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1 Women Entrepreneurs of CSIR Technologies CSIR Women Entrepreneurs Compendium2024.pdf (11.17 मेगा बाइट) view
2 Medical Instruments and Devices developed under CSIR Mission Mode Project Compandium-MMP-Medical Inst & Devices.pdf (9.12 मेगा बाइट) view
3 CSIR Guidelines on Ventilation of Residential and Office Buildings for SARS-Cov-2 Virus (Ver 2.0) CSIR Ventilation Guidelines Version 2.0 (Dr. Ashok Kumar, CSIR-CBRI) -FINAL.pdf (7.31 मेगा बाइट) view
4 Guidelines for Ventilation of SARS-Cov-2 Virus (Ver 1.0) New_CSIR_Vantilation_guideline - May 07.pdf (14.45 मेगा बाइट) view
5 CSIR Ethics Guidelines Final-Ethics-Guidelines-GB (1)_1.pdf (163.63 किलोबाइट) view
6 CSIR's Health Assistive Devices (HADs) and Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) CSIR's - HADs & PPEs_2.pdf (4.06 मेगा बाइट) view
7 Rules & Regulations & Bye Laws - 2018 Rules and Regulations & Bye-Laws of CSIR.pdf (364.16 किलोबाइट) view
8 Fishing Expeditions In The Brain Fishing Expeditions In The Brain17-11-2021.pdf (23.71 मेगा बाइट) view
9 CSIR Theme Directorate(s): A Brief CSIR-Theme-Directorates.pdf (645.37 किलोबाइट) view
10 CSIR Compendium of technology-TRL 6 and Above CSIR Technologies-Summary.pdf (1.28 मेगा बाइट) view