1.AIMA Expert Lecture Series from Trade, Industry and Academics (Set of 52 CDs)

a)Management and Organizational Behavior (8 CDs)

  • Importance of customer focus to an organization
  • Organizing across borders
  • Transforming technologies for the Future
  • Challenging the leader
  • The voice within the leader
  • Creating a leadership pipeline
  • Change management to change leadership
  • Innovation: a key tool for the new manager

b)Business Communications and Soft Skills (1 CD)

  • Listening to the people.

c)Marketing Management(6 CDs)

  • Creating customer delight
  • IT tools for enhancing CRM delivery system
  • Strategies for youth dominated market
  • Winning in the era of ‘Total competition
  • Preemptive CRM: retaining customers when competition emulates.
  • Decoding the cultural language for marketing

    d)Business Environment(8 CDs)

  • Managing new India: connecting across generations
  • People: India’s advantage, the strategic outlook, the execution challenge
  • Managing new India - striving for inclusive growth
  • Managing the people, social and cultural dimensions of Globalization
  • Managing new India - striving for inclusive growth
  • New India as an emerging giant - Asia Pacific region
  • Connecting across generations
  • Partnering beyond country borders

    e)Human Resource Management(5 CDs)

  • Organizational architecture/structures for effective service delivery
  • Organizational architecture/structures for effective service delivery
  • HR execution in a M & A business environment
  • Talent management
  • Innovate or evaporate: HR innovations
  • HR related aspects of CRM - reward/ recognition systems

f)Entrepreneurship and Good Governance(3 CDs)

  • Creating talent incubators
  • Experience: my firm and my journey
  • The entrepreneur manager

g)Management of Technology(1 CD)

  • Instilling the “DNA” of innovation

h)Strategic Management (6 CDs)

  • A conceptual framework for managing future, enhanced competitiveness - an antidote to managing future everlasting takeaways
  • Design as a strategic differentiator
  • Speed & agility
  • Managing New India
  • 70 Million employable Indians: strategies for Global competitiveness
  • Developing the new business manager

i)Logistics and Supply Chain Management(2 CDs)

  • Collaboration and best practices in supply chain management
  • Developing Good supply chain management

j)Brand Management(5 CDs)

  • Product brands to company brands
  • Designing World class brands
  • Creating icons brands in the Indian market
  • Building successful brands in the 21st century
  • Connecting across generations - creating India brands

k)Retailing Management(1CD)

  • The changing face of retailing in India

l)International Marketing(1CD)

  • Developing a Global mindset

m) Change Management(5 CDs)

  • Mobilizing Change
  • Managing new India: the Indian MNCs
  • Emerging leadership: the role of next generation politicians
  • Megatrends of the next decade
  • Collaboration trust and innovative change

2.Encyclopedia of Management(Set of 25 vols.)

  • Build a city.
  • Business plan.
  • Business reports.
  • Capatalism plus
  • Communication skill.
  • Conflict management.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Cross culture orientation.
  • Developing successful J.V. & alliances.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Employee trainee
  • Making meetings work.
  • Managing for results.
  • Managing your home & office.
  • Merriam webmaster.
  • Performance management.
  • Personal finance & investing.
  • Presentation skill.
  • Principles of marketing.
  • Sales skill.
  • Simply money.
  • Small business owner.
  • Stress management
  • Successful marketing for executive.
  • Time management.

3.Films on Water by Centre for Science & Environment (26 films)

  • Arvari.
  • Changing currents: boiling point.
  • Changing currents: dam dam dam.
  • Changing currents: land of the rising water.
  • Changing currents: net profits.
  • Changing currents: plumbing the rights Pt. I–II.
  • Changing currents: pumping pressure.
  • Changing currents: tell-tale signs.
  • Changing currents: tunnel vision
  • Changing currents: water on the brain.
  • China road show.
  • Drinking the sky.
  • Fate worse than floods.
  • Harvest of rain.
  • Mucking up the Mediterranean.
  • Not a dirty word.
  • Our liquid assets
  • Rivers of sand.
  • Thar: secrets of the desert.
  • The Green deserts.
  • The Hard edge
  • To dam or not to dam.
  • Water: every drop counts.
  • Water: everybody lives downstream Pt. I & II
  • Water wars.
  • Waterworks India: four engineers and a manager.

4.Films by Tata Energy Research Institute (15 films)

  • A new prescription.
  • An area of darkness.
  • Daughters of the soil.
  • Forests.
  • Give us a life, please!.
  • Global warming!.
  • Learning to dream again.
  • Rural resources
  • Shifting power
  • Taj Mahal…. beyond the love story.
  • The slow poisoning of India.
  • Threads of life.
  • To their credit.
  • Water ignites life and hope.
  • Where is my dinner.


  • Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.
  • British Pharmacopoeia.
  • Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India.

6.Complete encyclopedia of networking by Werner Feibel.

7.Encarta standard encyclopedia.

8.Encyclopedia Britannica: ultimate reference suite.

9.Five principles of business leadership by IPR Publishing Ltd.

10.Freedom is not free by Shiv Khera.

11.Global environment outlook 3 by UNEP.

12.Handbook of lasers and optics by Trager

13.Indian agrochemicals industry database

14.India’s economic survey 1995 to 2005 edited by B. Suryakant.

15.Intellectual property: a power tool for economic growth by Kamil Idris.

16.Intellectual property rights: key to new wealth by NRDC.

17.ISO 14001: environmental certification step by step.

18.Manual on the essential industry by UNIDO

19.National Geographic 112 years CD-ROM collectors’ ed. 1888 to 2000 (set of 32 CDs).

20.Nutraceuticals: industry insights by Cygnus Business Consultancy.

21.Reports of the Finance Commissions of India (1st–11th).

22.Science in India: achievements and aspirations by INSA.

23.Standard handbook of electronic engineering by Alexander Christiansen.

24.TKDL: Traditional Knowledge Digital Library–Ayurveda.

25.UNIDO Manuals on preparing industrial feasibility studies and evaluating industrial projects.

26.World Development Indicators by World Bank.

27.World Development Indicators by World Bank.

28.World Development Report 1978–2007 by World Bank.