Technology Management Directorate

Technology Management Directorate (TMD) facilitates CSIR connect with Line Ministries, State Governments and other organizations on one hand and with industry on the other for providing high quality technology-based products/ solutions/ services as well as competitive advantage to citizens of the country.

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Facilitating development of thematic roadmap and strategy for CSIR in key industrial sectors;
  • Interface and help establish organic linkages between CSIR laboratories and stakeholders including industries / Central/State Ministries / Agencies, etc for technology development and their customised deployment as per needs/requirements;
  • Management of CSIR Awards namely, CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Awards (CDJTA), CSIR Award for S&T Innovations for Rural Development (CAIRD) and CSIR Technology Awards (CTA); and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures

Sr No Name Designation email ID
1 Dr Vibha Malhotra Sawhney Scientist 'H' and Head
2 Dr. Meenakshi Singh Chief Scientist
3 Dr. Mahendra P. Darokar Chief Scientist
4 Shri Hemant Kulkarni Sr Principal Scientist
5 Dr. S K Tiwari Sr Principal Scientist
6 Dr. Lalita Goyal Sr Principal Scientist
7 Shri Anoj Kumar Chadar Sr. Principal Scientist
8 Dr RadhaMadhab Mohanty Principal Scientist
9 Dr Rajneesh Gupta Principal Scientist
10 Mr. Devendra Singh Principal Scientist
11 Shri Anil Kumar Scientist
12 Shri Prasad Bhukya Scientist
13 Shri Jaipal Singh Principal Technical Officer
14 Mr. Suchit Kumar Sr. Technical Officer
15 Ms. Rashmi Misra Technical Officer
16 Dr Jiumoni Lahkar Technical Associate -
17 Mrs Reena Pant Assistant Section Officer
18 Ms. Geeta Assistant Section Officer -
19 Shri Vishwa Bharati Sr. Stenographer