(6.1. 1) Grant of Non-practicing allowance.

With the introduction of New Recruitment and Assessment Scheme w.e.f. 1-2-1981, the Medical Officers attached to the Clinical Centres of the various Laboratories/Institutes have also become eligible for assessment promotion.  A doubt has been raised whether the Medical Officers concerned would continue to draw the Non-practicing allowance even after their assessment to the next higher grade/grades under the said Scheme..

The matter has been considered in consultation with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and it has been decided that the Medical Officers working in the CSIR Labs./Instts. on their assessment to the scale of Rs. 1 100- 1600 would continue to draw Non-practising allowance at par with the Senior Class I Medical Officers in the Central Health Services at the following rates :-

          State          Pay                  N.P.A.

          1.          Rs. 1100/-          Rs.250/-

          2.          Rs. 11501-          Rs.250/-

          3.          Rs. 1200/-          Rs.250/-

          4.          Rs. 1250/-          Rs.300/-

          5.          Rs. 1300/-          Rs.300/-

(6.1.2) Grant of Non-Practicing Allowance to Veterinary Doctors

Some of the Labs./Instts. have sought clarification regarding grant of Non-practicing Allowance (NPA) to the scientists working in National Laboratories/Institutes in terms of Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Expenditure OM No. 1(30)/C/C6 dated 29-9-1988.

The matter has carefully been considered in consultation with Finance and it has not been found possible to extend the above orders to the scientists working in the National Laboratories/Institutes for the reasons that since they are neither holding the posts of Veterinary Doctors nor Veterinary although they may be possessing degree in Veterinary Science. Further NPA is permissible only to the practicing Veterinary Doctors for not doing the practice outside the normal duty hours.

(CSIR letter No. 14(6)/88-E.II, dated 24th May, 1990)

(6.1.3)      Allowances and facilities for civilian employees of the Central Government serving in N.E. Region Improvement there of.

Reference RRL, Jorhat letter No.RLJ-1(17)-Estt/84 Vol.III dated 31st July, 1984 on the above subject.  The matter has carefully been considered in consultation with the Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure) and it has been decided that the instructions contained in the Ministry of Finance O.M.No.20014/3/83-E.IV dated 14.12.1983 regarding payment of Special (Duty) Allowance would only be applicable to the common cadre staff viz. Administrative Officers (SG), Administrative Officers (Gr.1), Sr.  F&AOs (SG), SFAOs, FAOs, Section officers (General), Section Officer (F&A), Stores & Purchase Officer (Grade I, II and III) PS and SPAS.  Further all other categories of staff including Assistants (F&A) and Assistants (General) posted at the Laboratory would not qualify for the Special (Duty) Allowance irrespective of any consideration whether a clause regarding All-India Transfer Liability exists in their appointment orders or not.

(CSIR letter No. 14(29)/84-EII, dated September, 1984)

(6.1.4) Sea Duty Allowance for Scientists and Technicians on Board Research Vessels.

The question of grant of sea duty allowance for Scientists and Technicians on Board Research Vessels has been under consideration of the CSIR for sometime past.  This matter had come up before the Governing Body, CSIR, in its meetings held on 21st November, 1983 but was subsequently withdrawn on the advice of Member (Finance) for examination in the Ministry of Finance.  On the advice of Ministry of Finance who have examined this matter in detail, it has now been decided to grant Sea Duty Allowance to the Scientists and Technicians on Board Research Vessels on the following rates

Large Vessel (Above 17.5 M)

Officers/Staff in the Grade of Rs.550-900 and above                        Rs.200/-p.m.

Those below the above grade                        Rs. 150/-p.m.

Small Vessel (Above 17.SM and below)

Officers/Staff in the Grade of Rs.550-900 and above                        Rs. 150/-p.m.

Those below the above grade                        Rs.100/-p.m.

The above rates will be subject to the following conditions

a)         Monthly rates as mentioned above will be admissible only when the voyage in the high seas is for a minimum duration of 20 days a month.  If the voyage is less than 20 days a month, the sea duty allowance shall be reduced proportionately.

b)    The voyage programme should be drawn consistent with the endurance of each vessel and each voyage should be planned not less than 50% of the endurance of the respective vessel.  Voyages of less than 50% endurance will normally be excluded for the purpose of counting the total number of days for grant of Sea Duty Allowance except when the Vessel's hold is full or it has broken down beyond repairs and is towed to the Port.

2.         Sea Duty Allowance as mentioned above shall be admissible in addition to the 25% of daily allowance as would normally be admissible while going on tour to outstations.

3.         The above order will take effect from 9th May, 1985.  In respect of such cruises which had commenced before 9th May, 1985 but the vessels were still on high seas on the date, such allowance shall be admissible from the date of commencement of such cruises.

4.         The above allowance shall be admissible to the personnel going on Antarctica and similar other expeditions for the period during which they are north of 40 Degree S. latitude (Further South, they will be Governed by the special regulations as in force).

(CSIR letter No. 14(30)/84-E.H. dated, 2nd August, 1985)

(6.1.5)  Grant of house Rent Allowance and Compensatory (City) Allowance at old rates with respect to revised pay scales for the period 15.1.1986 to 30.9.1886.

In continuation of Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No. F.21011/5/85.E.II(B) dated 4.7.89 circulated vide CSIR endorsement No.31(24)188-G, dated 11.7.89 on the above mentioned subject, it is clarified that payment of arrears of HRA/CCA w.e.f. 15.1.1986 to 30.9.1986 in consideration of the O.M. referred to above may be made to the concerned staff (except those drawing pay of more than Rs. 1069/- in the pre-revised scale and drawing HRA on the basis of house rent receipt) as admissible based on the revised scales of pay but at the old rates restricted to the maximum ceilings as applicable on 1.1.86 (e.g. Rs. 160.35 maximum for 'A' class cities).  It is further added that HRA & CCA are not to be allowed on slab basis as the same had come into effect from 1. 10. 1986 and are not to be applied to the past cases i.e., from 15.1.1986 to 30.9.1986.

The case of employees drawing HRA on the basis of production of rent receipt prior to 1.10. 1986, HRA may be paid at the old rates but based on the revised scale of pay restricted to the maximum ceiling as applicable on 1. 1. 1986 (e.g. 15% of pay subject to a maximum of Rs.400/- per month for 'A' class cities).

The payment of HRA/CCA may kindly be regulated in light of the above clarification and recovery of over-payment on this account, if any, made under intimation to CSIR.

(CSIR letter No. 1(20)/77-Finance, dated 13th September, 1989)

(6.1.6)     Weight age of night duty - recommendations of the IV Pay Commission - regarding Governments decision thereon.

Reference this office circular of even number dated 13.6.1995 on the above subject.  References have been received by us from the Labs./Instts. seeking clarifications with regard to the conditions to be fulfilled for grant of the night duty weightage.

In this connection, it is hereby clarified that as also already stated in this office letter cited above, the weightage for the night duty is admissible subject to fulfillment of the conditions contained in the Govt. of India, DOPT OMs dated 4.10.1989 and 28.4.1992 (copies not printed)

It is requested that instructions/guidelines contained in the above cited Govt. of India DOPT OMs may Kindly be strictly followed while considering any proposal for grant of night duty weightage.

(CSIR letter No.4(212)/94-E.II, dated 12th July, 1994)

(6.1.7)     Weightage of night duty - recommendations of the IV Pay Commission - regarding Governments  decision thereon.

Reference CSIR circular No. 1(21)/92-Finance dated 5.11.1992 withdrawing the implementation of the GOI, DOPT O.M. numbers 12012/4/86-Estts. (Allowance) dated 4.10.1989 and 15017/5/91-Estt. (A) dated 28.4.1992. The matter has been reconsidered on the basis of the representation received from the Labs./lnstts.

On careful reconsideration of the matter, on the, basis of the required inputs obtained from Labs/Instts., DG, CSIR has been pleased to decide that the GOI orders regarding weightage for night duty contained in GOI orders regarding weightage for night duty contained in GOI-DOPT Office Memorandum dated 4.10.1989 and 28.4.1992 cited above may be implemented in CSIR.  Accordingly the CSIR staff will also now be entitled to weightage for night duty subject to fulfillment of the conditions stipulated by the GOI for being eligible for these benefit. -

The above decision having prospective effect may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned in your Lab./Instt. for their information, guidance and necessary action.

(CSIR letter No.4(212)/94-E.II, dated 13th June, 1995)

(6.1.8) Drivers - Entitlement of OTA etc.

Reference NBRI letter No. AO/Misc.1982 dated 11th October, 1982 on the above subject.  The Director General, SIR with the concurrence of Finance, has been please to accord approval to the extension of benefit of O.T.A. to the employees holding designation other than those of Drivers and possessing valid driving license and actually driving the vehicles on Sundays/Holidays in emergent circumstances.  Such staff may be allowed O.T.A. as admissible under the rules subject to normal ceiling of 1/3 of their emoluments in a month.

Efforts should however, be made to engage persons holding the designation of Drivers on duty on Sunday and/or holidays and detailing of Staff other than those of drivers may be resorted to in very rare and exception & circumstances.

(CSIR letter No. 14(13)/81 -E.II, dated 5th January, 1983)

(6.1.9) Payment of Overtime Allowance to the CSIR staff.

The question of eligibility for grant of O.T.A. in respect of non-entitled categories of staff has been under consideration of CSIR for some time past. Consequently, the whole matter was considered de novo by a Committee set up at the CSIR.  On the recommendation of this Committee, the Director- General, Scientific & Industrial Research has now been pleased to decide that in suppression of the previous orders on the above subject, the grant of overtime allowance to the non-gazetted categories of staff will be governed as per the guidelines stipulated in the Annexure 'A' subject to the condition that the instructions issued by Govt. of India from time to time, on grant of O.T.A. will be followed scrupulously by Laboratories/Institutes.  The Labs./Instts. may also kindly note that the extension of benefit of O.T.A. to some more categories of staff as indicates in these guidelines will not be used as a ground for upward revision of the ceiling fixed for O.T.A. for the Labs./Instts.

(CSIR letter No.31(26)81/E.II, dated 17th January, 1983.)

Annexure 'A'

Guidelines On Eligibility For Grant Of Overtime Allowance To The CSIR Staff

A.     Categories of staff entitled to the grant of O.T.A.

1 .    All Scientific &,Technical staff (except J.S.A.) right from the scale of Rs.196-232 upto the scale of Rs.425- 700 but those who are engaged on research work/experiments, irrespective of the time they devote to that work, will not be entitled to O.T.A.

2.     All categories of administrative staff which includes Stores and Purchase will continue to be governed by the Govt. of India orders issued from time to time.

B.     Categories of staff not entitled to the grant of O.T.A.

1. Field and Inspection staff which broadly covers the following in so far as the CSIR Labs./Instt. are concerned:-

1 .    Jr. Engineer (Civil/Sanitary/Plumbing)

2     Jr. Engineer (Horticulture)

3.       Jr. Engineer (Electrical)

4.       Garden Overseer

5.       Work Supervisor

6.       Sub-Overseer

7.       Garden Superintendent

8.       Work Mistry

9.       Plant Collector

10.     Field Assistant

11.     Field Man (Gr. 1 & II)

Besides the above categories, if there are any other field and/or inspection staff, they would also not be entitled to any Overtime Allowance.

2.     Other categories of staff mentioned in Rule 5 of the Scheme of O.T.A. as contained in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No. 15011/2/E.II(B)/76 dated 11th August, 1976 as reproduced in the booklet on "Overtime Allowance to Central Govt.  Employees" by Shri P. Muthuswamy, e.g. employees holding non-gazetted posts whose pay as defined in Fundamental Rules 9(21) (a) exceeds Rs. 750/- per month, person holding supervisory posts etc. and this includes all technical staff in the scale of Rs. 550-900 irrespective of the designations which may be deemed as supervisory in nature, for the limited purpose of O.T.A.

(6.1.10)  Grant of Nursing allowance, uniform allowance and Washing allowance to Nursing personnel clarification regarding.

Reference this office endorsement of even number dated 13.4.1992 forwarding therewith a copy of Government of India.  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi O.M. No.Z.28016/14/90-PMS dated 29th January, 1992 on the above subject.  The endorsement may be treated as with drawn as the above orders of Govt. of India are not applicable to the dispensaries of CSIR Labs/Instts.  This O.M. was endorsed inadvertently.

(CSIR letter No. 31(5)/91, dated 29th September. 1992)

(6.1.11) Payment of Interim Relief to the Contract Staff.

In consultation with Finance, that Govt. of India orders circulated vide OM No. F.(26)/EIII dated 27.9.93 granting Interim Relief are applicable to regular Central Government employees and not to contract workers.  As such, the contract workers are not entitled for the same.

(CSIR Letter No: 14/34/90-E.II, dated 18.3.1994)