CSIR Missions

CSIR Mission Projects

CSIR’s Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) are being implemented in order to put concerted and sustained efforts in an identified area by synergizing the best competencies available in various CSIR labs and outside institutions. The combined and time targeted efforts will enable CSIR to cross threshold of intellectual barrier in order to deliver scientific, industrial and social goods. Within MMPs, each project has clearly defined objectives, scopes, and implementation timelines and milestones, as well as measurable outcomes and service levels.

The Approach

A Top-Down approach has been adopted for identification of new ideas / concepts under these Mission Mode Projects and the responsibility is being given to Innovation Management Directorate (IMD) at CSIR Headquarters. The major factors considered to be addressed in these missions are national needs, ongoing national missions, priority of the Government. Here, CSIR’s strength and leads available with the national laboratories of CSIR could play a significant role in realizing the goals set.

Focus of Mission Projects

Mission projects are focused in a particular area in concerted way with ultimate aim of designing, developing deploying of products and technologies with stakeholder’s support addressing an unmet need and import substitution under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative of Government of India.

CSIR is working to develop approximately 20 Mission Mode Projects in the next stage (FY 2020-25).

List of Completed Mission Projects (March 31, 2020):

1. CSIR Phytopharmaceutical Mission
2. Catalysis for Sustainable Development (CSD)
3. CSIR Sickle Cell Anemia Mission
4. CSIR Aroma Mission
5. Innovative Processes and Technologies for Indian Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Industries (INPROTICS-Pharma and Agro )
6. Nano-Biosensors and Micarofluidics for Healthcare
7. Intelligent Systems(IS) - Intelligent Technologies and solutions
8. Dev. of affordable technologies for quality Milk assessment
9. Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme
10. Food and Consumer Safety Solution (FOCUS)
11. Safety & security of vital installation
12. Technologies for Roboust structural health monitoring of critical infra structure and conservation & restoration of heritage structure
13. Nutraceutical and Nutritionals
14. Drone based Eelctromagnetic and Magnetic System (DREAM)
15. Crop Protection Chemicals
16. Salt and Potash technologies to augment national capabilities
17. Next Generation insect resistance in Cotton
18. Technological convergence for sustainable production and utilization of seaweeds (TCSProUS)

Mission Projects under Implementation from FY 2020-21:

  1. CSIR Innovation Centre for Next Generation Energy Storage solution
  2. Bulk Chemicals
  3. Drone based Electromagnetic and magnetic system (DREAM)
  4. Medical Instruments & Devices
  5. Development of Processes for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients towards COVID 19
  6. Development of advanced materials and devices for opto-electronic, Biomedical and Strategic applications
  7. Sickle Cell Anemia-Phase II
  8. Advanced Technological Leads for Assuring Safety of Food (ATLAS)
  9. Immunomodulatory Function of Nutritionals and Nutraceuticalsfor Health and Wellness (Immunity)- implemented in FY 2021-22.