आयोजित दस्तावेजों की धारा या नियंत्रण के अधीन

Registers/Documents in Finance Division

Categories of documents held or under control
1 Audit Registers for headwise expenditure.
2 Broad sheets of Advances to employees.
3 GPF/CPF Ledgers and Broad Sheets.
4 Remittance Registers
5 Deposit Registers
6 OB (Objection Book) of Advances
7 Cash Book (Main)
8 Cash Book (Subisidiary)
9 Valuable Registers
10 Cheque Book & Receipt Book Registers
11 Monthly classified Abstract of Receipts and Payments
12 Monthly Consolidated Abstract of Receipts and Payments
13 Balance Sheet
14 Voucher Register
15 Bill Register
16 Diary/Dispatch Register
17 Cheque issue Register
18 Register for Pensionery Benefit
19 Investment Register
20 Loan/Grant Register
21 Project Register
22 File, Note Register
23 Lab. Reserve Register
24 BE/RE Statement
25 Disbursement of Grant to Labs/Institutes.