Welfare Activities

(30.8)   Compassionate Fund

(30.8.1) Sub: Authorisation for sanctioning of Rs.5001-from the Compassionate Fund of CSIR.

  1. The Scheme for Compassionate Fund is mainly meant for Immediate Relief to the families of the deceased employee of Class III and IV who leave their families in indigent circumstances on account of premature death.  Since the submission of application by the widows of the deceased employees and consequently their processing for grant from Compassionate Fund takes time, the very purpose for providing immediate relief, is defeated. 
  2. The Compassionate Fund Committee of CSIR, therefore, suggested that Directors of National Labs./lnstts. may be authorised to sanction payment to the extent of Rs.5001- from the Compassionate Fund subject to its recoupment from CSIR Headquarters in deserving cases to meet immediate requirements of the family of the deceased employee. 
  3. It has, therefore, been decided to authorise the Directors of National Labs./Instts. to sanction Rs.500/- (Rs.Five Hundred only) in consultation with their Accounts Officer and Administrative Officer in exceptionally deserving cases, where genuine need for assistance is established, on behalf of the compassionate Fund committee of the CSIR, to avoid delay in providing immediate relief to the family of the deceased.
  4. At the CSIR Headquarters, the Chief (Admn.) may sanction this amount in consultation with Chief (Finance).
  5. Such payments may be reported to the CSIR at once and adjusted against such grants as would be considered and recommended by the Committee in favour of the family of the deceased employee on receipt of the application on the prescribed form through the Lab./lnstts. concerned.
  6. (CSIR Letter No: 16(209)/76-E.I, dated: 22th November, 1976.)

    Rules Regulating the Compassionate Fund of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

    Rules Regulating the Compassionate Fund of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
    Constitution 1.  The Compassionate Fund of the CSIR is constituted and fed by means of an annual grant of Rs.25,000/- for the Government of India, which is cumulative, the unexpended balance being carried forward from year to year. It is administered by a Committee consisting of Director-General. Scientific and Industrial Research, F.A. to CSIR and Secretary, CSIR.
    Eligibility 2.The Fund is intended for the relief of the families of Council Servants who die in service and were paid from the I.R.F. The deceased Council Servant should have served in any Laboratory/Institute/Organisation/Research Centre of the CSIR.
    Applications  3.No application will be considered which is not submitted to the Lab./lnstt./Organisation/Research Centre within one year of the death of the Council servant, unless the delay in submission is sufficiently explained. It is most desirable that applications should be submitted as promptly as possible after the death of a Council Servant.
    Conditions for Grant of Award 4.  (i) Grants from the fund are restricted to cases of an exceptionally deserving character where the family is left in indigent circumstances.

     ii) The deceased officer must have been meritorious Council Servant.  Unusually meritorious service gives special claim for consideration.

    (iii) Death due to or accelerated by special devotion to duty establishes a claim for consideration.

    (iv) In ordinary cases preference will be given to the dependents of officers who have put in long years of service.

    (v) Other things being equal, preference will be given to those who had been in the lower pay ranges.

    (vi) Awards will not ordinarily be made from the Fund to the families of retired Council Servants but cases in which the death of a Council Servant occurred within six months of retirement or where the Council Servant has been totally/Permanently disabled can be considered.

    Amount of the Grant   5.     (1)No family Pension will be granted from the fund.

    (11) In exceptional cases suitable recurring grants may be sanctioned for a limited period as assistance towards special needs, such as expenditure on the education of minor children.  These recurring grants will be subject to such conditions as the committee may impose to satisfy itself regarding the continuance of the need, utilization of the amount etc.

    (III) Lumpsum grants in excess of Rs.1000/- will not be made save in very exceptional circumstances.  The total benefit payable in any individual case (Lump sum and Recurring) should not normally exceed Rs. 10,000 or a year's pay, whichever is less.  The precise amount will be fixed according to need of each case as assessed by the Committee.

    Procedure forgrant of an award is given as  6. The form of application for the grant of an award is given as Appendix to these rules. The concerned Lab./lnstt./Organisation/Research Centre will forward to CSIR Head-quarters, by means of an Office Memorandum, the application along with other relevant documents. The applications should be strictly screened by the Head of Lab./lnstt./Organisation/Research Centre and only cases, where the genuine need for assistance is established to his satisfaction should be forwarded for consideration. When an award is recommended which appears to be excessive and no special reasons are given in support, the Secretary, CSIR may ask the Lab./lnstt./Organisation/Research Centre concerned for a further explanation. After the Committee's decision has been obtained by the CSIR Headquarter,   sanction for payment will be communicated direct to the applicants to the Lab./lnstt./Organisation/Research Centre, the concerned Accounts Officer as also the Budget and Accounts Officer, CSIR. The payment will be made to recipient by the concerned Accounts Officer and got recouped from the Budget and Accounts Officer.
    Accounting       7. The Accounts of the Fund will be maintained by the Budget and Accounts Officer, CSIR. Besides copies of the sanctions which will be endorsed to him, the list of the awards sanctioned will also be furnished to him by the Secy. to CSIR Half- yearly. The expenditure involved will be debitable to the Head G.Deposit and Advances compassionate Fund in the Book of the Control Office of the CSIR. The yearly grants will be debited to the head "Superannuation Allowances and Pension Detailed Head Compassionate Fund" and credited to G. Deposits and AdvancesCompassionate Fund.
    General   8. The decision of the Committee on all matters relating to the fund or payment therefrom will be final.

    9.All awards from the Fund will be purely

    (30.8.2) Sub: Authorisation for sanction of Rs.1500/- from the compassionate fund of CSIR on the death of a Council Servant.


    Reference this office circular of even no. dt. 22.11.76 on the above subject.  It has been decided by DG CSIR to authorise the Administrative Officers of the National Labs./lnstts. (in the case of CSIR Hqrs., the DS (CO) to sanction a sum of Rs.1500/- out of compassionate fund immediately in all cases where a Council Servant dies in harness, to the family of the deceased, to meet the expenses for performing his/her last rites. 

    This adhoc amount will be reduced from the finally sanctioned amount out of the compassionate fund based on the regular proposal of the Lab/CSIR-HQ.  In case the regular proposal of the Lab./lnstt. is not approved by the CSIR or Lab itself does not forward any proposal in this regard the amount of Rs.1500/- already sanctioned and paid to the dependents will be treated as final grant from the compassionate fund.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(209)76-EI, dated3rd July, 1987.)

    (30.8.3) Sub: Grant of relief from the Compassionate fund of CSIR.

    Reference CSIR Scheme of Compassionate Funds as amended from time to time, the last amendment circulated vide letter No. 16(209)/76.EI, dated 3rd July, 1987 which, inter alia, stipulates that the compassionate fund is intended for the relief of the families left in indigent circumstances on account of the death of the Council servant upon whom they depended for support.  It is observed from the applications being received from the Labs . /Instts. that the cases which do not merit support are also forwarded.  For the purpose of determining a case of "indigent circumstances", various elements like family pension dearness relief thereon, average interest on the lumpsum payment received by the payment on the death of the Council servant (e.g. GPF/CPF, Group Insurance encashment of leave, gratuity etc.) and salary of the widow or dependant of the deceased Council servant, employed, if any, on compassionate ground or otherwise, should be taken into consideration.  Normally, cases where the widow or a dependant of the deceased Council servant has been given employment on compassionate ground may not justify grant of relief under this scheme except the immediate relief as provided in the office letter, dated 3.7.87. - 

    It is, therefore, requested that only such cases may be forwarded to the CSIR which strictly satisfy the conditions for grant of relief from the compassionate fund.

    (CSIR Letter No: 16(209)/S6.E.I, dated 21st April, 1987.)