महानिदेशक के कार्यकारी निदेशालय (डीजीईडी)

The Director General’s Executive Directorate (DGED) has the responsibility of coordinating, assisting and facilitating various scientific & technical assignments for the Director General, CSIR. The Directorate also interfaces with all CSIR laboratories/institutes and with various Directorates, Divisions and Units of the CSIR headquarters on important S&T matters. The DGED is also entrusted with collating, updating and submitting information sought by PMO, Cabinet Secretariat, Office of the Minister of Science and Technology, Principal Scientific Advisor and other offices from time to time.

Further, the DGED engages with various Ministries, Departments, Academic Institutions, etc., for various events/occasions like convocations, conferences, foundation days etc., and facilitating the same through messages, presentations and so on.

The DGED schedules and organizes important meetings of the DG, CSIR. These include the CSIR Theme Directors meetings, HoDs meetings of CSIR Hqrs, the CSIR Directors meetings and so on. The DGED also catalyse implementation of the decisions taken in the meetings including the CSIR Society, CSIR GB and so on.


List of Staff Members of DG’s Executive Directorate (DGED)


Name and DesignationPhone NumberEmail ID
1डॉ. जी महेश /Dr. G Mahesh    
Chief Scientist & Head, DGED



Sr. Technician