News/Call for proposals/Announcements

Sl.No. Title Details
1 National Student Outreach Program on "Ways to a Healthier Microbiome: Solutions" Details
2 Call for research and training at ICMR-NJIL &OMD, Agra (Last Date: September 30, 2021 | Call for research and training at ICMR-NJIL&OMD, Agra Last Date: 30.09.2021) Details
3 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)-2021 under Indo-US Collaborative Vision Research Program (Last date: 08.11.2021) Details
4 Webinar on Listening to Learn Series Details
5 Webinar on Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) in Action on 24th August 2021 during 07:30 - 13:30 hrs(IST) Details
6 India-Australia joint call under AISRF - Round 14 (Last Date: 30.08.2021) Details
7 FIST 2021 Advertisement (Last date: 06.09.2021) Details
8 Call for Applications: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022-2023 (Last Date: 12th November 2021) Details
9 National level Outreach Program on How Human Are We? Our Microbiome, Nutrition and Long-Term Health being Organized by PRABHASS. Details
10 National level Outreach Program on Microbiome, Nutrition and Long-Term Health Outreach for school children and their parents Details
11 India Taiwan Cooperation and Friendship Forum 2021 (Last Date:July 29, 2021) Details
12 Calls for Proposals 2021 under Indo-French Programme in Information and Communication Science & Technology (ICST) (Last Date; 07.10.2021) Details
13 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2021: SUPPORT OF NETWORKING ACTIVITIES under Indo-Belgian Research and Technology Cooperation (Last Date: 17.09.2021) Details
14 Call for Proposals 2021 under Water Technology Initiative (WTI) for RD & D activities in the area of Desalination, efficient desalination systems and Test Beds & Pilot-scale demonstrations for emerging & futuristic technologies (Last Date: 16.09.2021) Details
16 WAITRO Innovation Award 2021 - Theme: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture - Last date: 30th September 2021 Details
17 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021 call under Horizon Europe is Open - Last date 12th October 2021 Details
18 Indo-Finnish Joint Call on Researcher Mobility ( Last Date: 23/09/2021) Details
19 IRHPA - Call for proposals on Energy (Last Date: 15.07.2021) Details
20 IRHPA- Call for proposals on AI based Earth Systems Modeling (ESM) (Last Date: 30.06.2021) Details
21 Call for proposals under SERB-Scientific and Useful Profound Research Advancement (SUPRA) scheme (Last date: 24.06.2021) Details
22 Collaborative Scientific Research Programme (Last Date:15th July 2021) Details
23 Seminars/Workshops/Training Schools (Last Date:15th July 2021) Details
24 Indo-Russian Joint Research Call for Proposals 2021 (Last-Date: 15th July 2020) Details
25 2022-2023 Fellowships (for Indian Citizens) -Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowships (Last-Date: 15th September 2020) Details
26 2022-2023 Fellowships (for Indian Citizens) -Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships (Last-Date: 14th October 2020) Details
27 ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D Scheme Details
28 ASEAN-India Research Training Fellowship (AI-RTF) Details
29 Invitation for full Research Proposal in area of Therapeutics, Vaccines and Diagnostics in Tuberculosis(Last-Date: 15th May 2020) Details
30 Open Call for Indo-German Bilateral Workshops (Last Date:31st July 2021) Details
31 Special Call for Indo-German Bilateral Virtual Workshops Details
32 India Sweden joint Industrial R&D call 2021 for Proposals in the technology sector (1)Smart and sustainable cities and transport systems; (2)Clean technologies, IoT and digitalization (Last Date - 6th May 2021) Details
33 Call For Applications: Senior And Intermediate Fellowships In Basic Biomedical Research (Last Date 1st March 2021) Details
34 Applications for Clinical and Public Health Research Fellowships. Open for clinicians & public health researchers with up to 15 years of post-MD/MS/MPH/PhD or equivalent research experience.(Preliminary application deadline: 16 March 2021) Details
35 DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance) and European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) invite applications for India I EMBO Lecture Course(Last date: 1 March 2021) Details
36 Indo-French Water Network (IFWN) Programme (Last Date: 31/03/2021) Details
37 TDB-CEFIPRA-Bpifrance Programme (Last Date: 31/03/2021) Details
38 Raman–Charpak Fellowship (Last Date: April/May (PhD Students)) Details
39 DST-CEFIPRA Fellowship for ESONN Programme(Last Date: February/March 2021) Details
40 TB Report International Coordinating Center (TB-RICC) Cross Consortium RFP(Last Date: 22/2/2021) Details
41 Fifth Call under Accelerated Translational Grant for Commercilization (ATGC) PROGRAM(Last Date: 28/2/2021) Details
42 Call for proposal in Fundamental Research under the bilateral program with Germany (DBT-DFG)(Last Date: 28/2/2021) Details
43 Grand Challenge: Biomedical Device and Technology Development (BDTD) programme(Last Date: 31/03/2021) Details
44 India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme 2020 on “Smart Grid”- Request for Proposal 2020(Last Date: 20/5/2021) Details