Management/ Research Councils

(19) Management/ Research Councils

 (19.1.1) Working of the Executive Committees of National Laboratories/Institutes.

 Consequent upon the introduction of revised Rules and regulations with effect from 10.8,1973, The Executive Councils in Laboratories/Institutes have been replaced by Executive Committees.  According to Rule 71 of the Rules & Regulations of CSIR, the Executive Committees of the National Laboratories/Institutes are responsible for the control and general direction of the Laboratory with in the frame work of the Rules & Regulations and directives issued from time to time by the Governing Body /Society. For efficient functioning of Executive Committees and in order to have meaningful interaction between the Laboratories and the CSIR Headquarters, the following guidelines are laid down:- 

  1. In accordance with Rule 74, the Governing Body or Director-General as its Principal Executive Officer may review/amend any of the decisions of the Executive Committees, and pass such orders as considered necessary, which shall be binding on the Executive Committees.  He is also a permanent invites for the meeting of the Executive Committees.  Whether he is able to attend a meeting or send his representative, it is necessary to put forward the considered views of the Headquarters on various items of Agenda.  This means that agenda papers should be received sufficiently in advance. Twelve copies of the agenda for the meetings of the Executive Committees may please be sent at least 15 days in advance to the CSIR Headquarters so that the views of DG-CSIR and Headquarters, if any, are made available to the Executive Committees before the meetings.
  2. The Agenda for the meeting of the Executive Committees may be drawn up in three parts, viz
    1. items which are within the competence of the Executive Committee and within the sanctioned budget estimates.
    2. items which require approval of Director- General / Vice-President and or reference to Finance or other Ministries/authorities.
    3. items for information.
  3. Proposals for creation of non-technical posts may please be discussed with CSIR Headquarters before they are placed before the Executive Committee.
  4. Proposals for creation of posts of Scientist 'E' and 'F' may be discussed by the Director with the DGSIR before they are placed before the Executive Committee.
  5. In order to have uniformity in the various Laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR, proposals regarding new designations, changes in designations /conversion of posts may also be discussed with the CSIR Headquarters before these are placed before the Executive Committee.
  6. It would be appreciated that mention about the proposals at 3,4*and 5 having been discussed be invariably made in agenda note.
  7. Twelve copies of the final proceedings of the meetings of the Executive Committee may be, sent to CSIR. 
  8. The Director of the Laboratory/Institute as Chairman of the Executive Committee will approve of the proceeding of the meetings of the Executive Committees.  However, according to Rule 74, the decisions of the Executive Committee may be reviewed/amended by the DGSIR if nothing is heard from the DGSIR within a fortnight after the receipt of the proceedings in the CSIR, it may be assumed that the DGSIR has no comments to make.  While action to implement the decisions of the Executive Committee may be taken, items requiring the approval of the higher authorities should be referred to CSIR Headquarters separately.
  9. Administrative Officer of the Laboratory will be held personally responsible for the proper observation of the above instructions.
  10. In the internalised set up of the Laboratories, the DG-CSIR expects the Administrative Officer/Accounts Officer to guide and advise the Director on administrative and financial matters properly.
  11. Instructions regarding working of the Executive Councils already issued from time to time may also be kept in view.

 (CSIR letter No.5/1/70-CTE, dated, 9th Jan., 1974)

(19.1.2) Working of the Executive Committees of National Laboratories/Institutes.

 Reference para 8 of this office letter No.511/70-CTE dated 9th January, 1974 on the above subject which inter-alia states "If nothing is heard from the DG-CSIR within a fortnight after the receipt of the proceedings in the CSIR it may be assumed that the DG-CSIR has no comments to make."

While every effort is made to see that the proceedings of the meeting of the Executive Committees are reviewed within the stipulated time and observations communicated to the Laboratory concerned, it has not been possible to adhere to the above schedule in many cases for the simple reason that complete Agenda papers are not received in time.  It has been observed that the supplementary items are placed before the Executive Committees on the table, copies of which are usually not forwarded to the CSIR.  Agenda Notes on the Supplementary items have to be called for from the Laboratory concerned on receipt of the Proceedings and hence the delay in reviewing the same.

 In view of the position explained above it has been decided that the words 'a fortnight' occurring in line seven of para 8 of our letter dated 9.1.1974 referred to above may be substituted with the words 'a month'.  While every effort will be made to communicate comments on the Proceedings as expeditiously as possible, it will be appreciated if the National Laboratories/Institutes could kindly ensure that complete papers are sent to the CSIR in time.

 (CSIR letter No.5/1/70-CTE, dated, 16th Jan., 1975)

(19.1.3) Working of the Executive Committees of National Laboratories/Institutes.

 I am to invite your attention to para-1 of this office letter No.5/1/70-CIE. Dated 9.1.1974 on the above subject wherein it was required that 12 copies of Agenda for the meetings of the Executive Committees, should be sent to this office at least 15 days in advance so that the views of the DG-CSIR, if any, are made available to the Executive Committees before the meetings.

 It has, however, been observed for some time past that certain Laboratories/Institutes are not strictly adhering to these instructions inasmuch as that Agendas were received in this office 3 to 4 days in advance of the meetings with the result that the CSIR was either unable to send its comments or had to do the last minute hurry in communicating its comments by telegram.  It has been also observed that supplementary items sometimes exceeded the original agenda and only one copy thereof is sent to this office at the last minute or are placed on the table.  This leaves no room for the CSIR to examine and send its comments before the meetings of the Executive Committees.

 It will therefore be very much appreciated if you could kindly ensure that 12 copies of agenda papers for the meetings of the Executive Committees etc. are sent to CSIR Headquarters, sufficiently in advance in future so as to reach this office minimum 15 days in advance of the meetings so that the items could be properly examined and comments, If any, sent.  It may also please be ensured that supplementary items should as far as possible be avoided and if it becomes necessary and unavoidable, barest minimum items may only be placed before the Executive Committee and 12 copies of such items should also be sent to this office well in advance of the meetings of the Executive Committees.

 (CSIR letter No.5(12)/76-CTE.. dated. 4th Oct., 1976)

(19.1.4)  Meeting of the Research Councils.

 Some of the Labs/Instts. have been making inquiries as to the number of meetings of Research Council to be held in a year.  It is clarified that the Research Councils shall meet not less than two times in a calendar year. 

(CSIR letter No.8(1)/88-CTE., dated, 19th August, 1988)

(19.1.5) Functioning of Management Councils/Research Councils - Agenda for Management Council/Research Council meetings. 
  1. CSIR has been, from time to time, stressing upon the Laboratories/Institutes to ensure timely submission of agenda papers for the meetings of Management Councils/Research Councils (three weeks in advance) so that the Comments of the CSIR thereon could be communicated in time for placing before the M.C./R.C. for its consideration.  It has, however, been observed that in a number of cases these instructions have not been followed inasmuch as the agenda papers were received just a few days in advance of the meetings and sometimes even after the meeting has been held. 
  2. 'The agenda papers received from the National Laboratories/Institutes are circulated to various Sections/Divisions in CSIR for their comments which are collected, consolidated and then put up to the competent authority for consideration before these are communicated to the National Laboratories/Institutes.  Adequate time is, therefore, required for study of agenda papers at the CSIR Headquarters. 
  3. It has also been observed that many Labs./lnstts. are putting up too many items of importance as Supplementary items in the Management Councils/Research Councils meetings.  In this connection, it would be appreciated that for examination of these supplementary items in various Division/Sections of CSIR Hqrs., sufficient time is needed.  In most of the case of supplementary items, the time left with the CSIR Hqrs. for assessment is too short and as a result. the matters are placed before M.C./R.C. without CSIR's comments.  It is, therefore, requested that putting up of supplementary item in management Council & Research Council meetings may, as far as possible, be avoided. 
  4. The Agenda should invariably include a separate item relating to report of follow-up action on the minutes/decisions of the previous meetings. 
  5. One copy each of the Agenda papers and the proceedings may be sent direct to the Financial Adviser, CSIR. 
  6. In some cases, such as creation of posts transactions in immovable property procurement of vehicles, etc. and items as listed in Bye-law 18 of the CSIR Rule & Regulations, where specific approval of the CSIR is required, it is reiterated that mere inclusion of such proposals in the Agenda of M.C./R.C. approval thereof in the proceedings and absence of any comments thereon by the CSIR, should not be construed as tacit approval of the CSIR.  In all such cases, where specific approval of CSIR is required, the proposals should be sent to CSIR after recommendations of the M.C./R.C. wherever required, with all the details, for obtaining approval of the competent authority.  Only when such approval is received action should be taken to implement the recommendation/decision of R.C./M.C. 
  7. In view of the above, it is again stressed that 15 copies of the agenda papers for the meetings of the Management Councils/Research Councils may be sent to CSIR Hqrs. sufficiently in advance so as to reach this office atleast 3 weeks before the date of the meeting, to enable us to examine the items properly and send the comments in time. 

(CSIR letter No.8(1)/9 1 -CTE., dated, 2nd July, 1991)

(19.1.6) Meetings of the Research Councils/Management Councils

 In accordance with the constitution of Research Councils and Management Councils, The Director-General, CSIR, or his representative/nominee is a permanent invitee to the meetings of the RC/MCs.  It has come to notice that in the Minutes of the meetings of the RCs and MCs of various Labs./Instts., the absence of DG's representative/nominee is also recorded when he is unable to attend the meetings.  It has been felt that since the DG or his nominee/representative is only an invitee to the meetings and is not a full fledged member of RCs/MCs, it is not necessary that his absence may be put on record.  However, whenever DG or his representative/nominee attends the meetings. his presence may be duly recorded. It is requested that the above guidelines may kindly be brought to the notice of the conveners of the RCs/MCs of your Labs./Instts., for necessary action.

 (CSIR letter No.8(1)/91 -CTE., dated, 12th July, 1991) 

(19.1.7)  Some of the Directors have represented to me that the comments from CSIR-HQ on the minutes/agenda of MCs/RCs are at times delayed or are routine in nature and some of the comments tend to impinge upon the Independent functioning of the MCs/RCs.  The matter was discussed in detail at CSIR HQ and I have asked my officers to send their comments in time and that the comments should be precise in nature and relevant without affecting independent functioning of the MCs/RCs . 

In this regard I would, however, seek your cooperation also in ensuring that the agenda notes of the MCs/RCs are sent to the Headquarters' office sufficiently in advance so that comments from HQ if any, are sent after due consideration and routine comments are avoided. I would also request you to ensure that the number of supplementary items should be as minimal as possible.  As far as possible Supplementary Items involving any major policy issue or having significant financial implications should be avoided as in such cases CSIR-HQ does not get an opportunity to furnish its considered views which may be useful in taking decision on such matter.  Similarly, the minutes of MCs/RCs meetings should be sent to the CSIR-HQ as early as possible after the meetings. 1 have passed on the instructions that if no comments are sent from CSIR-HQ within a month of the receipt of the minutes of the MCs/RCs, the laboratories shall be free to implement the decision taken in RCIMC meetings. 

I would also like to draw your attention to the provisions contained in Rule 62 to 67 of the Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations and Bye-laws of CSIR which deal with the constitution, functions and powers of MCs/RCs. I would request you to ensure that only matters which fall within the powers of MCs/RCs respectively should be placed before such Councils in their meetings for approval.  The items which do not fall within the powers of these two Councils should be referred to CSIR-HQ for appropriate decision.

 (CSIR D.O. No. 1(83)/86-Finance, dated, the 13th March, 1992)

(19.1.8) Constitution of Management Council - Powers & Functions

Reference your letter No. 196(1)/MC/88 dated 21st September, 1988 on the above subject.  It is to state that the Powers of Management Council shall be that which are not explicitly delegated to Director or the Research Council.

 (CSIR letter No.8(1)/88-CTE, dated 8th November, 1988)

(19.1.9) Functioning of Management Councils/Research Councils -Agenda for Management Council/Research Council meetings.

Reference this office letter of even number dated 2.7.199 1. The instructions conveyed in the letter referred to above are not being followed strictly by the lab./lnstt. It is, therefore, reiterated that 15 copies of agenda papers of MC meeting should be sent to CSIR HQ sufficiently in advance i.e. 3 weeks in advance of the date of the MC meeting.

It is also requested that one copy of the Agenda papers may please be sent to Financial Adviser, CSIR invariably 3 weeks in advance of MC meeting so that the comments at Agenda stage can be conveyed to labs. before the meeting of MC takes place and 15 copies of the proceedings be sent to CSIR within a reasonable time for review. 

(CSIR letter No.8(1)/88-CTE, dated 30th September, 1991)

(19.1.10) Procedure for preparation of Agenda notes for the meetings of the Governing Body of CSIR.

In suppression of all previous orders on the subject the following procedure shall henceforth be followed for preparation of Agenda notes for the meetings of the Governing Body:-

  1. An agenda item may be initiated either by the Heads of National Laboratories /Institutes or by the Heads of Divisions/Units at CSIR Headquarters.
  2. The Heads of Laboratories/Institutes shall send the agenda item to CSIR Headquarters where it will be examined by the Division/Unit concerned with that matter.
  3. The Divisions/Units at CSIR Headquarters will prepare notes on agenda items initiated by them and on those received by them from the National Laboratories/Institutes.
  4. The agenda notes shall be prepared in the format as per Annexure- I.
  5. The Heads of Units/Divisions shall submit the agenda notes to the DG-CSIR for his approval.  All proposals bearing financial implications will be routed through the Internal Financial Adviser of CSIR, and in the penultimate para of the agenda note it will be mentioned that clearance of the Internal Financial Adviser has been obtained.  Where considered necessary, DG-CSIR may also consult Member (Finance), CSIR, before according his approval.
  6. After DGSIR's approval, the file will be sent for perusal to Vice-president, CSIR by the Division/Units concerned.
  7. When the item has been approved by DG-CSIR and perused by Vice-President, CSIR, 2 fair copies of the notes duly signed by the Head of the Division /Unit will be sent to Committee Section for inclusion in the agenda for the next meeting of the Governing Body.  Each item will be accompanied by a forwarding note as per Annexure-2.
  8. The above shall be a continuous process.  The National Laboratories /Institutes and Division/Units at CSIR Headquarters shall go on processing the items to be included in the agenda for the Governing Body as and when the need arises, and forward the same to Committee Section as soon as these are duly approved by DG-CSIR, and perused by Vice-President, CSIR.  They need not wait for the announcement of the date of the meeting of the Governing Body.  No notice calling for items to be included in the agenda may be issued hereafter.
  9. On receipt of the agenda note in the Committee Section, it will be entered in a register to be maintained in the following form:-
    S.No Title of the Item Date of Receipt From whom received Included in the agenda for the meeting held on
  10. The Committee Section shall put up to DG-CSIR through Joint Secretary (Administration) items for Governing Body as and when received from the various Divisions/Units.  The DG-CSIR will finally decide which items will be included in the agenda for the next meeting.
  11. The Committee Section will inform the Heads of Divisions/Units about their items being included in the agenda for the ensuing meeting of the Governing Body.  The Heads of Divisions/Units, whose items are included in the agenda for a particular meeting of the Governing Body, shall be available for assisting the meeting along with the relevant files/information.

(CSIR Letter No: 1/ 14/83-CTE, dated: 1st December, 83.)

 Item No.

Note for the Governing Body


(Title of the item or subject)

  1. Introduction, background, suggestions, views etc.


 Para : The following have been consulted and they have concurred/have given dissenting views which are reproduced below:-

  1. Internal Financial Adviser
  2. Legal Adviser                         As the case may be
  3. Any other authority,

 (In case of dissenting views of Internal Financial Adviser or any other authority consulted, the views expressed may be reproduced and reasons for not agreeing with the same may be given)

Last Para : Precise proposal on which the approval of the Governing Body is sought.

File No.


 Signature of the Head of Division/Unit.


 An item (2 copies) entitled.

Is sent herewith to Committee Section for inclusion in the agenda for the meeting of the Governing Body.  This item has been cleared by Internal Financial Adviser, approved by Director-General, SIR and perused by Vice-President, CSIR.

 Signature of Head of Division/Unit

Committee Section