साइबर जागरुकता

क्र.सं. कार्यक्रम/गतिविधियाँ तिथियां द्वारा आयोजित टिप्पणियां
1 A mail important Do's & Don'ts on cyber issues was sent to all CSIR HQs users. 7th September, 2022 CSIR HQs.
2 A booklet on Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System prepared by Uttarakhand Police is being circulated to create awareness among CSIR-CBRI users 7th September, 2022 CSIR-CBRI
3 A banner has been displayed on cyber security safety measures 7th September, 2022 CSIR- IICT
4 Images on cyber awareness were shown on TV in the reception area of CSIR Hqs. and an email was sent to all CSIR users to inform them about CSIR CJD webpage. 3rd August, 2022 CSIR HQs.
5 Quiz competition about "Cyber Security Awareness" 3rd August, 2022 CSIR-IICT Competition is for IICTZM school children of Classes 9th and 10th
6 Essay competition on cyber security August 2022 CSIR-CRRI For the children of CRRI staff members (class 8th to 12th)
7 Awareness through pasting posters on Cyber Security at various places in CSIR HQs 6th July, 2022 CSIR
8 Shared Cyber Security Guidelines for Government Employees 6th July, 2022 CSIR-IICT
9 Webinar on “Tackling the first line of cyber defense in current work environment” 6th July, 2022 CSIR-CMERI
10 An online session on “Protect yourself from the hackers” 6th July, 2022 CSIR-CLRI
11 Quiz Competition on cyber awareness 6th July, 2022 CSIR-CRRI
12 Sophos webinar: "Learn what attackers do and how to spot them" 22nd June, 2022 CSIR-CRRI For staff members, Projects Assistants and Research Interns etc.
13 The guidelines specifies the "do's and don'ts" with respect to cyber security and ensuring proper cyber security hygiene in the government offices including the contractual/outsourced manpower. 14th June, 2022 CSIR-CRRI Circulated to HoDs with request to share amongst divisional staff members
14 Email newsletter to all CSIR users 1st June, 2022 CSIR Email sent to all CSIR users