Raman Research Fellowships for the year 2017-2018

S.N. Name and Designation (at the time of selection) Nominating Lab Period Host Institute Email ID
1. Dr. Arup Ghosh
Senior Scientist
CSIR-CSMCRI 3 Months Prof (Dr) Anant Patel, Univ of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld Fermentation and Formulation of Biologicals and Chemicals Gp, Faculty of Engg. & Mathematics, Bielefeld, Germany arupghosh@csmcri.res.in
2. Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Shukla
Senior Scientist
CSIR-CIMAP 2 Months 15 Days Prof. Dr. Michael Müller, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg Germany ashutoshshukla@cimap.res.in
3. Dr. E.Bhoje Gowd
Senior Scientist
CSIR-NIIST 3 Months Prof. Rong-Mig Ho, Distinguished Professor,Department of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 30013 bhojegowd@gmail.com
4. Dr. Ashok Kumar Mohanty
Senior Scientist
CSIR-NML 3 Months Prof. Hideki Matsuoka, Department of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan akm@nmlindia.org
5. Dr. M.B. Anoop
Principal Scientist
CSIR-SERC 3 Months Dr. Matthieu Vandamme
Assistant Professor
Laboratoire Navier, Ecole des Ponts, ParisTech, Université Paris-Est, Champs-sur-Marne, France
6. Dr. Mahanth Prasad
Senior Scientist
CSIR-CEERI 4 Months Dr. Partha Sarthi Dutta
Professor, Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), New York, USA
7. Dr. Umesh Kumar Tiwari Scientist CSIR-CSIO 3 Months Jochen Fick, Ph.D.,Senior Scientist, Nano-Optics and Forces Team, Institut Néel, Grenoble Cedex 09, France umeshtiwari@csio.res.in
8. Dr. Gowda Rudraswami
Senior Scientist
CSIR-NIO 4 Months Prof.Yves Marrocchi , Charge de Recherches (CRNS), Centre de Recherches Petrographiques at Geochimiques (CRPG), Nancy, France rudra@nio.org
9. Dr. Krushna Chandra Gouda Senior Scientist CSIR-4PI 4 Months Prof. Andy Morse, Climate Impacts, School of Env. Sciences, Roxby Building, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK kcgouda@csir4pi.in