Staff Car Rules

(26) Staff Car Rules

(26.1.1) Use Use of Staff Carsfor official journeys on tour from residence to Airport/Railway Station/Bus Station and back.

The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a copy of Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum No. 3(15)-E.II(A)/86 dated 29th October 1986 on the above subject. As per these instructions the use of the staff cars for official journeys on tour from residence to Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stand and back should not be permitted except in exceptional circumstances with the prior written sanction of the Secretary of the concerned Department. The payment of conveyance charges to the touring officers will be regulated in accordance with the orders contained in Ministry of Finance Notification No. F. 1 (11)-EII (A)/85 dated 12 December, 1985 and Office Memorandum No. 19030/3/86-E.IV dated 10 June 1986 (Not printed)

The Director General, CSIR, is pleased to approve that the staff car would be made available for official journeys on tour to DG, Additional Director General, Adviser (M), JS(A) and FA at the CSIR Headquarters and Directors and Scientists in the Director's grade in the Laboratories.

(CSIR letter No.2(24)84-G, dated, 14th November, 1986)

(26.1.2) Settlement of outstanding paras of DACR Inspection Report on the Accounts of CSIR Headquarters for the year 1982-83.

The DACR Audit Party while conducting the audit of CSIR Headquarters for the year 1982-83 have made the following observations

"As per rule 33 of the staff car Rules Officers using staff cars are required to note, in their own hand writing in the log book, the mileage at the start and at the completion of their trips after verifying the mile meter and give sufficient particulars to indicate that the journeys were on official business. It was noticed that in the column purpose of journey the person using the staff cars simply noted 'official' without recording sufficient details. Necessary steps may please be taken to obtain full details & purpose of the journey from the officers in the column provided for the purpose in the log book."

"As per log book in Col. 7 the name and designation of the officer using the staff car should be recorded, but in almost all the cases designation of the officer was not recorded."

"The officers using the staff car on Sundays and Holidays may be requested to indicate clearly the purpose of journey being performed by them instead of writing word 'official' in the column Purpose of Journey".

The procedure, as mentioned above be followed by the Officers of your Laboratory/Institute while performing the official journey by CSIR staff cars on Sundays/Holidays and other working days.

(CSIR letter No.5(4)/82-General, dated 20th July, 1984)

(26.1.3) Use of Staff cars by the Officer of CSIR.

Clarification of the following circulars regarding use of official cars issued by the Ministry of Finance, Departments of Expenditure, has been sought by Director, Central Mining Research Station Dhanbad.

Use of Staff cars by the Officer of CSIR.
a F.No. 3(16)-E.II(A)/84-(1) dated 20.2.1985 Circulated vide CSIR endorsement of even No.dated
b) F.No.3(16)-E.II(A)/84-(2) dated 20.2.1985 1.3.1985.
c) F.No.3(16)-E.II(A)/84-(3) dated 21.2.1985 not printed

The point under reference is whether the Director is entitled to use the staff car for private purposes upto a distance of 500 kms per month on payment.

It is hereby clarified that the National Laboratories/ Institutes are the constituent establishments of CSIR. The Chief Executive of the Autonomous Body is the Director-,General, Scientific & Industrial Research. The Heads of National Laboratories/Institutes, who have been declared Heads of Departments are eligible to use the staff car for journeys between Office and residence and that these duties will be treated as official. The Directors are not eligible to use the staff car for Private purposes which facility is admissible only to the Director-General, CSIR.

(CSIR letter No.31 (27)/8 1 -General, dated 6th April 1985)

(26.1.4) Hiring of DLY/DLZ Taxis or Carsfor use of officers.

In accordance with Paras 4 & 5 under Column 4 against item 3 of Annexure to Schedule V in Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1978, taxis or cars can be hired only for the use of State Guests and in connection with Inter-state/Inter-national Conference when staff cars are not adequate to meet the requirements or staff cars are not in working order. The Government of India, Ministry of Finance, have drawn special attention to these provisions and have banned even occasionally the hiring of cars/taxis for use of officers for other purposes.

It is, therefore, requested that the above guidelines may kindly be kept in view, The hiring of taxis/cars such as DLY/DLZ in Delhi and similar cars elsewhere are also covered by these instructions.

(CSIR letter No.31(27)/8 1 -G, dated 23rd January, 1986)