Process/Product: Agrotechnology for menthol mint or Japanese mint (Mentha arvensis).
Application/Varieties/Use: Var: Himalaya, Kosi, MAS-1, Kalka, Shivalik. Oil is source of natural menthol used in flavour and pharmaceutical industries.
Suitable Regions in India: Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan.
Soil & Climate: Well drained deep loamy soils; pH6.5-8.0, tropical and subtropical climate, rainfall 950-1050 mm.
Propagation: Vegetative propagation through suckers; 5q suckers for direct sowing and 1 q suckers per ha are required for nursery raising and transplantation of seedlings.
Agripractices: It is a 6-7 months crop. First harvest 100-120 days after planting, second harvest after another 60-70 days; irrigation:: 10-14; fertilizer: 150-200 kg N, 50-60 kg P and 50-60 kg K/ha.
Yield: 150 to 200 kg oil/ha
Institute: Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu.
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