Socio-economic Ministry Interface

Name of Directorate:

Technology Management Directorate - Socio-economic Ministry Interface (TMD-SeMI)

About the Directorate:

As part to reorganize the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Management Structure at CSIR Hqrs, for enabling accelerated delivery and deployment of STI proceeds, TMD-SeMI. has been created as one of the new Directorates.

Mandate of the Directorate:

The Technology Management Directorate – Socio Economic Ministries Interface (TMD-SeMI) aims at streamlining organization, coordination, and management of all such dynamic technology management activities of CSIR laboratories which requires coordination and interaction with socio economic ministries. All activities of TMD-SeMI converge towards socio economic development of the country.

The Directorate interfaces and helps form organic linkages between CSIR laboratories and different ministries for technology development and deployment of the developed technologies on the ground even in remotest areas. By doing so, TMD-SeMI strives to leverage developed technologies to provide high quality technology based products/ solutions/ services as well as competitive advantage to citizens of the country.

The technology roadmap of TMD-SeMI is dynamic, in keeping with the change in market needs and on-ground requirements. TMD-SeMI is working on sector-specific Technology Projects portfolio (technology projects under development) and technology portfolio (technologies in use) for use by Ministries in the socio-economic sector.

TMD-SeMI is thus mandated for end-to-end networking with Socio-Economic Ministries and Other Relevant Organizations on the one hand; and implement Missions of Societal Relevance, CSIR-Harnessing Appropriate Rural Interventions and Technologies (HARIT), Niche Creating High Science/ High Technology Projects (NCP) and Focused Basic Research (FBR) Projects (planning, financial management, implementation, monitoring, and closing), lab centric projects, CSIR Award for S&T Innovations for Rural Development (CAIRD), vital activities pertaining to CSIR Theme Directorates, Themes and Sub-verticals, including new assignments, on the other hand.

The Directorate works in conjunction with Technology Management Directorate - Industry interface.

Details of Staff of the Directorate:

Sr No Name Designation email ID
1 Dr Vibha Malhotra Sawhney Scientist 'H' and Head
2 Dr. Meenakshi Singh Chief Scientist
3 Dr. Mahendra P. Darokar Chief Scientist
4 Shri Anoj Kumar Principal Scientist
5 Dr RadhaMadhab Mohanty Principal Scientist
6 Shri Anil Kumar Scientist
7 Shri Prasad Bhukya Scientist
8 Dr Jiumoni Lahkar Technical Associate -
9 Ms. Geeta ASO -

Innovative themes of CSIR : A novel interface for stakeholders

  • Aerospace, Electronics, and Instrumentation & Strategic Sectors (AEISS)
  • Civil Infrastructure & Engineering (CIE)
  • Mining, Minerals, Metals and Materials (4M)
  • Energy (Conventional and Non-conventional) and Energy Devices (EED)
  • Chemicals (including leather) and Petrochemicals (CLP)
  • Ecology, Environment, Earth & Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)
  • Agri, Nutrition & Biotech (ANB)
  • Healthcare (HTC)

The themes provides larger alignment to industrial and stakeholder focus of CSIR R&D activities. The roadmap and activities of each theme are focused at substantial contributions towards each of the parameters - public good, private good, strategic good and societal good.