R&D Projects of CSIR

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

List of Projects under various Themes


A. Completed Projects

I. Fast Track Translation (FTT) / Fast Track Commercialisation (FTC) Projects – 1st Tranche

Sr. No.Project Title
1.Paper based affordable microfluidic kit for early pregnancy detection in cattle and buffaloes
2.Development of simple and affordable diagnostic protocols and diagonstic kit for genetic diagnosis of musculipathies and hemoglobinopthies
3.Clinical development of Candidate Drug 99/373 (Anti-osteoporotic)
4.Clinical development of candidate drug 97/78 (anti-malarial)
5.Know-how of the isolation of arabinoxylans from defatted cereal brans
6.Development and production of anti-obesity DAG Oil
7.Non-thermal processing of liquid foods
8.Technology for carbonated fruit juice beverages from selected fruit crops
9.Development of a high yielding variety of Artemisia annua
10.Development of improved variety for high root yield with better quality of Yellow Satawar (Asparagus adscendensRoxb.)
11.Development of a linalool rich cold tolerant Ocimum chemotype
12.Development of withanolide rich, quality root & early maturing advance breeding line with a novel ideotype
13.Calliterpenone for enhancing crop yields
15.NGS based high resolution HLA typing kits
16.NGS for mitochondrial diagnosis
18.Developing L-Asparaginase with Low Glutaminase Activity for Therapeutic Applications
19.Process for substituted cyclohexane-1-3-dione synthesis
20.Rapid Assay System and Clinical Validation of Biomarker for Rheumatic Heart Disease
21.Serum and urine-based kits for dianosis (VL) and post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) in the field setting
22.Mupirocin + IIIM-1133/06: A topical formulation for improved bioefficacy
23.Agrotechnology transfer and thymol crystal from Jammu monarda
24.IND filling of anti-cancer lead IIIM (N)-290/13 (Cdk inhibitor)
25.Development of biosensors (Indicator-eye Test Range) for detection of adulterants in food products
26.Development of a new real time PCR based system for the quantification of small RNAs and circular RNA and devlopment of a new kit for absolute quantification of miRNAs
27.An electric device for online drinking water disinfection
28.Technology for Recombinant Streptokinase
29.For market-gelsolin estimation kit and gelsolin(s)
30.A universal expression platform for low cost production of biothrerapeutic proteins in S.prmbe
31.Technology Development for production of pullulan
32.Production of a biomedically important glycolipid bio-surfactant sophorolipid
33.Thebaine rich opium poppy lines for suitable cultivation through narcotics department
34.Low grain arsenic rice variety for safer human consumption
35.Anacardic acid: A potential molecule to increate cotton fibre yield and quality
36.Development of Zinc Bromine redox flow battery (500 W)
37.Electrochemical remediation of industrial effluents and recovery of chromium
38.Development of accurate, reliable and cost effective sensor for the electrochemical detection of multiple analytes
39.Development of High temperature ceramic Thermal barrier coatings for Missile components
40.Coal dust collecting and briquetting system
41.Waterless chrome tanning
42.High grade gelatin and protein hydrolysate from trimmings
43.Zero Wastewater Discharge Technology
44.Cocktail of carbohydrases for rapid fiber opening
45.Technology for double fortified salt composition containing iron and iodine to control both deficiencies
46.Hollow fiber membrane based high flux domestic filter for water clarification and disinfection
47.Novel cost effective process for high purity solar salt production with reduced contents of carbon, iodine, suspended solids and sulfate content directly in solar salt fields from high sulfate containing brines (particularly for Rajasthan inland/lake brines)
48.A consolidated biomass process for integrated production of multiple products from fresh marine macroalgae
49.Development of multipurpose thermal insulation coatings for different substrates
50.Development of novel processes towards Eribulin, Nicotine, Bedaquiline
51.Discovery of Novel Anticancer Agent (HDAC Inhibitor)
52.Polymeric excipients for pharmaceutical applications
53.Setting up 1 TPD pilot plant for converting waste plastics to diesel
54.Technology demonstration and process flexibility for production of Bio-Aviation fuels
55.Demonstration and Process Validation of Laboratory scale Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) Process for Biogas Up-gradation to Pipeline Quality Fuel from Raw Biogas
56.Development of Adsorption Based Technology for the Production of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel meeting BS IV /BS VI specification Development Positioning
57.Synthesis of 5-Hydroxymethyl furfural from sacharides
58.Continuous Dinitration for Manufacturing of Pendimethalin
59.Development of penicillin V acylase system for industrial production of semi-synthetic antibiotics
60.Non-vascular self-expandable stents
61.In-situ bioremediation technology
62.Herbal product for management of pain
63.Membrane Based Process Technology for Commercial Production of Biomolecules
64.Modular Bricks from Brahmaputra River Bed Sand
65.IR reflecting rare earth blue pigment for solar heat control cool-roof applications
66.Scaled up process for the upgradation of Low grade of Ilmenites
67.Development of process for large scale production of β-glucosidase (BGL) enzyme for blending in biomass hydrolyzing cocktails to be used in Lignocellulosic Biorefineries
68.Aluminium Composite Foams (ACFs) for Crashworthiness Applications
69.Fibre and particulate reinforced hybrid polymeric composite as architectural interior for building contruction material
70.Building products using Kota stone cutting and slurry waste
71.Foundation system for light structures
72.Development of a boring machine based on trenchless technology
73.Paper-based Ceramic Separator for Li-ion Battery Application
74.Packaged Fiber Laser Modules for Industrial and Medical Applications
75.Development of Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride Ceramic Radome
76.Superior Refractory for Induction Furnace to enable Refining of Steel
77.SiAION Insert for High Speed cutting of hard materials
78.Fast Recovery Trace moisture sensir and neter for detection of trace moisture present in transformer oil
79.Development of novel Ion doped Hydrxyapatite(Ap) by spray drying method and its utilization for plasma spray coating on medical implants with/without ion doping
80.Field deployment of indigenous 4-axis controller for multi-process micro machine
81.Graphene based Aqueous lubricants
82.Development of Domestic Iron Removal Filter
83.Micro Fuel Cell
84.Design and Development of different prototypes of Solar Power Tree for independent area electrification
85.Intelligent and Powered Wheel Chair
86.Process technology for manufacturing of ADI components for minning application
87.Design of Noise Barrier based on different Frequencies
88.Development and evaluation of "Soil Nailing Technique" for stabilisation of soil slope for the construction of underpass below Road traffic
89.Design & Performance of Cement Grouted Bituminous Mix (CGBM) for Urban Roads
90.Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) for Industrial Application
91.Maximize the recovery of iron values from lean grade iron ore by reduction roasting and pelletisation of high LOI and high Blaine number iron ore fines
92.Process Development for production of flaky graphite, high purity graphite and graphite from natural graphite
93.Recovery of Alumina from fly ash
94.Design and Development of Cost Effective and Advanced Polymer Composite Processing Equipment
95.Fully Autonomous fixed wing mini UAVs under 5.0 kg class - Enhancement of existing UAV models
96.Design, development and certification of Avionics Video and Data FPGA based IP Core
97.VTOL based MAV using indigenously developed electrically driven co-axial motor (VTOL)
98.Development of Medium Wind-Solar Hybrid (WiSH) Systems of 7 - 10 kW class for Agricultural and other rural applications
99.Solar Disinfection Systems for potable water
100.Technology for extraction of tungsten (yellow tungsten oxide or ammonium paratungstate or metallic W-powder) from a variety of scraps
101.Development of Hydrogen standard in Steel
102.Low Phosphorus steel through furnace route using DRI as major ferruginous raw material-an industrial assessment
103.Glass Textile Reinforced Concrete Crash Barrier System
104.Design of Emergency Restoration System for Power Lines
105.अहल्या ( AHALYA )" RFID based Battery less Wireless Embedded Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Corrosion, Humidity, Temperature)
106.Precast Ferrocement Toilet Core Unit (Prefer Toco)
107.Improved Design and Retrofit Methodology for Seismically Vulnerable Open Ground Storey (OGS) Structures
108.Development of cost effective water tanks using flowable cement mortar
109.Prevention of adulteration in milk-real time remote milk supply monitoring network (PRADUMAN)
110.Handheld milk quality analyser
111.Gas sensor for environmental monitoring
112.Development of 3D rigid and flexible Endoscopes for Denture examination
113.Development of Silent Killer Gas Detector using LTCC Technology
114.High Frequency RF MEMS Capacitive Switches
115.Development of MEMS-based Accelerometer
116.Development of Water Quality Monitoring Watchdog Pod
117.Reading Machine for visually impaired
118.Power Quality Analyser
119.Head gesture based control module for Intelligent Patient Vehicle
120.Postural Stability Assessment System
121.Portable Energy Audit Tool
122.Pump Efficiency Monitoring System
123.AutoCEPH: A software for 2-D Computerized Cephalometric Analysis
124.Earthquake Warning System
125.Touch based Finger Gesture control for Intelligent Patient Vehicle
126.Antiglare Filter for Automobiles
127.Avionics Head Up Display Test Rig
128.Head up Display Mk1N-NP for Naval LCA
129.Head up Display for Intermediate Jet Trainer Aircraft
130.Indigenous development of laser lithotripsy system for medical applications
131.Earthquake hazard assessment of the Himalaya and the Indo-Gangetic plains
132.Imaging sub-volcanic mesozoics in Kerala-Konkan (KK) offshore from wide-angle seismic data (Energy and Mineral Resources)
133.Development of software for High resolution velocity analysis for mapping of gas hydrate deposits/support for strategic sector
134.Microbial consortium for aquaculture waste management and disease control
135.Melanin from sponge associated bacteria
136.Low cost Multipurpose Multichannel data logger unit
137.Low-cost Peltier based refrigerators for rural regions
138.Sunlight sensitized long afterglow phosphor powder & paint
139.Fonoclock with a time synchronization accuracy of ±10 ms

II. Completed New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (CSIR¬NMITLI) Projects (Last 3 years)

Sr.No.Name of Projects
1.Dental Implants
2.Novel DPP IV inhibitor - Phase I/II Study: A safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics study of CPL-2009-0031 in Healthy Volunteers and patients with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM)
3.Development and demonstration of 1 kWe SOFC Stack with hydrogen & Air and 500 We SOFC Stack with reformed natural Gas and Air
4.Kappaphycusalvarezii and red seaweed based formulations for improving productivity and health of dairy and poultry animals
5.Automation of Ghani operation through vacuum conveying system

B. Projects under Implementation

I. Fast Track Translation (FTT) / Fast Track Commercialisation (FTC) Projects – 2nd Tranche

Sr. No.Title of the Project
Theme: Mining, Minerals, Metals & Materials (4M)
1.In-house development and fabrication of stirred mills for energy-efficient processing of low-grade ores
2.Synthesis of Mg-Y2O3 magnesium nano-composite by hot consolidation process for light weight applications
3.Production of Sm2O3 and CO3O4 from SmCo permanent magnet scrap
4.Design & development of a vertical slurry transport system for lifting of minerals/ores in heterogeneous regime
5.Recovery of Nickel, Chromium and Iron from Chromite Overburden (COB) in 100 kg scale
6.Membrane technology for separation/recovery of heavy metals (Cr, Ni, Zn) from industrial waste water: Mathematical modeling and process development
7.Development of advanced Tribological Coatings and Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBC) by Electrophoretic deposition and thermal spraying for mining equipments, pipeline, industrial applications and processes
8.Red mud based lead free material for X-ray and CT scanner rooms
9.Development of multilayer sandwich panel for defense applications
10.Development of Fly Ash based Geopolymeric Materials for Broad Application Spectrum
11.Pilot scale production and demonstration of closed cell aluminum composite and hybrid composite foams for transportation, defence and construction sectors
12.A surface treatment process for enhanced corrosion resistance of Iron and steel
13.100 W CW/Modulated Thulium fiber laser: at 1.94 µm for efficient tissue vaporization and at 2.05 µm for strategic application
14.Wear resistant Ceramics for cutting & milling operation: Process optimization of SiAlON-WC composites for rock drilling application
15.Synthetic high alumina aggregate from sillimanite beach sand for refractory application
16.Superior fused magnesia from impure Indian magnesite for self sustenance
17.Process technology for large area (10 cmX10 cm) manufacturing of micro-nano patterned (300 nm-300 micron) hydrophobic surfaces
18.Efficient and large scale production of carbon quantum dots (CQDTs) from cheap coal feedstock
19.Annealing simulator integrated with online process control sensors for run out table process simulation
20.Piloting of the process for Production of Premium Grade Iron Oxide from Waste Ferrous Chloride Solution Generated from Steel Pickling and Ilmenite Processing Units
21.Pilot scale processes for recycling of metals/ materials from E-waste
22.Development of biodegradable eco-friendly flotation reagents for sillimanite, limestone, iron ore fines and coal
23.Smart sensing system for cold drawn high end wires
24.Scale up and commercialization of indigenously developed hydrogen standard in steel
Theme: Ecology, Environment, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)
25.Bio-prospecting plant diversity for food grade colors
26.Development of bacterial formulations and organic dustbin for organic waste degradation in cold hilly regions
27.Development of Engineered Biochar from non-edible de-oiled seed cake/stubble wastes for the removal of targeted herbicides/pesticides from agricultural wastewaters and subsequent soil remediation
28.Restoration of Nallah with Ecological Units - RENEU
29.Development, Demonstration and Dissemination of Improved Ceramic based Cook-stoves (Both domestic and Community) for Particulate Emissions Control
30.RISK-PiNET : GIS based Risk Assessment Modelling Tool for Water Distribution System
31.Smart Disposal, Incineration and Carbonization Systems (SMART-DISC) for Menstrual Waste Management
32.Utilization of industrial waste through appropriate technologies for developing value-added Products
33.Utilization of industrial waste through appropriate technologies for developing value-added Products
34.Develop novel DNA based identification system of Plant bioresources (both agri and wild varieties grown/harvested) for conservation
35.SX-EW process for the regeneration of etchant and recovery of copper from spent alkaline ammoniacal cupric chloride PCB etchant
36.An engineered design and development of a solar assisted community level multifunctional adsorbent based integrated water filtration unit for removal of ground water fluoride, microorganism with supported handy fluoride level detection kit and proper management of generated sludge
37.Energy efficient process to treat the reject stream of water desalination plant
38.Smart Electrochemical Tongue (e-Tongue) to detect heavy metal ions in potable water
39.Development of an onsite sewage treatment for small establishments
Theme: Aerospace, Electronics, Instrumentation and Strategic Sectors (AEISS)
40.Development of solid-state electromagnetic joining technique for materials of interest in aerospace/space (FTT)
41.Thermal barrier coatings for strategic applications (FTC)
42.Design and Development of Dispenser Cathodes for Microwave Tubes (FTT)
43.Development and optimization of software for real-time monitoring of milk supply chain (FTC)
44.Development of Carbon-Graphite Piston Ring and Solenoid Valve suitable for high temperature aircraft LRUs (FTT)
45.Technological solutions for contactless alive/dead detection of victim soldier in battle field (FTT)
46.Precision instrumentation towards whole-slide digital microscopy for high-throughput analytics (FTT)
47.Ligament Injury Assessment & Therapy Device for motor-rehabilitation of Soldiers "L-GEAR" (FTT)
48.Online Monitoring System for detection of Night-time Poor Visibility areas in Urban settings (FTT)
49.Harvesting of electrical energy using geared AC synchronous motor to charge batteries of mobile phones (FTT)
50.Design and Development of Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (AGLS) (FTT)
51.Design and development of enhanced vision system for military surface transport vehicles (FTT)
52.Design & Development of Head Up Display for Passenger Aircraft (FTT)
53.Divya Nayan: A personal reading machine for visually impaired (FTC)
54.Scale - Up of AutoCEPH: A software for 2D computerized Cephalometirc Analysis as a web service (FTC)
55.Aircraft testing with Bio-Aviation fuel blended in Jet-A1 fuel (FTC)
56.Development of Novel Tungsten Alloy Cubes for Strategic Applications (FTT)
57.Wireless Thermocouple for temperature measurement of rotating and moving surfaces (FTT)
58.Development of cost effective Industry grade non contact type online moisture sensor using microwave and NIR (FTT)
59.Development of an Image Processing based system for monitoring feed rate of materials moving on a conveyor (FTT)
60.Development of an induration furnace monitoring system with IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique in a pelletization plant (FTT)
61.Stealth Technologies: Development of Radar Absorbing Materials! Coatings for Airborne Platforms (FTT)
62.VTOL Winged UAV for multi-mission application (VTOL-UAV)
Theme: Energy (Conventional and Non-Conventional) and Energy Devices
63.Self-humidified Nafion based composite membranes for open cathode PEMFC stacks (FTT)
64.Development of 2.5V ! 1A sodium-ion batteries with performance scalability possibilities (FTT)
65.Development and demonstration of rechargeable Li-S batteries for lighting and consumer electronics applications (FTT)
66.Solar PV based Smart Multi-vehicle EV Charging Station (FTT)
67.Bio-methanation of coal rejects ! low grade coal and biomass- Demonstration Model at village Gaurigram, Chandankiyari, Dhanbad (FTC)
68.Installation and commissioning of a 10000 LPH coalmine water reclamation plant for obtaining drinking water (FTC)
69.Generation of energy from microalgal feedstock through CO2 capture from flue gases (FTT)
70.Catalytic conversion of linear alkylbenzene raffinate to be utilized for Jet rocket fuel (FTT)
71.Processing of secondary resources for the production of battery materials (FTT)
72.Energy efficient clean production of hydrogen (FTT)
73.Scale-up of process for CO2 capture based on biogenic molecules and pilot scale demonstrations (FTT)
74.Electrochromic Devices for Efficient Energy Management and Utilization (FTT)
75.Development of lithium silicate based ceramics as CO2 sorbents for sorption enhanced steam methane reforming (FTT)
Theme: Affordable Healthcare
76.Development of male infertility diagnostic kits (DeMID)'
77.Clinical development of antiplatelet compound S007-867 for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.(Antithrombo-867)
78.Development of a small molecule inhibitor of PCSK 9
79.Multi-analyte sensing platforms and molecular probes for detection of target biomarkers using electrochemical and optical methods
80.Image Guided vascular vein visualizer: VeinViz
81.Electromyogram (EMG) controlled Below Elbow prosthesis
82.Genomic Approaches for Rare Genetic Disease Diagnosis (RareGen)
83.Radiological AI system for Parallel Informatic Detection of Clinical Triage emergencies (RAPID-CT)
84.GOMED-TeCh: Development, Translation and Commercialization of Genetic tests for prevalent genetic diseases in India
85.Genomics for Public Health in India -Indigen
86.Development of bio-better of G-CSF (Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor) for prophylactic and therapeutic interventions in neutropenia
87.Validation of potential biomolecules against Parkinson's disease: A pre-clinical study
88.Development of Anti Thrombin-Clot Specific Streptokinase (ACSSK), for Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Stroke
89.Development of Cellular Sensors
90.Fused Thiophene based FET devices for lung cancer VOC biomarker detection
Theme: Agri, Nutrition and Biotech
91.Design & Development of bamboo structures (Bamboo/composite sections & joints)
92.Up scaling of high yielding / elite Samba Mahsuri mutant line 'SM93' for product translation
93.Development of climate resilient lines of the bacterial blight resistant and low glycemic index rice variety, Improved Samba Mahsuri possessing resistance against blast disease and enhanced tolerance to submergence and drought
94.Development of self-propelled specialty harvester for leafy crops with a minimum field capacity of 4 acre/day (ex. Stevia, mentha, vegetables)
95.Design of a combined cutting, binding and bailing equipment for stubble management
96.Design and Development of Indigenized Lyophiliser for preservation of Indian fruits and vegetables
97.Optimization of aeroponic and hydroponic conditions for increasing commercial crop productivity
98.Introduction of high value spice Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in unexplored areas
99.Identification of improved clone(s) of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni)
100.Combating Iron and Zinc deficiency using microalgae based foods
101.L-Asparaginase (HimAspaseTM) with no glutaminase activity for food processing and therapeutic applications
102.Rapid and Point Care Microfluidic kit for multiplex diagnosis of viral diseases in tomato and apple
103.Indigenous enzymes for degumming of rice bran oil and other vegetable oils
104.Technology development for Gellan gum production
105.Development of applications of laccase for Diverse (Food health and cosmetic) Industries (DALDI)
106.Smart AGroinformatics with Internet of Things to enable Agriculture-4.0 (SAGITA)
107.Technology assessment and integration of CSIR’s lignocellulosic ethanol programs/facilitating technologies for a feasible 2G ethanol technology (CSIR-2GE)
Theme: Chemicals (including Leather) and Petrochemicals
108.Development of Catalyst and Alternate Process for Producing Light Olefins (C2-C4)
109.Continuous manufacturing platform for diazonium salt based reactions for synthesis of Azo dyes and APIs
110.Fluorescent Materials for Security Applications
111.Retanning cum fatliquoring agent
112.Retanning agent from Paper Industry Wastes
113.Waterless Chrome Tanning Technology
114.Preparation of polymer-grade vinylidenefluoride (VDF) and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) and their polymerization processes
115.Greener process for the synthesis of 3-methyl-5-phenylpentanol (Mefrosol) at 1 Kg level with >90% yield ad 98% purity
Theme: Civil Infrastructure and Engineering
116.Advanced Geopolymeric Coating Material for Structures of Mild Steel (AGCM)
117.Development and Manufacturing hybrid green composites using industrial and agro wastes in pilot scale and facilitating entrepreneurship
118.Design and Development of 1 TPD Fully Automatic Biodiesel Plant
119.Design and development of Mob Control Vehicle (MCV)
120.Pilot Scale Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles and their applications in cement based materials

II. Ongoing Mission Mode Projects

Sr.No.Title of the Mission Project
1.Sickle Cell Anaemia
2.Catalysis for Sustainable Development
3.Innovative Processes and Technologies for Indian Pharmaceutical Agrochemical Industries
4.CSIR Aroma Mission
5.CSIR Phytopharmaceuticals Mission
6.Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme
7.Technologies for Robust Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Conservation & Restoration of Heritage Structures
8.Drone based Electromagnetic and Magnetic Systems
9.Food and Consumer Safety Solutions
10.Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals
11.Nano-Biosensors and Microfluidics for Healthcare
12.Safety and Security of Vital Installations
13.Intelligent Systems (IS): Intelligent Technologies and Solutions
14.Development of Affordable Technologies for Quality Milk Assessment
15.Next Generation Insect Resistance in Cotton
16.Technological convergence for sustainable production and utilization of seaweeds
17.Commercial Deployment of Salt and Potash Technologies to Augment National Capability
18.Innovative Processes and Technologies for Agrochemicals

III. Ongoing CSIR-NMITLI Projects

Sr. No.Title of the NMITLI Project
1.Development of Dental Implants-Phase II study
2.Demonstration and validation of a 5 kW HT-PEMFC based combined cooling and power system
3.Demonstration and Validation of a LT-PEMFC system for automotive application

IV. Ongoing Focussed Basic Research (FBR) Projects

Sr.No.Title of the Project
Theme: Mining, Minerals, Metals & Materials (4M)
1.High performance metal matrix composites for transportation, defense, aerospace and engineering sectors
2.Development of Hydrophobic Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane for MD-based Domestic Water Purification System
3.Chalcogenide glass and fibers for mid infrared photonics applications
4.Development of surface modified adsorbents with higher sorption capacity for specific contaminants removal in water/ industrial wastewater (SMA).
5.Preparation of in-situ stress map of Jharia Coalfield
6.Magnetic Graphene Coated Polymeric Stationary Phase Ion-Exchangers for Ion Chromatography Column Separations
7.Low cost functional materials in Selenium Detection in Water
8.Photonic meta-surfaces for smart applications
9.Development of hybrid flocculants at 100 g scale for selective adsorption of low grade iron ore slimes and fines to recover iron ore more than 80 %.
10.Modeling of mono/bi-metallic catalysts for hydroprocessing reactions
11.Dephosphorization of high phosphorus iron ore
12.Ferro Manganese production from lean grade Manganese ore
13.Processing of Mineral & Metallurgical Wastes, and Flyash for their value addition
14.Kinetics and thermodynamics study on reduction roasting of low and lean grade iron ores using fluidized bed roaster to maximise the recovery of iron values
15.Thermodynamics and kinetics study of ferruginous ilmenite reduction and smelting for production of titania slag
16.Highly Ordered Functionalized Nano structured Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide with enhanced electrochemical performance for Batteries and Supercapacitors
17.Nanofiber membrane of PET-cellulose derivative immobilized with nanocomposites as separators in lithium ion battery
18.Utilization of North East Region (NER), India clay minerals for ceramic applications
19.Value addition of non-timber wood available in the North Eastern region of India by chemical modification for different industrial applications
20.Plasmonic nanoparticles decorated 2D nanosheets for detection of the fluoride and arsenic in drinking water: Fabrication of a paper strip based analytical device
21.Ammonia from dinitrogen at ambient condition by new advanced material: a potential energy saving process than Haber-Bosch
22.Development of Mn-based RE-free intermetallic permanent magnets for automotive and energy generation
23.Exploring in-situ synthesis for Titanium Metal Powder by direct reduction of synthetic rutile
24.Development of Warm White Light Emitting Single Phased Oxyfluoride Phosphors for Energy Efficient and High Color Rendering LEDs
25.Design & Development of Angle Independent Multilayer Thin Film Filter (AIMTF) on Foldable and Military Grade Optical Optical Substrates
Theme: Aerospace, Electronics, Instrumentation and Strategic Sectors (AEISS)
26.Design and development of precision optics for soft X-Rays
27.Non-destructive depth profiling and identification of debonding defects across polymer interfacial layers by using portable single-sided NMR
28.Developing magnetic refrigerant materials for cooling applications at cryogenic temperatures-(MRM)
29.Sensors for detection of heavy metal ion contaminations
30.Aerodynamic studies of aircraft configurations including wing-propeller interaction
31.Development of Aeroelastic Algorithms in Aircraft Design
32.Environment Establishment for generating Flight Worthy Code from the Display Simulator Code
33.Tailoring of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites for Enhanced Heat Dissipation Capability, Mechanical Properties and Electrical Conductivity using Carbon Nanotubes /Carbon Materials for Aerospace Applications
Theme: Agri, Nutrition and Biotech
34.Deciphering the microbiome of native wild coastal saline tolerant rice varieties of southern India and understanding the impact of seawater in structuring the root associated core microbiota using pokkali rice as a model plant
35.Apomixis Technologies for Increasing Agricultural Production
36.Towards product development in rice using mutants that have traits of agronomic importance
37.Genome sequencing of the halophyte Salicornia brachiata
38.Establishment of 'National Analytical Facility' for analysis of nutraceuticals and chemical markers in food products (NAFANC)
39.Translation of pre-clinically tested probiotic formulation to human population with emphasis on immuno-modulation and gut microflora
40.Understanding structure-function relationships in enzymes critical for the survival of bacterial food pathogens
41.DNA-free CRISPR-mediated Genome-editing in rose-scented Geranium
42.Understanding the biosynthesis of bioactive triterpenes in the medicinal tree banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) for the development of yeast-based synthetic biology platform
43.Identification of molecular targets towards improvement of root biomass and/or texture in Withania somnifera
44.Development of high-throughput genotyping platform for next generation plant breeding in tea
45.characterization and development of agro and process technology for low calorie natural sweetener (Siraitia grosvenorii)
46.Exploration of Himalayan Plants for Novel Antimalarial Agents: Characterization of potential molecules
47.Sustainable production of Edible oils from Microalgae
48.Green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles against plant pathogens: An alternative solution for chemical pesticides
49.Small RNAs and Associated factors for enhanced post-harvest Life (sRNA-life)
50.Pathway elucidation and identification of genes involved in guggulsterones biosynthesis in Commiphora sps
51.Sub-genome dominance in endoreduplication and its implication in heterotic benefits to F1-hybrids for biomass and their adaptation
52.Understanding the epigenetics of fitness advantage of high altitude Arabidopsis thaliana populations under new environments
53.Design and Development of Indigenous Strain Portfolio for the Production of Penicillin V (PenV-IP)
54.Development of brown spot (Drechsleraoryzae) disease tolerance in rice through multiplex-multi-gene CRISPR-Cpf1 genome editing system
Theme: Civil Infrastructure and Engineering
55.Development of Rejuvenating Agent (RA) for use in recycling of Asphalt Pavements RAP
56.Cold Mix Technology for High Volume Roads
57.Upgradation of Half Warm Mix Technology for Construction and Maintenance of Bitminous Surfacing
Theme: Chemicals (including Leather) and Petrochemicals
58.Catalytic Petcoke Gasification
59.Polymer Filaments for 3D printing
60.Scale up of materials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and Organic Photovoltairs
61.Carboxylation of naphtha grade olefins to high value chemicals using CO2
62.Catalytic oxidation of propylene to propylene oxide
63.Catalytic process for the production of BTX/gasoline from bio-naphtha
Theme: Ecology, Environment, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)
64.Estimation of Ecosystem Services and Environmental Damage Cost Due to Climate Change: Biodiversity Perspective
65.Understanding Critical Zone Structure: WRJ-1 Critical Zone Observatory
66.Waste to Wealth
67.Geodynamics and Metallogeny of parts of the East Indian Shield with specific reference to Diamond, Iron Ore &Chromitite-PGE occurrences (GeoMet)
68.Synthesis of Earthquake Hazard scenario in NW Himalaya by Investigating the multi-scale Variations in structural and seismotectonic Assemblages (SHIVA)
69.Impact of Climate Change on the Physics, Biogeochemistry, and the Ecology of the North Indian Ocean (CliCNIO)
Theme: Energy (Conventional and Non-Conventional) and Energy Devices
70.Indigenously developed reverse electro dialysis process for salinity gradient based power generation
71.Methane Transformation over Nanostructured Catalyst
72.Process/catalyst development for reduced hydrogen consumption for the hydrocracking of renewable oils (HLess-HCRO)
73.Protective conducting materials coating of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 (LSCF), MnCo2O4 and Mn1.5Co1.5O4 on SOFC interconnect Crofer 22 APU by Electrophoretic deposition to mitigate high temperature oxidation and degradation
Theme: Affordable Healthcare
74.Investigating chemical therapeutic space and determinants of survival and virulence in malaria [ParaDIgM]
75.Development of identified lead molecule as novel anti-leishmanial therapeutic agent
76.Development of therapeutics against skeletal targets to improve bone health
77.Dissecting the architecture and molecular mechanism of multi-protein complexes (BERosomes) involved in DNA Base Excision Repair (BER) repair and Transcription Coupled DNA repair (TCR) pathways from M. tuberculosis
78.Mechanistic basis of IncRNA mediated regulation in organ development and function (DevoRNA)
79.Decoding telomerase reactivation in cancer - molecular mechanisms of G-quadruplex-mediated telomerase (hTERT) control
80.EXOsomal MIRna Inhibitor: Identification of the new classes of inhibitors of miRNA trafficking via exosomes (EXOMIRIN)
81.Identification of Missing Phosphatase in Metabolic Pathway (IMP2)
82.Evolutionary studies on Flexibility and Function of Lipid-bound efflux proteins for Understanding eXtreme drug resistance in microbes ( EFFLUX)

V. Ongoing Niche Creating Projects (NCP)

S.No.Title of the Project
Theme: Mining, Minerals, Metals & Materials (4M)
1.Prospects in Development of Magnesium Alloys for engineering and biological applications
2.Development of Metallic foam for biological, thermal and engineering applications
3.Development of new generation nano metal-oxide/graphene-polymer composite materials for use in wearable electronics (with CGCRI as implementing lab)
4.Development of new generation nano metal-oxide/graphene-polymer composite materials for use in wearable electronics
5.Studies on Sorption-Induced Strain and Permeability Changes in Coal and Shale as a Result of CO2 Injection
6.Mimicking Muscles: Electroactive Polymers for Bionics
7.Preparation of coke and ferro-coke from low ash non-coking coal
8.Recycling of spent battery materials for value addition
9.Solvatometallurgical extraction of Cu and Zn from low grade ores and secondaries through Deep Eutectic Solvents(DES)
10.Scalable synthesis of multifunctional nanomaterials for advanced applications (batch processing/flow synthesis
11.Self-healing Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Steel &Aluminium alloys
12.Synthesis of new 2D materials other than graphene for energy application
13.Development of Methodologies for Remaining Life Assessment and Risk-based Inspection Scheduling of Piping Systems under Corrosive Environment (ReLife-InS)
14.Multi-scale damage characterization of laminated FRP composites under fatigue loading
Theme: Aerospace, Electronics, Instrumentation and Strategic Sectors (AEISS)
15.Additive Manufacturing of Graphene reinforced metal and polymer composites
16.Hierarchical Reinforcement Approach for improved ILSS of CFRP
17.Development of novel compact high power THz device technologies
18.1KW Fiber Laser for Industrial and Strategic Applications (LISA)
19.Development of multifunctional care device for army personnel
20.Indigenous development of LRUs suitable for small aircraft (InDeLiRU)
21.Development of multifunctional care device for army personnel
22.Energy Management using Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NLIM) Technique
23.Development of Active Noise Control Chair for Aircraft Cabin
24.Active Thermal Imaging for Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) of thin composite aircraft structures
25.Certification of 30 HP Indigenous Wankel Rotary Combustion Engine
26.Design and Development of Integrated Avionics Display Processing Computer(IADC)
27.Development of Airboat (JALDOST)
28.Development of Active Noise Control Chair for Aircraft Cabin
29.Iron Bird Technology Platform for Evaluating Aircraft Actuation Systems
Theme: Agri, Nutrition and Biotech
30.Data analytics based on diet diversity, food consumption and nutritional deficiency targeted to the selected aspirational districts in Karnataka and Kerala
31.Development of Withanamide enriched high yielding, variety of Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera)
32.UAV based high resolution remote sensing for modernized and efficient cultivation practices of commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops. (Acronym: DroneAgri)
33.Development of Customized Flow Hive for quality Honey Harvesting & Extraction
34.Development of Mobile-Soil-Sensing-System and Digital Spatial Repository for Precision Agriculture using Fusion of Proximity Sensors and Geo-statistics Modelling
35.Genome sequencing of the halophyte Salicornia brachiata
36.UAV based high resolution remote sensing for modernized and efficient cultivation practices of commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops. (Acronym: DroneAgri)
37.Molecular mechanism underlying Apple scar skin viroid-whitefly interaction
38.Development of process for converting raw cellulosic biomass into textile fiber and nanocellulose
39.Creation of aroma bank by utilization of western Himalayan biodiversity (AROMA-BANK)
40.Bisoprospection Microbiome from Himalayan niches
41.Non-invasive technology for production of naphthoquinone pigments from Arnebia species on sustainable basis
42.conservation and sustainable resource generation of high altitude bioresources at CSIR - Centre for High Altitude Biology
43.Vegetable oil-based Gels as trans free fat (Oleogel)
44.Mega-genomic insights into co-evolution of rice and its microbiome
45.Development of a microbial system for the production of neo-glycopeptides/ neo-glycoproteins for useful applications
46.UAV based high resolution remote sensing for modernized and efficient cultivation practices of commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops. (Acronym: DroneAgri)
47.Genome-editing for enhanced yield and quality traits (GE-plant)
48.Characterization and value addition of plant-based resins, gums and waxes
49.Enhancing live stocks of herbivore fishes through captive breeding to control the macroalgal dominance in coral reefs to sustain the fishing revenue
Theme: Civil Infrastructure and Engineering
50.Electrical insulating Hybrid Composite Sheet using Industrial Inorganic Wastes
51.Robotic Inervention for Industrial and Strategic Applications
52.Development of composite Bridge Deck Systems for Fast Track construction
Theme: Chemicals (including Leather) and Petrochemicals
53.In-silico guided design of Corrosion Inhibiting Molecules to Materials (CIM2M)
54.Enzymatic Process for the preparation of API intermediates
55.In-silico guided design of Corroision Inhibiting Molecules to Materials (CIM2M)
56.Chromogenic Materials for Smart Coating Applications
Theme: Ecology, Environment, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW)
57.Electric Conversion of High Polluting Diesel/Petrol 3W, 4W Vehicles in Electric Vehicles and Development of Solar Charging Station
58.Exploring the Indian coastal and marine biodiversity for discovery and production of industrially important microbial proteins
59.Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in the Earth Sciences (CNCES)
Theme: Energy (Conventional and Non-Conventional) and Energy Devices
60.Towards Large Scale Solar Hydrogen Production (SoHy)
Theme: Affordable Healthcare
61.Genome Regulatory Elements and the Evolution of Complexity
62.Mechanistic and functional role of a 'Chiral Proofreading' variant in Animalia
63.Genomics and epigenetics in health and disease (GEHeaD)
64.Mechanistic insights into bacterial growth and morphogenesis
65.Generation of monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostics.
66.Generation of Hepatic organoids by tissue engineering approaches
67.Tissue Engineering of cartilage and IVD for arthritic and disc degeneration problems
68.Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
69.Chronic Respiratory Disease Innovation and Solution Program(CRISP)
70.Development of therapeutics against skeletal targets to improve bone health: therapeutic repurposing of pentoxyfylline
71.Regulatory Development of CDRI Prioritized Lead Compounds
72.Therapeutics for Lifestyle Disorders [TheraLSD]
73.Cell penetrating peptide, IMT-P8 as a drug delivery vehicle in management of MRSA infections (PEPTIDOCURE)
74.Chronic Respiratory Disease Innovation and Solution Program(CRISP)
75.Genomics and epigenomics in health and disease (GEHeaD)
76.GEAR - Genomic, Evolutionary and Big Data Analytic strategies to address antimicrobial resistance
77.GRAFT(Garnering Regenerative Approaches For Transplantation)
78.Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
79.Chronic Respiratory Disease Innovation and Solution Program(CRISP)
80.Genomics and epigenomics in health and disease (GEHeaD)
81.Chronic Respiratory Disease Innovation and Solution Program(CRISP)
82.Autologous Transplantation of Transgenically Modified Hepatic Progenitor Cells expressing therapeutic genes-mediated Liver Regeneration (PROMPT)
83.Accelerated Wound Healing by Bone marrow Stem Cells delivered using PEG-PU porous Polymer Scaffolds Grafted with KGF- and/or VEGF- Mimetic Peptides (GRAFT)
84.GEAR-Genomic, Evolutionary and Big Data Analytic strategies to address antimicrobial resistance
85.Cell penetrating peptide, IMT-P8 as a drug delivery vehicle in management of MRSA infections (PEPTIDOCURE)
86.Developing high yielding CHO cell clone producing the anti-RSV mAb
87.Development of mass spectral library for characterization of recombinant therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MSLAb)
88.Insight into cell physiology for cell culture medium formulation
89.Development of mass spectral library for characterization of recombinant therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MSLAb)

VI. Ongoing CSIR-Harnessing Appropriate Rural Interventions and Technologies (HARIT) Projects

Sr. No.Title of the Project
1.Popularization of Improved Samba Mahsuri, a bacterial blight resistant and diabetic friendly rice to increase farmers' income
2.Empowerment of Rural Women in Food Processing Sector through CSIR-CFTRI Intervention with Select Technologies
3.Dissemination of Nutrition, Food Safety, Food Research and Hygiene practices to general public through social media
4.Establishment of Common Facility Centre for Spice processing (150-200 kg /day)
5.Enhancement of Economic and Social Status of Rural Populace of North-east India
6.Social Intervention on augmenting Job opportunities & Women Empowerment in Punjab through HRD Initiatives
7.Rural Penetration and Pilot Trials for Divya Nayan
8.Empowering coastal population by training on cultivation and harvesting value added product from economically important halophytes Salicornia brachiata and Juncus rigidus
9.Improving quality of salt with simultaneous recovery of sodium sulphate through scientific intervention, in Nawa - Didwana region of Rajasthan
10.Popularizing sustainable and alternative livelihood options for low income coastal communities through imparting training on cultivation of economically important seaweeds
11.Technologies and Products for Reduced Emission Fireworks
12.Increased crop productivity and enhanced income generation through smart micro irrigation system (More yield per Drop).
13.Intervention for herbal health and nutrition

VII. CSIR Laboratory based ongoing Projects

Sr. No.Title of the Project
1.Indigenous design, development & qualification of Ku band (140-210 watts) and Ka band (100-150 watts) Travelling wave tube (TWT)" in collaboration with ISRO
2.Creation and Calibration Facility for LED and LED based Lighting in collaboration with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
3.Informatics for drug-repurposing and rescue discoveries (IDrRD)
4.Intellectual Property Evaluation and Commercialization (IPEC)
5.Creation of E-Markets for Knowledge Products and Services
6.Modernization and upgradation of Information Technology Infrastructure of Traditional Knowledge Digital Library Unit (TKDL)"
7.Digitising Traditional Indian Systems of Medicine
8.Design, Development and Certification of HANSA-NG
9.Development and Certification of 19-Seat Light Transport Aircraft (LTA)
10.Excellence for Ballistic Material Testing at CSIR-NPL, Delhi under Make in India Project in Body Armour as directed by Niti Aayog
11.Production of Certified Reference Materials- Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry