CSIR, India: A Global Technology Partner


The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under the Ministry of Science and Technology is India’s premier industrial R&D organization. It has immense strength of 37 multidisciplinary industrial research institutes spread across the country with activities spanning almost all areas of Science and Technology, having highly talented human resources, vast R&D infrastructure, and strong connections with Industry and government. CSIR focuses on developing technologies, products, and interventions across all industrial sectors. It has technology power of over 900 products/technologies most at TRL 5-8 levels, and more than 3200 active patents. In addition to carrying out research and development work, CSIR contributes immensely towards building a robust R&D capacity and capability in the country. Some of the indicative developments of CSIR and some useful links to know more about CSIR are given below for your perusal.