Process/Product: Agro technology for Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).
Application/Varieties/Use: WSR, Poshita. Used for treatment of rheumatism, hypertension, gout, cancer, as a tonic and sex stimulant in Ayurvedic system of medicine.
Suitable Regions in India: M.P., U.P., Bihar, J&K, Haryana, Tamil Nadu , Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra. It can also be cultivated in arid lands and wastelands.
Soil & Climate: Porous sandy loam soil, subtropical climate.
Propagation: In Aug-Sept, seed 2 kg/ha.
Agripractices: Harvesting period: March-April; FYM : 20 t/ha. No chemical fertiliser required. Thrives under little irrigation or rainfed conditions.
Yield: 1.0-1.4 t dry roots/ha annually.
Institute: Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu.
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