Science Communication and Dissemination Directorate (SCDD)

The Directorate is the focal point for all the science communication and S&T information dissemination activities of CSIR. SCDD uses many methods to communicate CSIR's scientific research and technological developments promptly to the public. The Directorate maintains a dynamic social media presence through the following platforms:

In addition to the above, the Directorate also maintains the CSIR Blog (

The Directorate has the responsibility of bringing out the Annual Report of CSIR. It also produces publicity materials such as posters, banners, pamphlets, videos, etc., regularly. In addition, the Directorate hosts webinars for the public regularly.

The SCDD also participates in major physical and digital exhibitions and expos across India and abroad, including mega-events like the India International Science Festival and the Indian Science Congress.

List of Staff Members of SCDD

Sl. No.Name & designation of the of the officialEmail
01.Dr. G Mahesh      
Chief Scientist & Head, DGED and SCDD 
02.Dr. (Mrs.) Shikha Ambastha     
03.Shri Deepak Jain     
Technical Assistant
04.Shri Manmohan Singh Grover     
Asstt. Section Officer
05.Shri Asif Akhtar