m.

               exceeding 30 sqmts. but below 40 sqmts.

3.           Double three Room Scientist Apartments with living area from          :Rs. 165/-p.m

               40 sqmts. to 60 sqmts.

4.           Three Room Scientist Apartments with living area above 60             :Rs.250/-p.m


The recovery of electricity and water charges shall be extra as per rules.

(CSIR Letter No.28/90/79-Engg, dated 31.10.1995)

(16.3.12) Reference this office circular of even number dated 3]st October, 1995.  The description at S.No.2of the circular may be read as under:-

Existing                                                 Revised

Single/Double Room Scientist                      Single/Double Room

Apartments..............................                Scientist Apartments/Hostels    ..........................

(CSIR letter No.28/90/79-Engg, dated 1- 11- 1995)

(16.3.13) Sub: Charging of Licence Fee from the Allottees of Scientist Apartments, Hostels/Hostels Suite.

Reference this office circulars of even number dated 31-10-95 and 1-11-95.  The provisions contained therein shall be effective with retrospective effect from 1-7-90.

(CSIR letter No.28/90/79-Engg, dated 6-12-95)

(16.4)     Other Miscellaneous Orders

(16.4.1) Sub : Fixation of rent of accommodation occupied by Banks.

The question of adoption of uniform policy for fixation of License Fee in respect of accommodation occupied by Banks/Extension Counters in the National Laboratories was under active consideration of C.S.I.R.

The Director-General, SIR has now decided that the Banks/ Extension Counters which exclusively cater to the needs of the Labs./lnstts. and their employees may be charged standard License Fee, and other Banks/Extension Counters which admit members of the public also to have banking facilities may be charged market rent.

These orders are operative with effect from 1.4.1984 and the standard License Fee/Market rent may be calculated and intimated to the concerned banks for payment.

(No.25/20/76-Engg.II, dated 2-4-1984)

(16.4.2) Sub: Hiring of accommodation for Scientists coming from abroad*

The detailed terms and conditions of lease of strictly limited numbers of private houses for allotment to Scientists coming from abroad were under active consideration of CSIR and it has now been decided that:

(a)     The houses With covered area of 1200 sq.ft. with +- 10% variation may be hired for Sc.'F'/'E' in receipt of basic pay of Rs.1500/- or more and covered area of 850 sq.ft. with +/- 10% variation for Sc.'C' in receipt of basic pay of Rs. 11 00/- and above but less than Rs. 1500/-.

(b)     The agreement as per specimen attached will be executed by CSIR and land lord.

(c)     Houses will be alloted to the Scientist concerned after fulfilling the conditions of allotment.

(d)     As regards rent, each case will be referred to the Financial Adviser CSIR and a decision will be taken on merit.

(e)     No house will be hired for the India based Scientists or Scientists returning from abroad without the permission of CSIR,

(f)      The draft lease deed to be executed with landlord is also attached.

(No.26/62/83-Engg, dated 18-5-84)


This Lease Deed executed today the -------- - ---------- - ---- day of 19 between being the landlord hereinafter called the Leaser and the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Rafi Marg, New Delhi hereinafter called the Lessee.

Whereas the Leaser is the absolute owner of building at more particularly described and detailed in the site plan attached.

AND WHEREAS the Lessee has agreed to take on lease and the leaser has agreed to give on lease the said premises more fully shown and delineated in the plan annexed for a period of years on a monthly rent of Rs.  _________________________ (only).

Now, therefore, this Lease Deed witnesseth as under:

1 .        That the, demised premises comprises of______________________________________ surrounded by _____________________________________________.

2.    That the monthly rent of Rs.___________________________________ shall be paid by cheque month by month on receipt of a pre-receipted bill from the Leaser or his authorised agent.

3.     No payment shall be recognised without a valid receipt issued by the Leaser or its authorised agent.

4.         That for the present the Lease period has been fixed for_________________ years  with effect from ___________________________ with an option of extension for a further period ________________________ years.

5.    That the building is quite fit for habitation on all counts and in all respects fully equipped with all necessities and all amenities and after the period of lease as stated in clause 4 is over, it shall be returnable to the landlord in substantially the same condition.

6.    That the Lessee will not sublet the premises either partially or wholly,

7.    That the Lessee shall be at liberty to put up wooden/ steel temporary structures inside/outside the demised premises to meet its requirement.

8.    That the Lessee shall not put - up any permanent structure without the specific written consent of the Leaser.

9.    That the Leaser or his authorised agent shall have the right of free access to the demised premises.

10.     That after the extended period of option the Leasee still desires to remain in possession then fresh lease my be settled between the parties.

11. That the Leasee shall keep the demised premises and fittings and fixtures in good condition.

12.     That the Lesser will at his own cost keep the demised premises including electrical and sanitary installation in good repair and habitable condition and will, in particular repair at such time as the Lessee may require to make such repairs as may be necessary by natural wear and tear or by act of God.

(16.4.3) Sub : Allotment of staff quarters-undertaking to be obtained from the Licenses.

In continuation of this office letter of even number dated 30th May, 1986, I am directed to state that in order to safeguard the Council's interest against unauthorised occupation of Council accommodation by an employee after its cancellation or otherwise on ceasing to be entitled to retain the same, the DG-CSIR has been pleased to approve that an Undertaking may be obtained from all Council employees to the effect that they would vacate the staff quarters on the determination of license for any reason whatsoever failing which-they will be liable to pay the penal license fee as also authorising the CSIR to withhold the DCRG and leave encashment etc. till they vacate the quarter.  A specimen copy of the Undertaking is enclosed.

It is, therefore, requested that the enclosed Undertaking may kindly be obtained from all employees in occupation of Council accommodation and it may be invariably done whenever CSIR accommodation is allotted to an employee or any change in the residence is effected.

(No.2(83)P.P.U.O./Law, dated 22nd July, 1986)

Undertaking to be Signed by a CSIR Employee at the Time of Allotment of Staff Quarter

Ref : Allotment letter No.                                               Dated

I hereby undertake to abide by CSIR Rules for Allotment of Staff Quarters; as amended from time to time.

2.     I further undertake to vacate the staff quarter on the determination of license for any reason whatsoever, failing which 1 shall be liable to pay the penal license fee as provided under the Rules, which may be recovered from my salary or any other dues including DCRG & Leave encashment & other pensionary benefits.

3.     I hereby authorise CSIR to withhold my DCRG and Leave Encashment tilt 1 vacate the staff quarter allotted to me on determination of the license for any reason whatsoever.

4.     I am giving this Undertaking of my free will without any correction & knowing fully well the consequences.

Signature of the Employee



(16.4.4) Sub : Reservation of Accommodation for Transferable Staff.

Reference CFRI letter NO.AO (SG)/CFRI/87 dated 5-4- 1987 on the above noted subject.  In accordance with the existing instructions communicated vide CSIR circular letter of even number dated 16-3-1984, Administrative Officers and Finance & Accounts Officers being transferable staff, are entitled for out of turn allotment of staff quarters.  In some Labs./Instts., more than one Administrative Officers/ Finance & Accounts Officer have been appointed.  Since the facility of out of turn allotment of staff quarter has been extended to Administrative Officers/Finance & Accounts Officer in the exigency of official work and because of the nature of duties performed by them, it will neither be possible nor desirable to differentiate between one Administrative Officer/ Finance & Accounts Officer and another.

It is, therefore, clarified that all Administrative Officers/ Finance & Accounts Officers may be made entitled to out of turn allotment of quarter and this facility may not be restricted to only one Administrative Officer/Finance & Accounts Officer in a Laboratory/ Instts.

(No.28/84/79-Engg.Pt.II, dated 11-6-1987)

(16.4.5) Sub: Hiring of Houses - Fixation of Parameters

The Director General, CSIR, had constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. G. Thyagarajan to fix parameters for hiring of houses by the Labs./Instts, The Committee made the following recommendations for providing austere accommodation at least at par with the Scientists Apartments constructed by the CSIR :

a)    Hiring of houses generally will be restricted to cover scientists in Group IV (upto 20 % of satisfaction in Group IV).

b)    The hiring of accommodation may also be permitted in the following 11 places, for all categories of staff, with a view to ensure that a minimum satisfaction upto 20% is achieved in each Lab./Centre/Complex located there: i.e. Bangalore, Chandigarh, Cochin, Ghaziabad, Goa, Hyderab&d, Khurja, Lucknow, Naroda, New Delhi, Palampur.

c)    Hiring can also be undertaken in other special cases for attracting brilliant Scientists for carrying out research in priority or nationally important areas as well as houses for hostel accommodation for younger researchers.  This may be limited to 5 cases in each Lab.

       d)  The scale of accommodation to be hired will be limited to the extent being provided in the Scientists Apartment being constructed by the Engineering Services Division of CSIR for Various National Labs./Instts.

       e)  The rent payable for these houses will be decided taking into account the local factors for fixation of rent etc.  The licence fee recovery from the employees may be made as per normal rules.

f)     The sanctioning authority will be the Director of the Lab./Instt., without reference to CSIR.

g)    Expenditure on hiring of these houses will be met from the sanctioned grant of the Lab./Instt. and no additional funds will be provided by CSIR for this purpose.

h)    As soon as CSIR accommodation at a particular place is ready, the tenancy of private houses will be terminated.

The DG-CSIR has been pleased to approve of the above recommendations of the Thyagarajan Committee for implementation by the Labs./Instts. in modification of this office letter No. 26(62)83-Engg. dated 18-5-84 excepting Clause (b) & (c) thereof.  He has further approved the following guidelines to consider and assess the fair rent and hiring of one single house for the allotment to more than one Scientist/Research Fellow, etc.

(a)      There should be a Committee constituted by the Director of the Lab. to consider and assess the fair rent.  There should be only one Committee for all the Labs. in one city to assess the fair rent.  This Committee can include the representatives of all the Directors in that particular place.  In Delhi, the Hqrs. representative may also be included.  The Director of the largest Lab. may constitute the Committee in consultation with other Directors.

(b)      It would be permissible to hire one single house and allot it to more than one Scientist/Visiting Scientist/ Research Fellow, etc.  The scale for each should not exceed the one as mentioned in (d) above.  Hostel Accommodation could be provided to young Scientists.

(No.26(62)83-Engg, dated 11th Feb.,88),

(16.4.6)    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

A meeting of the Heads of the following Institutions was held on Wednesday the 24th February 1988 to discuss about the utilisation of Scientist Apartments at Maharani Bagh as well as to consider ways and means to achieve 20% satisfaction level for provision of residential accommodation to Scientists:

1 .  Dr.Ram K.Iyengar, ADG, CSIR

2.   Dr.S.K.Joshi, Director, NPL

3 .  Dr.M.P.Dhir, Director, CRRI

4.   Dr.Ashok Jain, Director, NISTADS

5.   Dr.A.P.Joshi, SIC, CFB

6.   Sh.S.K.Bhattacharya, Scientist, INSDOC

7.   Sh.S.S.Saxena, Scientist, PID

8. Sh.S.Jayaraman, Supdt.  Engr.  ESD

The following decisions were taken :

1.       Each Head of the Institution will be given a discretionary quota of four single room apartments and one double room apartment in the Maharani Bagh.  These will preferably be used in encouraging mobility and short term visits of scientists connected with the respective Institutions.

2.     With respect to pool accommodation it was agreed to form two common pool groups : one group will comprise NPL, NISTADS and PID and the other group will comprise CRRI, INSDOC and CFB.  Each of the group is allotted 21 single room and 7 double room apartments at Maharani Bagh.  Distribution of these apartments will be decided by the members of the respective group.

3.     Regarding augmentation of residential accommodation by hiring dwelling units in Delhi.  It was decided to have the following rent ceiling as guidelines for Heads of the Institutions who could hire dwelling units to reach 20% satisfaction level as mentioned in CSIR letter No. 26(62)/83 -Engg. dated 11th February 1988.

                 Two bed room dwelling unit                        Rs.2500/-

                 One bed room dwelling unit                         Rs.1500/-

                 Single room dwelling unit                            Rs. 1000/-

For each additional dwelling room attached to an apartment, a ceiling of Rs. 1000/- should be maintained per room.

The Heads of the Institutions would follow the guidelines given in the CSIR letter No.26(62)83-Engg. dated 11th February, 1988.

The decision arrived at this meeting is in conformity with the above circular.

With respect to hiring of accommodation for the Heads of the Institutions, the circular No.F. 1 (11)-E.II(A)/85 dated 15th December 1987 of the Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure), Govt. of India, may be used.   

(16.4.7)  Reference NPL D.O. Letter No. 16/51/89-Gen dated 16th Aug. 1989 regarding bank guarantee in lieu of with holding the amount of DCRG & Leave Encashment for the purpose of retention of the house on retirement of an officer for the period of 4/8 months.

It has been decided that in case of officers who are retiring from Council's service and are retaining the Council's accommodation, we may have no objection to their submitting a bank guarantee from a nationalised bank equivalent to the amount of DCRG & Leave Encashment, in lieu of with holding the amount in question.  In case the quarter is not vacated by the officer within the specified period of 4/8 months, the bank guarantee will be enforced immediately in favour of the Lab.

A draft of the bank guarantee sent along with your letter has been vetted by the Legal Adviser and slightly amended, a copy of which is enclosed for your taking further necessary action.

A formal communication in this regard will follow separately.

(D.O.No.2(83)PPEUO/83-Law, dated 31st August, 1989)


The Director



In consideration of your agreeing to pay (Name of employee)____________________of your Lab./lnstt. who has retired on ____________________,  a sum of Rs.___________towards gratuity and/or leave encashment due to him as retirement benefits, we (Name of the Bank)________________________ hereby guarantee to pay to you upto a sum of Rs. __________ (Rupees)_______________________________in case the aforesaid __________________________ does not vacate the Quarter/ Flat No._______which is in the occupation of__________________________ being the bonafide allottee of the above Quarter/Flat, upto _________________.

The guarantee is irrevocable and shall not be revoked without your authorised officer.'s written consent.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein before, our liability under this guarantee is restricted to Rs._______________________ (Rupees___________________________) and shall remain in force till _____________________________________. However, if _________________________________vacates the quarter/Flat on or before_____________________. You will instruct us____________   in writing to revoke the guarantee in favour of ________________________. In case ______________________ does not vacate the Quarter/Flat on or before_____________________  the guarantee will immediately be enforced in your favour.


Nationalised Bank


(16.4.8) Sub:  Payment of HRA for stay in Hostel/ Guest Houses/ Transit Accommodation.

As per para 4(b) of Ministry of Finance O.M. No.F.2(37)/E.II (B)164 dated 27-11-1965 as amended from time to time, House Rent Allowance shall not be admissible to those Govt. servants who occupy accommodation provided by Govt. or those to whom accommodation has been offered by Govt. but who have refused it.  A question has been raised whether HRA can be paid in cases where the CSIR employees stay in Guest Houses/ Hostel/transit accommodation and room is shared by more than one person.

The matter has been carefully considered in consultation with Min. of Finance and it is hereby clarified that CSIR employees staying in guest houses/hostel/transit accommodation at the place of their Hqrs. are not eligible for HRA.

The cases for payment of HRA may, therefore, kindly be reviewed accordingly.

 (No. 1(20)/92-Finance, dated. 15-9-92)

(16.4.9) On the recommendation of the Guest House steering Committee, the Joint Secretary (Admn.) has been pleased to approve the following guidelines with regard to allotment of accommodation in CSIR Vigyan Kendra and Maharani bagh Guest Houses :

(i)      Accommodation will be provided to Directors (serving and retired) of Laboratories, on first come first served basis, and subject to availability of accommodation.  Those desirous of having accommodation are requested to give advance intimation in writing to the Managers of the Guest Houses.  Accommodation for families will be provided subject to availability, and not necessarily according to choice.

(ii)     In certain special circumstances. experts and non-CSIR officials invited to attend CSIR meetings may be accorded priority, with the approval of the competent authority.

(iii)    Accommodation will be available to Scientists and other officers of Labs. who have applied well in advance.

(iv)    In all other cases, accommodation will be provided with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(v)     Allotment of accommodation in Guest Houses shall be made by the respective Managers.  Such accommodation cannot be allotted by the Attendants on duty unless approved by the Competent Authority.

(vi)    Written requests for allotment should, as far as possible, be made during working hours.  Accommodation will be provided for a maximum period of one week, save in exceptional circumstances.

The above guidelines shall come into force with immediate effect.

(No. 15(8)/90-Gen, dated 19-4-1993)