Sponsored Project

(25) Sponsored Project

(25.1.1)    Sub: Extension of service benefits to staff appointed in the various establishment under the CSIR Decision     thereon.

  1.  On the recommendation of the Finance sub-committee, the Governing Body of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research at its meeting held on 22nd, March, 1958 decided that the staff employed by the CSIR in Research Committees, and in pilot plant, research projects, research centres. etc. located in the National Laboratories/Instts. and other CSIR establishment will be entitled to the same service benefits as are enjoyed by other temporary Council Servant in the CSIR/national Laboratories.
  2.  In accordance with this decision, the staff located in the Secretariat of the Council, the National      Laboratories/Institute or the research centres declared to be CSIR establishments for this purpose, will be entitled to the normal benefits of leave, C.P.F., Medical attendance, privilege travel concession. cycle advance, etc.  Subject to the fulfilment of the necessary conditions.
  3.  Any research centre located in an institution other than a National Laboratory/Institute need to declare as a CSIR establishment for this purpose by the competent Authority, if these service benefits are to be extended to all the staff in the centre.
  4. These orders are not applicable to the staff employed in Non-CSIR, establishment whose salary is met under the scheme of grant-in-aid to outside institutions by the CSIR.  These staff will continue to be governed by the existing practice.
  5. The staff appointed in research scheme financed by other organisations, such as, the Indian Council of Medical Research, The Indian Council of Agriculture research, etc. and carried out in the National Laboratories/Institutes, will be governed by the terms and conditions of service of the sponsoring organisations.
  6. These orders will come into force with effect from the 22nd March, 1958.

(CSIR Letter No: 5/12/58-P.C, dated: 23rd July, 1958.)

(25.1.2)At the last Director' Conference held at Central Fuel Research Institute, Jealgora a note on "Guidelines for sponsored schemes and projects" was considered (Vide item No.A-6 of the Agenda) and following recommendations were made:-

"It was generally agreed that the nature of projects undertaken vary from Laboratory to Laboratory and there was, therefore, a need for providing flexibility of approach in such matters and that no rigid rules should be laid down c, g.

  1.  All sponsored work should be undertaken. with the approval of the Executive Council;
  2.   A clear condition should be stipulated in the agreement with the sponsorer that in case the sponsorer does not use the process developed for commercial exploitation within a reasonable time - say two years - the Laboratory should have the option to offer it to any other interested party but in such a case some percentage of the royalties accruing from the process may be permitted to the original sponsorer which finances the project.
  3.   Requirements of small scale industries to be kept inview and service to them could be free unless substantial finances are involved;
  4.  Recruitment of staff specially for schemes to be kept at the barest minimum and a system of "short term appointment in such schemes to be evolved;
  5. Regular staff of the Laboratory seconded for work of the scheme not to be given any additional payment;
  6. The problem should be of such a nature that it relates to the work of the National Laboratory;

It was decided that in the context of this background Director ma prepare a small paper for a detailed discussion in the Conference".

(CSIR Letter No: 2117/66-CDN, dated 24th Jan., 68.)

(25.1.3) Sub.. Sponsored Research Projects.

A reference is invited to our D.O. Letter No.2117168-CDN dated 30.12.66 on the subject of sponsored research.  As it was pointed out some projects are referred to the Headquarters for approval of the Director-General and other projects are placed before the Executive Councils. There appears to be some confusion in regard to the competent authority for the approval of the sponsored research projects in the Laboratories.  As you might be aware the subject has also been discussed at the last Directors' Conference held at Jealgora in November, 1967. Till new rules are framed, the position as it stands today is as follows:

  1. The Governing Body at its meeting held on 27th October, 1961 appointed a Sub-Committee to look into the matter and make recommendation. The sub-committee inter alia recommended in its report after a meeting held on March 16, 1963, as follows regarding fees and payments received by the Laboratories for carrying out special Investigations, preparation of project reports and general consultations:
  2. "In addition to premia and royalties received on patented and other processes, the Laboratories also receive fees and payments for carrying out special investigations, preparation of project reports and general consultations. (If these are of minor nature, then, in the discretion of the Directors, no charges are levied).  If, however, they are of a major nature (to be defined by the Directors in consultation with the Director-General), the amount of fees, premia or royalties received are fixed by the Director-General.  Such fees may and should really be in two parts: the major part should normally cover the actual cost of the work done plus an additional amount as royalty etc. for the CSIR.  Sometimes, however, the fees charged and payments made do not even represent the actual cost to the CSIR of the services rendered as assistance to industry.  However, when charges in the nature of fees, premia, royalties are made over and above the actual cost etc. to the CSIR, they may also be distributed as above (i.e. Investigator(s) share 40% and CSIR 60%).

    Revenues accruing out of the charges for routine analysis etc. would be wholly credited to the CSIR"

    The recommendations of the Sub-Committee were approved by the Vice-President, CSIR and by the governing Body of the CSIR at the meeting held on 25th October, 1963.  These were conveyed to you vide our O.M. No..6/23/59/L dated the 22nd April., 1963 (not printed)

  3.   According to the present rules, the Directors can sanction minor Projects which do not involve any financial commitment.  All other research schemes/projects, design/engineering assignments which involve financial implications should be referred to the Director-General for his competent approval.
  4. (CSIR Letter No: 2/68/68-CDN., dated: 18th July, 1968.)

    (25.1.4)            Sub: Appointment of staff for schemes/projects sponsored/fznanced by non-CSIR bodies (both) Indian and Foreign) and taken up at the Laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR - Service conditions and other guidelines.

    Various instructions had been issued from time to time regarding service benefits admissible to the staff appointed for work connected with research schemes/projects, sponsored and financed by non-CSIR bodies (whether Indian or Foreign) and undertaken at the Laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR.  The need has been felt to consolidate these orders and to lay down the main conditions of service and guidelines of the above staff.  The instructions have now been consolidated and stated herein below. 

    These are consolidating and amending instructions superseding all previous orders issued in this behalf and shall be applicable in the case of all schemes/projects financed by Indian bodies like the I.C.A.R., I.C.M.R. and industries in India and abroad and technical institutions and Government Agencies.  These shall also apply for schemes under the PL-480 authorities, NIH and other United Nations agencies.  These are as under.- 

    1. Service Conditions
      1.     Unless specifically provided in the Agreement with the Sponsoring or financing body approved by the Director- General and notified accordingly, the staff employed for such schemes/projects shall not be treated as regular CSIR employees.  They shall, however be given all service benefits and shall work under the terms and conditions as applicable to Temporary servants of the CSIR and shall be subject to Rules and Regulations and Bye-laws of the CSIR.
        1. All categories of staff for these schemes/projects shall be recruited in accordance with the procedure prescribed under the Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws and orders of the CSIR "for recruitment of temporary employees of the CSIR of corresponding status borne on the regular establishment of the CSIR laboratories/Institutes;
        2.  Emoluments of the staff engaged in such projects/schemes should conform to the salary scales obtaining in the CSIR.
      3.      Appointments shall be purely on a temporary basis for the duration of the scheme or project.  They shall have no claim for regular appointment in any of the CSIR establishments on the termination of the Scherhe/project.  Where persons already in the temporary employment of the CSIR in its regular establishment accept posts under a scheme or a project their interests on their posts in the regular establishment will be safeguarded for purpose of seniority, confirmation or any other purpose in the regular establishment of the laboratories/institutes at the discretion of the CSIR.
      4.    Persons on the regular establishments of the CSIR laboratories/Institutes shall not be entitled to any honorarium or extra payment in the event of their being detailed to supervise any scheme/project.  The Competent Authority shall have full authority to detail them for work on the above schemes/projects without any extra payment.  If, however, they hold a lien on a permanent post in the regular establishment they will be treated as on deputation to the scheme/project, their leave salary and Pension/C.P.F. contribution being regulated in terms of clause (vi) below.
      5. New recruits to the above schemes or projects shall not at present be entitled to any Contributory Provident Fund Benefits. (Note: The question, however, is under consideration and the decision when taken will be communicated);
      6. In respect of persons borne on a regular cadre in CSIR and detailed to work on or appointed against posts in such schemes/projects, leave salary and pension/CPF Contributions, shall be charged to the funds of the Scheme/Projects which shall be in accordance with the Rules of the CSIR.
      7. Posts in the schemes/projects will be ex-cadre but under the administrative control of the Director/Head of the Concerned Laboratory/Institute. 
    2.  Other Guidelines:
      1. Funds for the schemes/projects shall be made available by the Sponsoring organisation in advance.  All expenditure on the Scheme/Projects concerned should be met from its funds and no such expenditure shall be incurred by any laboratory/Institute of the CSIR out of its own funds.  No part of the funds of the scheme/project, either directly or indirectly, shall be diverted to meet any expenditure which should ordinarily be met from the regular funds of the Laboratory/Institute. 
      2. Overhead charges calculated at a certain percentage to be determined by the concerned Laboratory/Institute with the approval of its Executive Council should be charged to the funds of the Scheme/project in respect of common facilities to be afforded for the scheme/project and credited to the account of the Laboratory/Institute as a miscellaneous receipt.  No extra payment shall be admissible to any member of the staff connected with any type of such common service; 
      3. Separate accounts shall be maintained for the scheme/project on the same pattern as that of the regular accounts of the laboratory and the same will be subject to audit in similar manner; 
      4. Purchase and maintenance procedures of stores and stock accounting of all equipment/stores purchases stock accounting of all equipment/stores purchases specifically for the scheme/project should conform to the Rules and Regulations of the CSIR. 
      5. On the termination of the scheme/project, equipment/stores purchased specifically for such schemes/projects shall be the property of the CSIR unless otherwise specifically provided in the agreement of the sponsored scheme. 
      6. Expenditure on T.A. etc., incurred by the members of the regular establishment detailed specifically for work relating to the scheme/project shall be re- imbursed to the Laboratory/Institute from the funds of the scheme/project; 
      7. Patenting and application of results carried out under these schemes/projects have to be formulated by the concerned laboratory/Institute in consultation with the sponsoring organisation keeping in view the interest of the Laboratory/Institute concerned which should be fully protected. 
      8. iii.            In respect of PL-480 Schemes/Projects, besides the guidelines at II above, the following which have already been laid down will continue to be applicable:- 

        1        Each scheme for PL-480 assistance has to be examined on its own merits vis-a-vis the inter-se priority of the over- all programme of the Institute concerned before it is submitted to the Co-ordinating Agency for clearance in the Context of the over-all national interest; 

        1. The Co-ordinating Agency will consider whether the scheme is essential and is of sufficient priority in the context of over-all national interest to merit the allocation of funds in the present economic conditions and if so, whether the amount of the grant, to the extent asked for, is justified; 
          1. As far as practicable, the research grant should not involve any expenditure in foreign exchange.  In case of need for some marginal expenditure in foreign exchange, the sponsoring institution should indicate the quantum required and how they propose to meet it.  There will be no commitment on the part of the Co-ordinating Agency that the requisite foreign exchange will be made available and any request for foreign exchange has to be processed in the normal course through the usual processes.  The Schemes selected by the co-ordinating Agencies in the committees or otherwise have to be referred to the Department of Economic Affairs for their formal concurrence before they are proposed to the U.S. authorities concerned. 
          2. Financial provision may be included in some of the research schemes for one or more visits of the Principal investigator and/or his associates to the U.S. for technical consultations in furtherance of the research.  Such visits should be under-taken only when they are absolutely essential and provision for this purpose kept at the minimum necessary, in case it cannot be eliminated altogether.  Proposals for such visits would require the usual clearance at the appropriate time and the Journeys should be undertaken on Air India; an
          3. As a matter of policy, foreign scientists should not be allowed to articipate in PL-480 projects except where it is absolutely necessary and with prior approval.

    Note :  I above (service conditions) shall apply to employees of PL - 480 projects also.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(150)/68 - E-I, dated: 23rd April, 1969.)

    (25.1.5) Sub:- Research/Projects Sponsored by Industry-Guidelines for.

    In accordance with the recommendation made at the Directors Conference held at Jealgora in November, 1967 suggestions for laying down guidelines for undertaking research sponsored by industry were invited from Heads of the National Laboratories/Institutes.  On the basis of the suggestions received, guidelines have since been finalised and with a view to streamling the process of  acceptance of research projects sponsored by Industry, DGSIR inter-alia recommended to the Vice-President, CSIR to delegate adequate authority to the Heads of National Laboratories/Institutes for this purpose. A copy of the guidelines incorporating the DG's recommendation have been approved by the Vice-President, CSIR and are enclosed.  These Guidelines come into force with immediate effect, in supersession of all previous instructions issued on the subject.

    In regard to policy relating to schemes formulated by the Laboratories/ Institutes for financial assistance from other grant giving bodies like ICAR,ICMR, etc. reference may kindly be made to letter No. 34/1/67-CDN dated 25th April, 1961, which lays down the principles regarding acceptance of financial assistance from Non-industrial bodies for research projects.  These instructions will continue to operate.

    Guideline relating to formulation of schemes for assistance from PL - 480 funds have also since been  circulated separately vide letter No. 31/131/67 - CDN dated 7th Sept., 68 and continue to be in force.  Departmental guidelines for preparation of the budget of PL-480 schemes are, however, under consideration and will be circulated shortly.

    (CSIR Letter No:2/85/70-CDN, dated:5th Mar.,70)

    Guidelines for sponsored research schemes to be undertaken by National Laboratories/Institutes under the CSIR

    Guidelines for sponsored research schemes to be undertaken by National Laboratories/Institutes under the CSIR

    1. Nature of the Project: 

    The Project to be undertaken should fall within the purview of the research activities of the concerned laboratory and should be related to an immediate need of industry or to a need of industry which, though not immediate, is fundamental and makes for progress of Industry.  The projects can be divided into the following categories:- 

    1.   Minor Projects: These should be undertaken only when necessary facilities already exist in the Laboratory.
    2. Major Projects:These may require new equipment and extra staff and should be accepted only when the sponsorer is prepared to meet the entire cost.

     As far as possible attention should be on major projects.

    II. Help to Cottage Industry

     Assistance to Cottage Industries (The definition of Cottage Industries will be as defined by the Govt. of India.) registered with Directorates of Industries may be given on a nominal charge

    .III.            Technical advice and guidance may be given free of cost subject to recovery of actual TA/DA charges of Scientists in case they are required to visit the industry.

    II.Competent Authority 

    1. Projects involving a total expenditure of not more than Rs. 10,000/- may be approved by the Head of Laboratory/Institute concerned.
    2. For projects involving an expenditure of between 10,000/- and Rs.50,000/- prior approval of the Executive Council be taken wherever possible.  In case of urgency, the Head of the Laboratory/Institute may accord approval and report the matter to the Executive Council at its next meeting for ratification.
    3. For projects involving an expenditure of more than Rs. 50,000/- prior approval of the Executive Council shall be taken.
    4. The sanction of the competent authority will be taken on the prescribed proforma as at Annexure.

     III. Duration of the Projects 

    1. The duration of the project shall be decided upon by the Director in consultation with the Sponsorer subject to adequate safeguards to ensure that no legal liability shall rest with the CSIR if the project is not completed within the stipulated period and no.guarantees are given. 
    2. The Investigation will be carried out within the mutually agreed terms for which the cost estimates have been prepared.  If a project is to be continued further, fresh terms will be discussed with the sponsorer.  A provision to this effect be made in the agreement specified under Clause VI. 
    3. The agreed terms shall not be inconsistent with the major terms set out in this document. 
    4. Under no circumstances National Laboratories/Institutes shall undertake research which entails any legal consequences of the nature of damage or other liability if it does not discharge its obligation within the stipulated period. 

    VI. Agreement 

    In the case of schemes sponsored by Govt.  Departments, the terms and conditions will be settled through exchange of letters.  In other cases formal agreements will be executed.


    1. Staff employed on sponsored projects will be borne on the establishment of the sponsorer and not         that of the laboratory/Institute.  Such staff will, however, be under the administrative control and          discipline of the Laboratory/Institute for the duration of the Project.
    2. In the case of projects sponsored by Govt.  Departments, short term appointments for the duration of the Project may be made by the Heads of the National, Laboratories in accordance with the normal recruitment procedures.  The terms and conditions of the staff thus appointed Will be as laid down in CSIR O.M. No.16150/68-EI dated 23.4.69. The qualifications, experience, pay scales etc. of such staff should conform to those obtaining in the Laboratories/Institutes.
    3.  Regular staff of the laboratory may also be deployed on the project but their pay and allowances plus over-heads of 25% will be recovered from the sponsorer.

    VIII.  Fees

    Fees, over and above the actual cost and over-heads may be levied at the discretion of the Heads of Laboratories/Institutes.  Where a portion of the fees is proposed to be distributed to the staff, approval of the Executive Council will be necessary.  The share of fees realised, if distributable, will be as follows:-

    1. Investigator(s) concerned and others               - 40%
    2. CSIR (Industrial Research Fund)                   - 60%
    3. IX. TA.1D.A, to Staff
    4. Actual TA/DA as admissible under the rules for Journeys undertaken in connection with the Sponsored projects should be charged from the Sponsorer. The Head of the Labs./Instts. may permit air travel in case of  urgency.  The actual number of tours and their need will in every case be carefully examined by the Head of the Laboratory and approved by them.

      X.    Equipment and other Facilities

      1.  The Laboratory will provide existing facilities like water. gas. steam, power. chemicals, glass-ware and other stores and levy charges for the same.
      2.  Over-head charges of 1 0% may be added to the actual cost.
      3.  Depreciation charges towards use of equipment should also be levied.
      4. In case any new item of equipment is required, the same should be provided by the sponsorer and the sponsorer will be free to remove it on completion of the Project.  In case the sponsorer desires to leave the equipment with the Laboratory/Institute as a gift, a letter to that effect should be obtained and the equipment taken over in the relevant stock register.
      5. In case the equipment is considered useful for the Laboratory, it may be purchased by the laboratory on the basis of depreciated value of the equipment.

      XI.  Finance:

      Subject to clause II of these guidelines the sponsored projects will be fully paid for by the Sponsorers.  The charges will include the following:

      1. A refundable deposit for use of Library (Rs.2501- may be enough to cover possible risk in the issue of library books and journals).
      2.  Refundable equipment deposit
      3. In case the personnel from industry make use of equipment which is likely to be damaged due to negligent handling, a suitable amount of deposit by way of security may be fixed by the Head of the Laboratory and collected from the party.

      4. Staff requirements and their Financial implications year-wise:-
      5. Designation                                                       Scale            Amount


                                                                                All over-heads 25%__________________

      6.    Services, Viz.  Water, gas, power etc.
      7.     Chemicals, Glassware, and other Stores.
      8.                                                                         Add over-heads 10%

                                                                                on (d) & (e)    _______________________

      9.     Depreciation on equipment.
      10.    Estimated expenditure on TA/DA as per rules subject to adjustment in due course.
      11.     Contingencies (Office conveyance, stationery, typing of reports etc..
      12.      Charges to be made as fees over and above actual expenses wherever provided.

      XII.      Terms of Payments

      The payments should be made by the sponsorer in two instalments: the first instalment which should be 50% of the estimated cost shall be deposited as advance before starting the project.  The balance amount shall be paid at least 10 days prior to the start of the Second half of the duration of the Project.  In the case of projects for a duration not exceeding 6 Months, the entire

      amount shall be deposited with the Laboratory before the work starts, subject to adjustment, if any, on completion of the Project.

      XIII.   Reports

      1.     Periodic progress reports be made available to the sponsorer as agreed upon.
      2.     The final project report will be handed over only after the sponsorer has settled the accounts.

      XIV.  Publications

      In Industrial Projects, publications will be in the name of the research workers: If the data is to be published in any Scientific Journal due acknowledgment will be made of the Sponsoring party.  The sponsorer will, however, be consulted and his opinion taken in writing before any material is sent for publication.  The final decision in this regard will rest with the Director.

      XV.    Utilisation of Know-how

      1.     As a rule, the sponsorer should exploit the process.
      2.    The right of option for commercial exploitation should be communicated in writing to the Head of the Laboratory/Institute within 90 (Ninety) days from the submission of the Final report on the Project.
      3.     The Sponsorer who takes over the commercial exploitation of the process may be given a time limit of two years to start actual commercial Production.
      4.    In case the Sponsorer does not exercise his option within the period stipulated at (b) above or fails to start commercial production within the time limit laid down in (c) the laboratory should be free to offer the process to any other party.
      5.     In case of (d) above, a percentage of royalty accruing from the process may be remitted to the original sponsorer.
      6.      The process/know-how developed will be demonstrated to the authorised representative of the sponsorer in the Laboratory premises.  The design drawings may also be handed over to the Sponsorer or his authorised representative.  The laboratory will help the sponsorer in the testing of the product and provide consultative advice, if necessary, and towards this, charges will be payable by the sponsorer as per Laboratory's Schedule of Testing Charges.  The estimated cost of TA/DA will also be borne by the firm and paid in advance.

      XVI.  Patents:

    If the results of the Investigations are such as to justify taking of a patent or patents. then in such cases the patent/patents will be taken in the name of CSIR and will be assigned to the Sponsorer for a nominal consideration.  Charges for the filling and up-keep of the patents will be borne by the Laboratory Concerned.  The Laboratory will have the right to sub-license the patent in consultation with the Sponsorer.  In the event of the patent being sub-licensed to a third party the realisations will be shared between the Laboratory and the Sponsorer in the ratio of 50:50



    1.  1.  Title of the scheme. 
    2. 2.  Sponsorer
    3. (Full address of the party along with the status of the party as to whether it is a private individual firm,

      Industrial concern, public/private sector undertaking, Cottage Industry, Small Scale Industry, State or Central Govt.  Deptt. or any other research organisation).

    4.  3.  Duration of the project. 
    5. 4.  Object and scope of the work
    6. (In scope please specify whether the work contemplated is sought to be completed up to Laboratory/Bench/Pilot plant/Prototype plant/Industrial Plant/ Engineering/ Detailed design and construction drawings/crection, supervision and commissioning.  Any or all of these may be specified for the purpose of defining the scope).

    7.  5.  Present state of knowledge
    8. (This should be a brief description with bibliography of the existing state of knowledge on the subject).

    9.  6.  Programme of work contemplated along with phasing.
    10.  7.  Reports.
    11.  8.  Utilisation of know-how.
    12.  9.  Patents.
    13.  10. Publications.
    14.  11.  Finances.
    15.  12. Remarks.

    (25.1.6)Sub:     Appointment of stafffor scheme/projects sponsored/financed by non-CSIR bodies (both Indian and Foreign) and taken up at the Laboratories/Institutes of the CSIR - Service conditions and other guidelines


    The seriatum replies/clarification to the points raised on the above subject by NCL are as under:- 


    1.     Whether a scientific worker employed on the regular establishment of the NCL but not holding any permanent post in the laboratory when appointed to a post in any of the sponsored schemes, could be given deputation terms (Including 10-20% of his pay) or his pay could be fixed at a rate as agreed to by the sponsores and his interests on the regular post for purposes of seniority, confirmation etc., safeguarded his L.S. and pension/C.P.F. contribution also being charged to the Funds of the Scheme.


     *      The appointment to the Scheme can be made in two ways - (i) by detailing the departmental staff on identifical posts and (ii) by open advertisement and selection to higher posts.  The former is eligible to deputation allowance in accordance with the Ministry of Finance O.M. dated 27.1.70. In the latter case, the pay has to be fixed under the normal rules and the restrictions as envisaged in the Ministry of Finance O.M. dated 9th March, 1964 Will apply.  The recovery of leave salary/pension or C.P.F. contributions will be made in both the situations.

     2.     Persons selected and appointed through CSIR normal procedure of recruitment to posts in schemes/projects financed by outside organisations, particulary PP-480 schemes, could be absorbed against equivalent posts on the regular establishment of the Laboratory, If available, requiring the same standard of qualifications and experience for which the incumbents on the schemes side were originally selected without fresh advertisement of the posts and selection.

     *      No. They will have to apply for posts on regular establishment in response to advertisements and to appear before Selection Committees for Selection under the CSIR bye- laws.

     3.     If an individual who was selected in accordance with the normal procedure of recruitment for a post under a scheme/project financed/ sponsored by outside organisation, if selected for an equivalent post on the regular establishment of the Laboratory through selection committee, will be entitled to all service benefits, excepting seniority as are enjoyed by temporary CSIK employees, such as protection of pay drawn on the scheme side (Whether the pay fixation is to be limited to the number of annual increments earned and drawn on the basis of actual years of service or whether the advance increments, if any, granted on initial appointment with the approval of the competent authority on the scheme side could also be taken into account); date of next increment,. carry forward of leave, LTC concession etc.

     *      No benefit of pay etc. drawn in the scheme service is to be given to such scheme personnel who are appointed on the regular side on the basis of advertisement and selection.  In such cases the Selection Committee may invariably be asked to make their recommendations regarding pay as is normally done in the case of outside candidates.

     4.  Whether fresh probationary period is to be prescribed in such cases.

     * A fresh probationary period is to be prescribed in the cases of scheme personnel when appointed to regular posts under the CSIR on the basis of open competition. However, it is open to the competent authority to extend/curtail this period, under the normal rules.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(150)/68-E.I, dated: 16th June, 1970.)

    (25.1.7)  Sub: Appointments of staff for Schemes/Projects sponsored/ financed by non-CSIR bodies (both Indian and Foreign) and taken up at the Laboratories/ Institutes of the CSIR - Service conditions and other guidelines.

    The question regarding the admissibility of C.P.F. benefits to the staff employed in schemes/projects sponsored/financed by non-CSIR bodies (both Indian and foreign) and taken up at the National Laboratories Institutes vide Clause 1 (v) of the Service Conditions contained in this Office Memo of even number dated the 23rd April, 1969 has been under consideration for some time past.

    The Vice-President, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, In consultation with the Financial Adviser to CSIR has now been pleased to decide that the C.P.F. benefits as admissible under the C.P.F. Rules applicable to the CSIR may be extended to the New Recruits appointed in schemes/Projects sponsored/Financed by non-CSIR bodies (both Indian and Foreign) and taken up at the Laboratories/Institutes subject to the Following terms and conditions:-

    1.  That schemes/projects sponsored by non-CSIR bodies at the National Laboratories/Institutes   be accepted with a condition that the liability towards employer's share of contribution for the C.P.F. of the persons employed is acceptable to the Sponsors of such schemes/projects:
    2. the employer's share of contribution towards C.P.F. will be payable to the Persons employed on sponsored schemes/projects on completion of minimum service of 5 years;
    3. the employer's share of contribution in each case of employee employed on sponsored scheme will, in the first instance, be paid by the sponsors to the C.S.I.R. If in any case, the employee leaves service either on the termination of the scheme or for any other reason before completion of 5 years, he will not be entitled to employer's share of contribution and the amount credited by the Sponsors, will be refunded to the Sponsors except in a special case otherwise decided by the CSIR in accordance with C.P.F. rules; and
    4. in the cases where any employee of a sponsored scheme is re-employed on another sponsored scheme and his total service on schemes exceeds 5 years, he will be entitled to the employer's share of contribution.  In such cases, the employer's share contributed by the earlier sponsors will not be refunded to them and a condition to this effect will be incorporated in the agreement with the Sponsors.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(150)/68-E.I. dated: 19th June, 1970.)

    (25.1.8) Sub: Absorption of Non - technical staff of the Research Committees in the CSIR Hqrs., and National L,aboratories/Institutes.

    As.already communicated to you vide this office circular letter No.5/12/58-PC- dated 23.7.58 that the Governing Body at its meeting held on 22.3.58 decided that the Non-technical staff employed by the CSIR in various Research Committees and in Pilot Plant research projects, research centres, etc., located in the National Labs./Instts. and. other CSIR establishments would be entitled to the same service benefits as are enjoyed by other temporary council servants in the CSIR National Laboratories and' accordingly the members of. the Non-technical staff, excepting those working in the Radio and Telecommunication Research Committee, Pharmaceutical and, Drug Research Committee, Metals Research Committee, Chemical Research committee and the Corrosion Advisory Bureau have been brought on the regular strength of the National Laboratories/Institutes.

    Consequent upon the reconstitution of the Research Committees it has now been decided that the remaining staff working in the Committees should also be absorbed in the regular strength of the National Labs./CSIR against vacancies available; or by obtaining the relevant posts held by the concerned individuals transferred, if necessary, as under:-

    1. Staff working in the P&D Research                        To be absorbed in the C.D.R.I., Lucknow.


    2.  Staff Working in the Radio & Tele                         To be Absorbed in the N.P.L., New Delhi.

         communication Research Committee

    3.  Staff working in the corrosion Advisory                To be absorbed in the NML, Jamshedpur.

        Bureau & the Metals Research Committee.

    4. Staff Working in the Chemical Research                To be absorbed in the CSIR Hqrs.


    It has also been decided that necessary provision for meeting the expenditure on the pay and allowances of these persons should be made in budget of National Labs./lnstts. and the Central Office.  The above decision may kindly be implemented immediately under intimation to this office.

    (CSIR Letter No: 119(C)/73-GAU-1, dated: 23/2/74.)

    (25.1.9)            Sub: Report of the Committee constituted to look into the question of linking of the technical assistance Programmes with overall plans and resources and absorption of staff employed in externally funded projects/Schemes.

    Reference this office letter No.4/3/78-CTE dated 8.6.79 regarding the constitution of a Committee to look into the question of linking of the Technical assistance programme with overall plans and resources and absorption of staff employed in externally funded projects/schemes.  The Report of the Committee was placed for consideration of the Governing Body at its meeting held on 30.9.80.

    The Governing Body has approved of the report of the Committee Subject to certain modifications as proposed by the Director-General, SIR. The salient features of Governing Body's decision are reproduced below:

    1. The Sponsored projects/Schemes under different categories should be accepted/undertaken on a selective basis i.e. (i) these should be in consonance with the approved objectives, goals and charter of the Laboratory/Institute; (ii) be in the areas/fields of the regular activities of the Institute; (iii) from part of the total plans of the Laboratory; (iv) be included in the Annual/Five Year Plan of the Institute; and (v) be of a major benefit to the Country.
    2. The projects should not serve merely as data basis for more advanced countries or provide a chance for dumping obsolete plants/technology in India and retard our growth.  These should not also become a tool of diverting the Institute away from its approved priorities by lure of equipment etc.  Where equipment is capital intensive, one should normally not look for the acquisition of such equipment through sponsored schemes, but CSIR should take up the responsibility for this.  There could be special situations where there are clear advantages of using a Scheme for this purpose.
    3. Such Projects/Schemes should first be cleared by the Research Advisory Council of the Concerned Laboratory/Institute from the viewpoint of scientific merit/national relevance.  Thereafter, these would be discussed with CSIR Headquarters, the nodal point for such discussions being the Planning Division.  After the projects/schemes are cleared by the CSIR, the same would be placed before the Executive Committee of the concerned Laboratory for approval.
    4. The work relating to these projects should, as far as possible, be managed with the regular staff instead of making them a vehicle for additional manpower.  The Laboratories/Institutes should themselves have inherent capability to provide the major inputs for infrastructure to take on the sponsored schemes and the incremental staff should be minimal.  While Planning to take up sponsored schemes, adequate thought should be given to aspects relating to the building up of staff as also for tapering it off when the scheme gets completed.
    5. The prescribed procedure, as applicable for regular posts/staff, should be followed both for creating additional posts and recruiting additional staff, if any, required for UNDP, PL-480 and other Bilateral Projects.  It should be ensured that while making recruitment for schemes/projects posts, there should be no dilution of quality.  The staff recruited for such Projects will be treated as temporary CSIR Staff.
    6. In Sponsored Projects, however, the recruitment should be on behalf of the Sponsor for a fixed period for the duration of Scheme only and it should be so made clear in the appointment letter of the candidate besides stipulating therein that the appointment is not a CSIR appointment, Temporary or otherwise, and does not entitle the incumbent to any claim, implicit or explicit, on any CSIR Post.

      For time bound sponsored projects to start within 6 Months of the agreement, the Labs./Instts. would be authorised to make adhoc appointments to various posts through local Selection Committees, without, however, diluting the qualifications and other prescribed standards.

      The regular staff applying for the posts in such sponsored projects, if selected, could function in that position, which may be higher, but purely temporarily, and revert to their substantive (regular) post on completion of the Projects.

    7. The staff recruited for schemes by following the prescribed recruitment procedure, should not be required to undergo this procedure a fresh for their appointment/absorption on regular side in identical Posts.  On such absorption their scheme service will be taken into account for purposes of entitlement to various service benefits in CSIR such as Leave, Study Leave etc.
    8. The staff earlier appointed in the Sponsored Projects/schemes, PL-480 schemes etc., who have since been absorbed on the regular side in the same Lab./lnstt. in which the scheme was under operation will be entitled to count their service rendered under the scheme in an identical post for purpose of assessment for promotion to the next higher grade.  The advantage of assessment on this basis will, however, be available with effect from 1. 10. 80 or the date of completing the prescribed number of qualifying years for assessment, whichever is later.
    9. The existing persons who have rendered three years continuous service in a scheme should be absorbed either against existing regular vacancies in identical posts or by creating additional posts (by following prescribed procedure) if the work load in the Laboratory/Institute so demands.  The Supernumerary posts could be created to absorb the staff employed in such projects/schemes initially being a one time effort only.  The laboratories/institutes should not recruit further staff until all such staff is absorbed.
    10. The grant made for such projects should be treated as an adhoc grant to the Institute and the same should clearly figure in the overall "Income - Expenditure" and "Assets - Liabilities" statements of the Institute.
    11. More opportunities should be given to younger scientists to visit abroad for training etc. in the Scheme sponsored by U.N.D.P. etc.

              A copy of the report of the Committee is enclosed for your information, guidance and

              necessary action.

    The earlier guidelines regarding the appointment (including service conditions) of staff for schemes/projects sponsored/financed by non-CSIR bodies (both Indian and Foreign) and taken up at the Laboratories/Institutes, which are not in accordance with the above decisions, will stand superseded to the extent indicated in the above paras.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(150)/68-E.11 (Pt.11), dated: 13-01-198 I.)

    Report of the Committee Constituted to look into the Question of

    Linking of the Technical Assistance Programmes with Overall Plans

    and Resources and Absorption of Staff Employed in Externally

    Funded Projects/Schemes

    1. This committee was appointed by the Director General, CSIR in pursuance of the recommendations of the 29th Conference of Directors held at CFTRI, Mysore on 2/33-6-78.  The letters appointing the Committee, nominating its Chairman and the Meetings held are appended (Appendix 1, 11 & III respectively).
    2. The Committee was provided with the relevant documents by the CSIR Secretariat.  The list of these is given in letter No. 16(150)/68-E.11 (Pt.11) dated 29/30.6.1979 from the Chief (Administration) (Appendix IV).
    3. The Committee did not invite any suggestions, as the Directors could forward their suggestions to this Committee as indicated to them in Council's letter No.4/3/78-Cte. dated 8.6.79 communicating the constitution of the Committee.  Some suggestions were received from some of the Directors of the National Laboratories.  These were duly considered by the Committee.  Some representations made by the 'Scheme Personnel' regarding their service conditions put up to the Committee, were also considered.
    4. The Committee held a preliminary discussion in its meeting held at Hyderabad on 28.8.79 and also went through the various orders already existing on the subject.  In its final meeting held on 12.3.80, the Committee reviewed the existing procedures/practices prevailing in CSIR and also in other organisations like ICAR vis a vis the scope and the need for taking up projects funded by outside agencies.

    Based on the discussions held in the above two meetings, the Committee makes the following recommendations.-

    1.0     Criteria of Project Selection

    1. 1.   It should be in consonance with the approved objectives and goals of the Institute as enumerated in its charter.

    1.2     The Project to be undertaken should be in area/field of the regular activities of the Institute.

    1.3     It should form a part of the planned growth of the Institute and should result in an increase in the general level of capability of the Institute in its line of growth.

    1.4     It should be a part of the Annual/Five Year Plan of the Institute or should first be included in such plan before being put up for further processing.

    1.5     It should be of major benefit to the country.

    2.0     Approvals before an approach is made to the Govt. of India/Funding agencies etc.

    2.1     It should have the approval of the Institute's Research Advisory Council (RAC) and Executive Committee (E.C.). 

    2.2     It should be discussed with Chief (Planning), Chief (Admn.) and Chief (Finance) before seeking approval of E.C. to (a) ensure and certify proper counterpart budget provision and (b) to avoid unnecessary duplication of the capabilities existing in one or the other CSIR Institutes.

    3.0     Objectives which such projects should not serve.

    3.1     Such projects should not become a vehicle of augmentation of manpower in the Laboratory by the back- door.  The UNDP Projects, Bilateral Projects, and other sponsored projects should not be used as a vehicle for additional manpower and the work relating to these projects should as far as possible be managed with the regular staff.

    3.2     Projects should not serve merely as data bases for more advanced countries or provide a chance for dumping obsolete plants/technology in India and retard our growth.

    3.3     Projects should not become a tool of diverting the Institute into by-lanes away from the main path of its approved priorities by lure of equipment etc.

    4.0     Recruitment of additional staff, service conditions and service benefits etc. of such project staff.

    4.1     Any grant to meet expenditure in such projects should be classified as an ad hoc grant to CSIR/Institute.

    4.2     As an obvious corollary to this, additional staff, if any, recruited under such projects will be treated as temporary CSIR staff and their methods of recruitment, service conditions and benefits will be automatically regulated accordingly.

    4.3     The additional staff, if any, required for such projects will be required to be justified in the usual manner and posts will have to be got created by following the prescribed procedure.

    5.0     Suggested solution of problems relating to existing staff in such projects/ schemes etc.

    5.1     The existing staff who were earlier employed under the sponsored projects/ schemes, PL-480 Schemes etc. and have since been appointed on regular side will be entitled for assessment promotion to the next higher grade on the basis of total combined service under the scheme(s) and on regular side in the grade on fulfilment of the given conditions.  The advantage of assessment on this basis, will however, become available to them from 1.4.80 or the date of completing the prescribed number of qualifying years for assessment, if such date is later than 1.4.80.

    5.2     The period of service rendered under a scheme in another sister Lab./Instt. will not count for the purpose of assessment in the laboratory/ Institute where he is employed on the crucial date (i.e. 1.4.80).

    5.3     The persons who have been continuously working for three years or more under an externally funded Scheme and have not been regularised so far will be considered for absorption against existing regular vacancies in identical posts as and when available in the respective Lab/ Instt.  In case sufficient number of vacancies are not available to absorb them but enough work load exists in the concerned Labs./ Instts., the Director/ Head of the National Lab/ Instt. should take up the question of creation of additional posts on the basis of the work load and/ or new projects that might have been undertaken, as per the prescribed procedure, to consider their absorption.

    5.4     The 'Planning' and 'Finance' Divisions may be requested to examine such proposals keeping in view the fact that such additional posts are required to consider the absorption of persons already working in the schemes for more than three years

    5.5     Such of the scheme personnel as were selected to the scheme posts by following the prescribed procedure of recruitment will not be required to undergo this procedure afresh for their absorption on the regular side in identical posts as above, and on such absorption the protection of the pay drawn by them in the scheme posts will be allowed.  On absorption on the regular side, they wilt become entitled to the benefit of Leave, Study leave, Promotion by assessment etc. for which purpose the scheme service will also be taken into account.

    5.6     Cases which have already been decided will not be re- opened generally; however, any case meriting special consideration may be examined and decided on individual merit by Director General, CSIR.

    6.0         Distinction, between sponsored research and above types of projects.

     6.1          In the above types of projects, there is a major deployment of funds and resources of the Institute and these are thus in a way 'Grants-in-Aid' projects.

    6.2          In sponsored projects, the total costs are met by the Sponsoring organisation.

     7.0 Guidelines for staff recruitment in sponsored projects/schemes.

    7.1        As far as possible, staff should be seconded from the Institute for sponsored projects.

    7.2        In case staff is recruited for sponsored projects, the recruitment should be on behalf of the sponsor for a fixed period and the letter of appointment should clearly state that such an appointment;

        7.2.1        is not a CSIR appointment. temporary or otherwise;

        7.2.2.   does not entitle the incumbent to any claim, implicit or explicit, on any CSIR post.

    7.3        For time bound sponsored projects to start within six months of the agreement, the Institute should be authorised to recruit such staff without following the rules and regulations of recruitment in CSIR as regards advertisement.  But the educational qualifications, experience prescribed for a given post should be rigidly followed and not relaxed.  Local Selection Committees on the pattern of similar committees for CSIR posts should be constituted by the Director for such posts and the matter reported to E.C. and CSIR.  This should ensure that no dilution of standards takes place.

    7.4        Since the basic reason for recruiting staff for time- bound sponsored projects is to provide additional manpower to keep to the time targets, promotion of staff from the Institute against a sponsored project post is not justifiable.

    7.5        Presently Deputation(duty) Allowance is governed by the Ministry of Finance O.M. dated 27-1-70 as quoted in CSIR letter No. 16(150)/68-E.I. dated 16th June. 1970 to the Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Poona.  No consensus could be reached on giving deputation allowance to Institute staff seconded to sponsored projects.

    (25.1.10) Sub: Report of the Cte. Constituted to look into the question of linking of the technical assistanceprogrammes with overall plans and resources and absorption of staff employed in externally funded projects/schemes.

    In continuation of this office letter of even number dated 13th January, 1981 on the above subject. 1 am directed to inform you that the question of counting of service rendered in the Project/scheme sponsored by an outside agency followed by absorption in CSIR without break for grant of pensionary benefit has been under consideration of CSIR for some time past. It has now been decided that such staff on their permanent absorption in the CSIR and in the National Labs./lnstts. without break would be entitled to the above benefit also subject to realisation of an amount equivalent to employer's share of CPF contribution plus 2% interest in each case.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(150)/63-E.II (Pt.II), dated: 15th May, 1982.)

    (25.1.11) Sub: Counting of CSIR Scheme Service for Pensionary Benefits.

    DGSIR has been pleased to approve that the cases of counting of service rendered in CSIR Scheme followed by regular appointment in Laboratories/Institutes without any break and subsequent confirmation in CSIR service as stipulated in O.M. No. 1(1 0)/6 1-Pen. dated the 29th November, 1961 may in future be dealt with the Labs./Instt. level only.

    (CSIR Letter No: 7(51)10/56-E.11, dated: 31st August, 1982.)

    (25.1.12) Sub: Report of the Committee constitued to look into the question of linking of the Technical Assistance Programmes with overall plans and resources and absorption of staff employed in externally funded projects/schemes.

    I am directed to invite your attention to this office O.M. No. 16(150) 68-E.II (PT.II) dated 13th Jan., 1981 wherein decisions of the Governing Body of the CSIR including the decision for protection in of pay of the staff employed on externally funded projects/schemes has been conveyed.

    Eversince a number of representations have been received from Scientists and other staff who initially worked on such projects/schemes in whose cases the benefit of protection of pay has not been allowed on account of extant rules in force.

    In order to examine these representations, the data was collected from the Laboratories/Institutes and it has been observed that in large number of cases, employees have not been afforded any protection of pay and this has created an anomulous situation vis-a-vis to these members of staff similarly placed, but in whose cases protection of pay has been allowed to them w.e.f. 1. 10. 80 or thereafter as per above decision. This decision has naturally resulted in lot of resentment among those members of staff who have worked in various schemes for a number of years prior to their regular absorption.

    After careful consideration of the whole matter in consultation with F.A., the Director General, SIR has been pleased to approve that all those employees who were recruited initially for the projects/schemes, following the normal recruitment Rules which were applicable for similar posts on the regular side of the CSIR, the pay of such personnel in the projects schemes may be protected on their regular absorption in the regular post carrying identical pay scales of the CSIR under FR-27. The pay of such officers may be fixed w.e.f. the date of absorption, notionally and actual arrears may be allowed w.e.f. 1. 10.80 i.e. the date from which the decision was taken to account the scheme service for various benefits.

    In order to consider such cases in your Laboratory/Institute, the Director General, SIR has been pleased to approve that a committee may be constituted consisting of Sr.Scientist of the Laboratory as Chairman with Administrative Officer and Finance & Accounts Officer as Member of the Committee to look into the individual cases and take decision on the lines indicated above.

    (CSIR Letter No: 14/6113/82-E.II, dated: 25th Aug., 1984 and further amended vide circular of even number dated 19th Oct. 1984)

    (25.1.13) Sub: Absorption of staff employed in externally funded projects/schemes.

    The question whether for the purpose of counting of the PL-480 scheme service after regular absorption in the CSIR Labs./Instts. of an employee, pensionary liability is to be borne by the concerned individual or otherwise, has been engaging the attention of the CSIR for quite some time past.

    It has since been decided in consultation with Finance Wing, CSIR Hqrs. that for the Purpose of counting of PL-480 Scheme service, the pensionary liability as may accrue may be debited to the concerned scheme account when the officer makes a specific request to count the scheme service for pensionary benefits in CSIR. In case, however, with the passage of time such accounts are not operative in the Labs./Instts., Pensionary liability in respect of such employees will be borne by the Lab./lnstt. by debiting regular Budget Head.

    (CSIR Letter No: 1(8) 184-E.II, dated: 26th July, 1985.)

    Grant of Air Travel.

    (25.1.14)The question regarding grant of air travel in respect of the Officers borne on Sponsored Project financed by Government Departments has been under consideration of the CSIR for some time past. The DGSIR in consultation with Finance has been pleased to empower the Director and Head of National Laboratories/Institutes to sanction -air travel in the case of Sponsored Project financed by the Govt. Departments provided the sponsoring authority has no objection and funds are provided by them for the said purpose.

    (CSIR letter No. 14(25)/84-E.11, dated 2nd January, 1987)

    (25.1.15) Sub: Absorption of Scheme staff on the regular strength of Laboratory/Institute.

    Reference CDRI letter No.5144/77-Estt. dated 26/9/87. After careful consideration of your above proposal,DGSIR in concurrence with the Financial Adviser has been pleased to approve the absorption of the staff along with post actually in position as on date in the M.0.H. Schemes in the Laboratory system on the following terms and conditions.

    1. Such staff actually in position will be treated as regular - temporary staff of CDRI with immediate effect provided their original appointment in the Schemes was made as per rules applicable for regular appointments;
    2. Scientific and Technical staff will be eligible to count Scheme service for the purpose of their assessment under the New Recruitment and Assessment Scheme etc. of the CSIR and their assessment will be done along with similarly placed regular staff in the Laboratory/Instt.;
    3.  Being regular-temporary employee of CDRI these employees will be eligible to all the service benefits/service conditions as are applicable to the regular staff of CSIR;
    4. In the case of non-technical staff, their seniority vis-a-vis other similar regular staff will be counted from the date of issue of these orders;
    5. The post lying vacant under these schemes as on the date of issue of these orders will stand abolished and will not be allowed to be operated under any circumstances
    6.  In the event of any future vacancy occuring amongst absorbed staff, the same will also stand abolished;
    7. The grant being received from the Department of Science and Technology/Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for running of these schemes will be treated as receipt of CSIR and operated as such, so long as these Schemes continued to be financed by the above Departments. As and when either of these Departments discounting financing either of the Schemes, staff of such schemes now being absorbed on regular strength of the Laboratory will be adjusted against the likely comparable vacancies that may arise on the regular strength of the Laboratory in future.

    (CSIR Letter No: 14(6)/84-E.II, dated: 6th June, 1988.)

    (25.1.16) Sub: Absorption of scheme staff on the regular strength of the Labs.1Instts.

    In continuation of this office letter of even number dated 29-6-88 on the above subject, I am directed to state that Director-General, Scientific & Industrial Research has been pleased to accord approval to the counting of scheme service rendered by the staff of NICDAP scheme for assessment purposes as under:-

    1. Service in respect of direct recruits rendered in the Scheme will count for assessmentpurpose as already decided vide this office letter of even number dated 29-6-88. Such staff, if recommended, will be eligible for assessment promotion either from 29-6-88 or any date on which they complete the prescribed length of service, as required for assessment, whichever is later; and
    2. CSIR employees seconded to the Scheme after following prescribed normal recruitment procedure and without dilution of qualifications and standards, shall also be entitled to get the service rendered in the scheme counted for the purpose of assessment in case of absorption without break in regular establishment in the same capacity carrying identical status and pay scale as previously held in the Scheme side.

    However, the staff selected for the Scheme from within the regular strength of the Laboratory without going through the exercise for normal prescribed recruitment procedure; and/or with dilution of qualifications and other standards; shall revert to their original lower posts in the regular establishment held before joining the scheme. In such case, the Scheme service rendered in higher post will count for assessment, if applicable, in the lower regular cadre post held in the regular establishment of the Lab/Instt. since he would have continued in the regular cadre post had he not served in the Scheme.

    (CSIR Letter No: 14(6)/6/84-E.II, dated: 20/06/1990.)

    (25.1.17) Sub: Appointment ofpersons on contract basisfor the Sponsored ProjectsISchemes undertaken by the Labs.1Instts.

    In pursuit of the GOI, Deptt. of Personnel and Training Orders dated 7.6.88, necessary guidelines were circulated to all Labs./lnstts. on, 30.3.90 with regard to absorption of casual workers/persons already engaged on contract etc. by the Labs./lnstts. It was also communicated in the above orders that in future persons may be engaged for the Sponsored Projects/Schemes only with the prior approval of CSIR.

    After taking into consideration the references received from a number of Labs./lnstts. seeking permission for engagement of persons on contract for the consultancy projects, CSIR is already seized with the framing of a mechanism to meet this requirement but keeping in view the provisions of the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970; it has been decided that as an interim measure the following procedure may be adopted in order of preference.

    1. The existing staff strength should be utilised to the optimum by detailing them for the project work.
    2. Minimal requirement of additional man-power for S&T activities may be meted-out from the ceilings of Peer Review already fixed for the year 1987-90. This demand could also be met by inducting of S&T staff on deputation basis from sister Labs. and outside organisations, as per rules.
    3. With regard to non-technical staff, retired employees may be engaged upto a period of six months subject to the ceiling of the emoluments as fixed in the case of a Consultant under extant GOI orders issued from time to time.
    4. If at all additional man-power is a must to man the project work, proposal for creation of posts in the regular side may be initiated giving their justification so that the quality standard may be applied for their induction.

    It is requested that the foregoing parameters may kindly be followed scrupulously to meet the requirements of additional man-power for the Sponsored Projects/Schemes as an interim measure till guidelines for engaging persons on contract basis keeping in view the provision of the contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 are circulated to the Labs./lnstts.

    (CSIR Letter No: 5(8)/90-E.11, dated: 29th, Nov.,90 and further amended vide circular of even number dated 10th Dec .1990.)

    (25.1.18) Sub: Deployment of manpower in a Sponsored Project Scheme of a Labs./Instts.

    For some time past references were being received by CSIR from the Labs./lnstts. regarding deployment of manpower for the Sponsored Projects/Schemes from within the budget provision of such Projects/Schemes agreed upon by both the parties as per the MOUs. At the time of deployment of such staff, a stipulation was made in the offer of appointment to the effect that they were being deployed in a Sponsored Project/Scheme on behalf of the sponsor for a fixed period for the duration of the Scheme/Project only and appointment in a scheme/project was not a CSIR appointment temporary or otherwise and did not entitle the incumbents to an claim, implicit or explicit, on a regular CSIR Post, even then they were preferring their claim for absorption against regular vacancies of the concerned Lab./lnstt. This was not in order under the instructions issued from time to time.

    In order to restrict the engagement of staff for a sponsored Project/Scheme on behalf of the sponsor, a format for the offer of appointment has been devised in consultation with the Legal Adviser of CSIR and a copy of the same is enclosed for your information, guidance and necessary action.

    It is requested that the offer of appointment of a person in a sponsored Project/Scheme should invariably be now made in the enclosed format so that the person concerned should not later on prefer a claim for absorption against a regular post of the Lab./lnstt. The prescribed procedure as applicable for regular post/staff should be followed both for creating posts and recruiting staff for a Sponsored Project/Scheme as envisaged in CSIR circular No. 16(150)/68-E.II (Pt.II) dated 13.1.1981.

    (CSIR Letter No: 5(8)/90-E.II(U-2), dated: 14th May, 1992.)

    Name of the Laboratory













    (Name & Address of the candidate selected for engagement)


    Subject:- Offer for engagement in a sponsored Project/Scheme.


    With reference to your request dated ___________________ you are hereby intimated that the Director, ___________________________________on behalf of the sponsor of the


    Project/Scheme, namely, ____________________ has been pleased to offer you on contract basis

                                                  (Name of the Project)

    to work as ______________________ on consolidated amount of Rs. _________________P.M. on the following terms and conditions--

    1. Your engagement is for the Project, namely, _________________________ funded by (Name of the Sponsor) _____________________ and as such the offer is being made to you on behalf of the sponsor  namely _____________________________________________
    2. It is not an offer of appointment in CSIR temporary or otherwise.  It is a contractual engagement for the Project/Scheme funded by the above sponsor.  It would, therefore, not confer any right/claim implicit or explicit for your consideration against any CSIR post.
    3.  Your engagement on contract is for a specific period of which may be
    4. extended or curtailed depending upon the status of the sponsored Project/Scheme.  In any event, your engagement shall be conterminus with the duration of the above mentioned sponsored Project/Scheme only.

    5. The contract of engagement may be terminated by giving one Month's notice in writing by either side.
    6. No travelling allowance will be paid to you for reporting for duty.
    7. Your engagement on contract will be subject to the production of the following documents at your expense at the time of your reporting for duty:-
      1. Medical Certificate of health and physical fitness for service issued by the competent medical authority in the Prescribed format, if not already so medically examined.  In the latter case, a certified copy of the relevant medical certificate should be furnished.
      2. Documentary evidence in support of your date of birth and qualifications.
    8. Any service matter not specifically stated herein shall be determined by the Director, _________________ (Name of the Laboratory) whose decision shall be final and binding on both the parties to the Contract.

    If you are willing to accept the engagement on these terms and conditions, you may please communicate your acceptance within a week from the date of receipt of this letter while intimating probable date of your reporting for duty.

    (25.1.19) Reference D. 0. letter of even number dated 2.6.95 from Dr. Joshi advising you to temporarily suspend the engagement of staff under the externally funded projects.

    1 feel that with the total embargo on engagement of any staff under the Projects, the Labs./Instts. will be put in a very difficult situation as they may not be able to execute the projects within the time frame fixed by the sponsorers. 1 have, therefore, decided to relax the ban and allow the Labs./Instts. to appoint the project assistants wherever considered necessary for timely execution of the sponsored projects. However, it should be made specifically clear in the letter of appointment to be issued to the persons concerned that their appointment is on purely temporary basis being co-terminus with the duration of the Project. For this purpose, the offer to the persons concerned should invariably be made in the format of the offer of appointment enclosed herewith.

    The engagement of the other category of staff, as far as possible, should not be made. (CSIR D.O. No. 5(8) 190-E.11, dated: 7th July, 1995.) from Dr. Mashelkar, DGSIR.