Vision & Mission

“CSIR works as an institutional arrangement to keep the Science, Society and Industry on the same page” The Hon’ble Prime Minister Chairing the meeting of the CSIR Society on June 4th, 2021. He also advised “We have to prepare for the needs of this decade as well as the needs of the coming decades”.

CSIR’s Vision

“Enhance quality of life of the citizens of India through innovative Science and Technology, globally competitive R&D, by developing sustainable solutions and capacity building to fulfil dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat”. This vision of CSIR is aligned to the Government of India’s vision for the next 25 years ‘Amrit Kal’ when independent India becomes 100 years old.

Mission Statement

  • Technology Innovation and Translational Research and Commercialization Technology to align with National Goals
  • Development of National strengths through advanced technology solutions for National aerospace programs and design and development of small and medium sized civil aircraft to promote a vibrant Indian Civil aviation
  • Creation and demonstration of scalable and sustainable green technologies in the energy sector, contributing to real-time applications and towards long-term energy security of the country
  • Meeting international benchmarks
  • Improving wellness indices and health outcomes through a synthesis of biology, chemistry, engineering and computation
  • Provide globally benchmarked sustainable processes for chemicals leading to reduction in trade deficits
  • Catalyze & optimize sustainable metals and materials production and processing, their use and reuse for local and global benefits
  • Ensuring sustainable agriculture and nutritional security through biotechnological research and innovation
  • Management and rejuvenation practices for the environment and natural resources
  • Capacity building – Knowledgebase, Human Resource & National Facilities
  • Developing technologies for Carbon neutrality and achieving net zero plan across various industries
  • Providing high value-added services to the industry, and society at large by synergizing diverse expertise to undertake grand challenges

The long-term goals of CSIR are aligned to the aspirations for India @ 2047 which encompasses new heights of prosperity

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