1.0 Sub: Finalisation of Tender documents for open/Press tenders.

The preparation of the terms and conditions of the tender document for open/Press/Global tenders are to be done in the Purchase Section taking into consideration various standard terms like Inco terms etc. in addition any special terms and conditions which are deemed fit by the SPC may be included in the tender document. The tender document including its price should be finalised by the respective SPCs before issue.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/Misc./2k dated 4.9.2000 to Director IIP, Dehradun)

2.0 Sub: Payment of service tax on Marine Insurance.

The service tax is a statutory liability to be paid by the Insurance companies after collecting it from the person to whom the service is provided. It is an indirect tax like sales tax.

So service tax may be paid while finalizing insurance of all items.

(CSIR Circular No. PUR-I/SPO/2000 dated 24.11.2000 to Director, IIP, Dehradun)

3.0 Sub: Co-opting a member of the project team etc. in the Tender Opening Committee

It is clarified that you may co-opt the members from the concerned project team and from Engineering Division in the Tender opening committee for Coal Washing Pilot Plant in the tender opening committee in addition to your standing committee.

The tender opening committee should performs the following function

  1. The Committee shall check whether the tenders received are sealed or not and record the same in the tender opening sheet.
  2. The Committee shall obtain the signatures of the representatives of the firms who are present at the time of opening.
  3. Each tender shall be numbered serially and initiated on each page.
  4. Whether the enclosures mentioned on the cover page is attached or not
  5. Alterations in tenders, if any, made by the firms should be initiated legibly by circulating to make it clear that such alterations were present at the time of opening. Similar procedure is also to be followed on any erasing/cutting on the tender or any blank tenders.
  6. If late/delayed quotations are received, the Committee should write “late/delayed” on such tenders which may be kept sealed in their original envelopes or returned unopened.
  7. For the information of the representatives attending the tender opening, the following particulars will be read out and noted by the representatives and witnessing the tender opening:
    1. Name of the Bidders
    2. Description of stores.
    3. Quantity, unit prices.
    4. Taxes, levies and duties extra or not.
    5. Any rebate/discount offered.
    6. Terms of delivery.
    7. Delivery period offered.
    8. Warranty offered.
    9. Any other charges like packing, forwarding, transportation etc.

(CSIR Circular No. SPO/2000-12-22 dated 22.12.2000 to Director, CFRI, Dhanbad)

4.0 Sub: Excise Duty Exemption.

The excise duty exemption is allowed to CSIR and its National Labs. under notification No. 10/97 for the following items:-

  1. Scientific & Technical Instts., apparatus, equipments (including computers)
  2. accessories and spare-parts of goods specified above and consumables.
  3. computer software, CD-ROM, recorded magnetic tapes, microfilms, microfiches.
  4. Prototypes where cost do not exceed Rs. 50000/-.

While claiming the duty exemption, a certificate from the Head of the Institution is to be produced certifying that the said goods are required for research purpose only.

As the Diesel Generator set being procured by you is not meant for research purposes, the excise duty exemption will not available for such items.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2000 dated 19.1.2000 to Director, RRL, Bhubaneswar)

5.0 Sub: Procurement from Kendriya Bhandar.

As per DO No. KB/Stny/2000 on 2001 dated 3rd March 2001 received from Shri P.K. Brahma, Addl. Secretary, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Govt. of India, addressed to Secretary, DSIR and DG,CSIR. The letter is self-explanatory and answers the queries made by you.

In case you require some more clarifications with reference to your letter referred to above, you may make specific references if any.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2001 dated 3rd April, 2001 to Director, NPL with copies to all Director)

6.0 Sub: Payment of service tax.

The payment of service tax is a statutory liability to be collected from the person to whom the service is provided. It is just like sales tax, which is collected from the customer and is deposited by the seller with the Sales tax department.

The matter has again been considered in consultation with the Dy. Financial Advisor and Legal Advisor, CSIR and it is clarified that the decision to pay statutory duties should be taken by the Labs without making any reference to CSIR Headquarters.

You are therefore requested to take further necessary action.

(CSIR Circular No. Nil dated 13.2.01 to Director, IICT Hyderabad.)

7.0 Sub: Import Export Policy.

As per the present Import Export policy, the deep freezers under chapter 84.18 are importable freely without any restriction.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2001 dated 25.04.2001 to SPO, ITRC, Lucknow)

8.0 Sub: Procedure of Global tendering and EMD.

The procedure to be followed for global tendering is as follows:

  1. Global tendering is to be resorted to only when the user scientist and the Project leader certifies that the response from indigenous sources are remote.
  2. The notice inviting tender (NIT) should be published in the Indian Trade Journal, blushed by the DGCIS, Calcutta in addition to press advertisement in Newspapers.
  3. In addition the copy of the NIT may be sent to the foreign embassies located in India giving them at least 6 weeks time so that they can forward the same to the prospective bidders in their countries.
  4. The estimated cost of item for which Global tendering is recommended can be decided by the respective SPC on case to case basis.

As regards to the EMD, the Govt. of India order stipulates to collect EMD from various parties where the estimate cost is more than Rs. 1.00 lakh. The question of exemption of EMD is under consideration and as soon as a decision is taken, the same shall be communicated to NPL.

As regards to refund of EMD in their original form, the present practice of receipt of EMD through DD/bankers Cheque/Bank guarantee, depositing the same in accounts and return it after 30 days from the date of award will continue.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2000 dated 25.5.2001 to Director, NPL)

9.0 Sub: Procurement of items from Co-op Stores.

It has been decided to procure the items from any of the three agencies viz. Super Bazaar/ NCCF/ Kendriya Bhandar.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2001 dated 13.06.2001 to Director, NPL)

10.0 Sub: Computer Networking components

It has been decided that since the work of networking of LAN is a specialized one and requires certification of measurements though measurement Book, such jobs should be carried out by the Engg. Services Division of NBRI who can record the measurements in the MB, certify the same based on which payment can be released.

(CSIR Circular No. CSIR/SPO/2000 dated 15.6.2001to Director, NBRI, Lucknow)

11.0 Sub: Procurement of items from Kendriya Bhandar etc.

In super session of all previous circulars issued in this subject, It has been decided to procure items from Kendriya Bhandar/Super Bazaar/NCCF as follows:-

  1. Every purchase costing upto Rs. 5000.00 may be procured from Kendriya Bhandar/ Super bazaar/NCCF directly.
  2. For purchases costing more than Rs. 5000.00, Directors of the labs. are authorised to decide as to whether they want to procure from these agencies or from open market at competitive rates.

(CSIR Circular No. 14-5(1)/2001-S&P dated 10.07.2001 to all Directors)

12.0 Sub: Insurance coverage of items/equipments that are carried by a team for Project work outside the Labs./Instt.

In the matter of stores item/equipments that are being carried by a Project team for execution of some project activity outside the Labs./Instt. are lost in transit by way of theft or otherwise.

In order to ensure safety of costly stores equipments in transit it has been decided that adequate insurance coverage for equipments, that are planned to be taken outside for activities connected with execution of a sponsored project or otherwise, may be made. Besides transit, the insurance should also cover other risks such as theft or pilferage at the project sit, storage, breakdown or accidental damage to the equipments and other risks as per the specific need of the Labs./Instts. While finalizing the insurance policy, care should be taken to ensure that necessary paper work required by the insurance company at the time of lodging a claim be defined, clearly spelt out and may be brought to the notice of all concerned officials so that insurance claims can be lodged promptly to minimize the loss.

The expenditure on account of Insurance charges shall be debited to the Project for which the equipment is sent outside the Lab./Instt. premises.

(CSIR Circular No. 14-5(1)/2001-SV dated 23.08.2001to all Directors)

13.0 Sub: Exemption of EMD on procurement of equipments etc.

The matter has been examined in consultation with the Financial Adviser and Chief Vigilance Officer of CSIR who have opined as under:-

“EMD are asked for primarily to ensure that the quoting parties are genuine. If the Organisation is sure that the party is genuine and highly reputed and just because of the operation of this clause, the competition gets greatly restricted, they can themselves take a view and waive this condition.

In the revised procedure we are clearly stipulating that this decision can be taken by the Director/sanctioning authority. In the instant case too, in the absence of any specific provision in the present purchase procedure, a decision in this regard can be taken by the Director, in the interest of the organization.”

Further necessary action in the matter may kindly be taken accordingly.

(CSIR Circular No. 13-2(1)/2001/Purchase dated 28.9.2001 to Director, NPL)

The original circulars are available in and anyone interested can download the same.

Clarifications to Purchase Procedure 2002 - Serial Circular No. 296 dated 15/6/2006

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