S no. Title Date Subject Area Download/View
41 Tentative Details of Vacancies and Eligibility Lists etc. for consideration for Promotion to Group 'A' Common Cadre Posts for the vacancy Year 2022 - reg. 11/07/2022 Internal Order
42 Commencement of the (i) Ninth (9th Monsoon) Session of the Seventeenth (17th) Lok Sabha and (ii) Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven(257th Monsoon) Session of Rajya Sabha - reg. 08/07/2022 Internal Order
43 Payment of Provisional Pension and gratuity under Rule 62 of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 in case of delay in issue of PPO authorizing regular pension- reg. 08/07/2022 Pension
44 Eligibility for two family pensions- clarification regarding. 08/07/2022 Pension
45 Providing details regarding Indian Manufacturers R&D equipments and R& D consumables. 07/07/2022 Internal Order
46 Transfer & Posting of Group 'B' CCOs - reg. 06/07/2022 Internal Order
47 Clarification on two years earlier assessment under Para 2.3.4 of Revised MANAS-reg 06/07/2022 Policy
48 Clarification whether iPad comes under the definition of personal Computer for the purpose of grant of Computer Advance-reg. 05/07/2022 Internal Order
49 Modification of instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets on Government account – reg. 05/07/2022 Internal Order
50 Revision of pension/family pension in respect of the pensioners drawing compulsory retirement pension or compassionate allowance after compulsorily retirement/dismissal/removal from service – reg. 05/07/2022 Pension