सीएसआईआर की सफलता की कहानियां

Sl.No. Title
1 Disaster Management: Synthesis of Modelling, Measurements and Data Analytics
2 Commercialization of CSIR-NML Column Flotation Technology
3 Development of the first Oral Cholera Vaccine and its successful testing on human volunteers
4 Solar cells that harvest indoor light to produce energy
5 Development of lead-free X-Ray shielding tiles
6 CSIR’s The Wealth of India encyclopaedia
7 Coating technology to mitigate corrosion of rebars in concrete structures
8 Soil Nailing with Box Jacking Technique for construction of live rail and road underpasses
9 Drishti for the Fighter Aircraft - Head Up Display, Optical Sights and Variants
10 Airborne Geophysics: Fast-tracking Exploration of Mineral and Groundwater Resources in India
11 Fuelling future rockets of India through CSIR Technology
12 High Power Magnetrons: Strengthening Strategic, Medical and Industrial Domains of India
13 DNA Fingerprinting Technology - Its Success and Future
14 Ayurgenomics: Bringing age-old wisdom to the healthcare of the future
15 From India importing to exporting wax: Indigenously developed CSIR technology turns the tide
16 World's first non-steroidal birth control pill
17 Thulium fibre laser at 2 μm: A next generation laser for medical applications
18 Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) or Indian Reference Material: Ensuring reliability, comparability and quality
19 The HANSA - Two Seat Aircraft for Pilot Training
20 Dimethyl Ether (DME) Process Technology – An Ultra Clean Fuel
21 Emergency Restoration System (ERS) – An indigenous technology for quick restoration of power
22 Converting waste to wealth with CSIR-CSMCRI’s Spent Wash Management Technology
23 Unravelling the mysteries of underwater cultural heritage
24 Blasts for constructive purposes
25 S&T Interventions in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Rural Development in North East India
26 Providing pure drinking water with TERAFIL
27 Low cost and hazard resistant houses for the nation
28 Leather for employment
29 Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System (i-MSWDS)
30 Renewing and Restoring Sewage using RENEU
31 India’s Traditional Knowledge and the role of CSIR’s TKDL