NMITLI Proforma

  1. Preamble
  2. Executive Summary (not more than one page)
  3. Title of the project
  4. Introduction / Background
  5. Premises / Rationale on which the present proposal is based and Justification for taking up the project
  6. Objectives of the project
  7. Current Status (give brief details of present status of developments - R&D and industry - nationally and internationally including IPR status)
  8. Novelty of the proposal
  9. The proposed work plan - give details of project components, work plan of each component along with time frame
  10. Networking of the institutions / laboratories along with their capabilities
  11. Deliverables with yearly milestones
  12. Milestones to be monitored (give for each six months)
  13. IPR (briefly project the possibility of developing new IPR from this project)
  14. Leadership perspective-briefly describe the global positioning of the technology and resultant leadership position and economic benefits to the country
  15. Viability Analysis
  16. Budget requirements (total as well as individual institutions / laboratory along with year wise break-up covering manpower, consumables, travel, contingencies, overheads (only in case of non-CSIR labs), Others (if any) and equipment requirement with justification
Head of Expenditure1st Year2nd Year3rd YearTotal
*Project Manpower    
Equipment and Accessories    

*Temporary manpower co-terminus with the project.