Foreign Service

12.1 Delegation of Powers

Appointments on foreign service terms.

It has been decided that as appointments on foreign service terms of persons from outside in C.S.I,R. or of C.S.I.R. staff in outside organisations involve long term obligations beyond normal service conditions, prior approval of Director-General, Scientific & Industrial Research may kindly be obtained in all cases of appointments on foreign service in C.S.I.R. or deputation on foreign service outside C.S.I.R.

(CSIR letter No.33(1)/66-E.I., dated, the 20th May, 1968)

(11.7.1) Delegation of powers to Heads/Directors of National Labs./Institutes/Organisations.

In continuation of CSIR letter No.3(1)69-CTE dt. 20th November, 1969 on the above subject, I am directed to state that in accordance with Bye-Law 80 of the CSIR, the DGSIR with the permission of the Vice-President, CSIR has been pleased to delegate to Heads/Directors of National Labs./Instts Organisations the power to permit their officers and staff upto Scientist-B and other officers of corresponding ranks except all India cadre posts on the administrative side to accept posts in outside departments either on foreign service terms or by retention of their lien as the case may be.

However, all cases of appointments of outsiders on foreign service terms in the National Labs./Instts. of the CSIR will continue to be referred to the Central Office as in their cases, liability towards payment of leave salary and pension contribution will be involved on the part of the CSIR.

(CSIR letter No.3(1)/69-CTE, dated, the 12th June, 1970)

(12.2) Payment of Leave Salary/Pension contribution


(12.2.1) Appointment of Central Govt. servants in the CSIR.


The question of payment of leave salary and pension contributions in respect appointed in the CSIR under the provisions of Ministry of Home Affairs O.M.No.70/62/62-Ests(A) dated 22.1 1966, has been under consideration of Council, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.


It has been decided that, in respect of all the Central Govt. servants appointed in the CSIR against scientific, technical and administrative posts, under the provisions of Ministry of Home Affairs OM. dated 22.1.1966, the leave salary and pension contributions will be paid to the Govt. from the Funds of the CSIR.


(CSIR letter No.8(204)6/65-E.I, dated, the 6th April, 1971)


(12.2.2) Payment of leave salary and pension contribution in respect of persons belonging to sister Autonomous Organisations on their appointment under the Council


With reference to your letter No. 2-12167-Reorg(Adm) dated 31st August/3rd September, 1973 on the subject cited above I am directed to state that the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research will have no objection to bear the leave salary and pension contributions in the event of appointment of an employee of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research, in the CSIR by way of open competition, as a reciprocal arrangement, under the provisions of Ministry of Home Affairs O.M. No.70162162-Ests(A) dated 22.1.1966.


(CSIR letter No. 17/62/73-E.II., the dated, 8th April, 1975 addressed to the Secretary, Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

(12.3)    Absorption of staff on Foreign Service.


(12.3.1)  In the CSIR establishments there are some scientific, technical; administrative and other staff appointed on foreign service terms on loan from the Central and State Governments for specified periods.  These members of the staff, after certain Periods are considered for permanent absorption against permanent posts in the CSIR establishments.  Before considering permanent absorption of such staff who are on foreign service terms with the CSIR, it is necessary that all records pertaining to their past service, confidential rolls and personal files should be obtained from their parent departments and carefully scrutinised.  Some of these posts may be of 'local cadres' in the laboratories but permanent absorption of such incumbents on foreign service against any Post under the CSIR should be made with the approval of the Director-General, Scientific & Industrial Research after furnishing necessary documents in respect of their service as indicated above.  This may kindly be followed. 

(CSIR letter No. 16(98)/66-E.I., dated, the 9th Dec., 1966) 

(12.3.2) Carry forward leave by Govt. servants on their permanent absorption in the CSIR.

 It is clarified after consultation with the F.A. to CSIR that in the cases of Government servants permanently absorbed in the CSIR service in public interest before 16.6.1967 who are allowed the benefit of carry forward of leave in terms of this office letter No.3(295)/68-E.III dated 14.6.1971, no recovery of leave salary towards such leave will need to be made from their respective Government Departments.

 (CSIR letter No.3(295)/68-E.IH, dated, the 16th Feb., 1972)

(12.3.3) Absorption of Central Government servants in public Enterprises.

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of letter No.1/12/73 dated 13th February, 1973 from.  Shri J.S. Mathur, Deputy Director(Codes), Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi to all the Accountants General for information and future guidance in such cases.

     (CSIR letter No.7(36)1/56-E.II(Vol.II), dated, the 28th April, 1975)

 (12.3.4) Absorption of Central Government servants in public Enterprises.

 In accordance with the provisions of Rule 37 of the Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1972, a Govt.  Servant is deemed to have retired from the service from the date on which he is absorbed in or under a body controlled or financed by the Govt.  The contributions recovered from the Foreign Employer beyond the date of absorption of the Govt.  Servants do not therefore, fall under the purview of F.R. 1 15.  The contributions recovered beyond the date of permanent absorption should, therefore, be refunded to the Foreign employer.  It is requested that requisite steps may please be taken to refund the Foreign Service contributions to the Foreign Employers wherever such recoveries have been made in excess.

 (Copy of letter No.96-Codes/1/12-73, dated, dated, 13th Feb., 1973 from J.S. Mathur, Deputy Director (Codes) Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi to all the Accountants General etc.}