Capacity Building through education and research training for the developing countries’ scholars/researchers(The World Academy of Sciences(TWAS) Fellowship)

CSIR in association with The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) offers up to 30 fellowships per year to the scholars from developing countries for conducting PhD / postdoctoral research studies in CSIR Institutes. Two types of fellowships are offered: (a) Doctoral Fellowships (upto 4 years) and b) Postdoctoral Fellowships (upto 1 year). While TWAS meets the cost of international travel, CSIR takes care of the stay of research scholars in India.

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Also, CSIR institutes having state-of-the-art training facilities in terms of expertise, vast infrastructure, modern equipment, latest instrumentation, pilot plants and design facilities provide specialized training on request from Indian / foreign institutions/industry. In addition, CSIR institutes offer hundreds of structured training programs every year for foreign nationals under various programs of DST, DBT, SAARC-PTB and MEA-ITEC.